How To Increase Traffic To My Website For Free In 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017 2:49

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It’s so easy to get website traffic now, you just have to learn all the right moves and by moves, I am talking about three things: your website, SEO, and advertising. These three are essential if you want to increase the number of people who come visit your website.
First, you need to make sure that your website looks presentable. Let’s face it, most people look at the appearance of an object first. Are the texts too messy? Is it hard to read? Is something covering the content of your post? There are certain factors that can affect if a person likes your website or not. Owning a website means having a lot of competition. There are thousands, maybe even millions of websites that a person can go to if they need anything so you have to make your website stand out. Make sure that you post factual information. Also, check to see if your website is easy to navigate around.  Also, if you already have advertisements on your website, make sure that they aren’t blocking your posts.

Next, this will require a little effort from you, but maybe you can take some time to learn about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. From the term itself, you will optimize the search engine. Let’s take Google as an example since it is undeniably the most popular search engine as of the moment. Google has standards for the websites that they allow on the search results page. Did you know that Google ranks websites? That’s why some websites can be found on the first page immediately while others are lagging in the back. It is important that you understand search engines. I think, all search engines now have up-ed their game. Google checks every website. They have the technology for this. Little robots will crawl your website and check your content. You have to make sure that what you are writing is true, unless of course, your website is about made up stories. Also, keep yourself in line with the rules Google has put up. It would do you well to be updated with them since Google changes it every now and then.  You don’t want to be accidentally marked as spam. You’d have a hard time ranking up if you do. Everyone aims to be on the first page of Google, since through this, your website can easily be seen.
You can also advertise shamelessly on social media. Don’t be shy! People have to know about your website so that they can visit it, right? So share your blog posts! Create a page! Use tags! Don’t limit yourself. Just don’t use tags that aren’t relevant to your topic.

In 2017 having more traffic on your website will be vital to increase the sales and having a lot more potential clients.


Extreme Censorship Has Come to America! It Begins! Tech Giants Lash Out At Trump Supporters As Twitter Starts Mass Purge Of Conservatives! Escape Google With These 12 Search Engine Alternatives!

Extreme Censorship Has Come to America:Rockefeller further revealed the journalistic organizations whose mission it is to engage in the furtherance of fake news. SEE DAVES ACTION RECOMMENDATIONS-CHANGE SEARCH ENGINE AND QUIT TWITTER IN MASS   –  BOTTOM OF THIS POST…

It Begins! Tech Giants Lash Out At Trump Supporters As Twitter Starts Mass Purge Of Conservatives

Escape Google With These 12 Search Engine Alternatives

Monopoly Pieces

Important note! There is now an updated version of this post for 2016: 14 search engine alternatives to Google.

As concerns over the de facto monopoly status of Google continue to grow, I’m reminded of the great philosopher Herman Cain and his infamous line “blame yourself”. As long as “Google” is a generic phrase for Internet search, their dominant position is assured. That said, you can do something about it.

There are plenty of Google alternatives and many of these players offer a better search experience, depending on your needs. Here are 12 alternatives to escape your reliance on Google for all things search.

Step 1: Bing

If you’re a digital marketer using advanced search operators, then use Bing for these queries.

Bing Search

LinkFromDomain: There are any number of tools that can give you inbound link data. There’s only one place to go for outbound link information – Bing.

Feed: Finds RSS or Atom feeds pertaining to the term you specify.

Contains: Returns search results that have links to the file types that you specify.

Near: Useful for spotting patterns. For example, [food near:10 bar] specifies the distance between terms so that documents that contain instances of the specified terms within X words of each other (in the example 10) are returned first in search results.

Step 2: Blekko

If you hate spam and love slashtags, then use Blekko.

Blekko search

Blekko uses an initiative called slashtags – a text tag preceded by a “/” slash character, which may be used for custom and categorized searches. It also utilizes a unique user interface serving up results by category.

Step 3: Boardreader

If you’re looking for a simple way to search forums and boards, then Boardreader is for you.

Boardreader Search

Boardreader serves up information contained in web forums and message boards. Multiple message boards can be searched simultaneously, allowing users to share information.

Step 4: BuzzSumo

If you need to analyze what content performs best for a topic or competitor, you need BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo search

Enter your keyword and go! This identifies the most shared links on social networks, as well as influencers for specific topics. It’s one of my personal favorites.

Step 5: CC Search

If you’re looking for media in the public domain, then you need CC Search.

CC search

CC Search is a search aggregator offering access to search results provided by a number of independent organizations. Don’t assume the results displayed are under a creative commons license – always verify it, as sponsored results are served up, as well.

Step 6: CrunchBase

If you’re looking for information about people and startups, then CrunchBase is the place to look.

CrunchBase search

CrunchBase offers an unparalleled dataset of startup activity. More than 500,000 profiles of people and companies are maintained there by thousands of contributors.

Step 7: DuckDuckGo

If you’re concerned about search privacy, then use DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo search

If your search history isn’t something that you would be proud to share with grandma or the NSA, then anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo is for you. Personalized results? Fugetaboutit!

Step 8: Quantcast

If you need demographic and traffic stats, then you need Quantcast.

Quantcast search

Free and accurate audience insights for more than 100 million web properties. Find detailed demographic, geographic, and lifestyle information.

Step 9: SocialMention

If you need real-time social media search and analysis, then SocialMention is worth a look.

SocialMention search

Step 10: Technorati

If you need real-time search for user-generated media, then look no further than Technorati.

Technorati search

Technorati uses tags that authors have included on their websites. These tags categorize search results, with the most recent results appearing at the top.

11. Topsy

If you need to search and analyze the social web, especially Twitter, then you should try Topsy.

Topsy search

Social media analytics: Search by time and place, set alerts, and analyze sentiment for every tweet ever made. Discover how often a term is tweeted. Find an influential person on a specific subject.

12. Wolfram|Alpha

If you need access to the world’s facts and data, then WolframAlpha is the place to look.

WolframAlpha search

A computational knowledge engine that answers factual queries by computing the answer from externally sourced “curated data.”

Bottom Line

Google isn’t the only game in town and isn’t even the best alternative for many specific tasks and needs.

What is your favorite non-Google search tool?

Extreme Censorship Has Come to America


Facebook  obscures and censures the truth.

Facebook obscures and censures the truth.

Much ado has been made about the allegations of “fake news” being leveled against the Independent media, often referred to as the alternative media. In their position as self-appointed demagogues whose mission it is to protect the People from the truth, Google and Facebook, in effect, have promised to ban and block the sites of any organization that they do not politically agree with. Their strategy is to label a website as “fake news”. Of course, there are not any definitive and identifying characteristics of what constitutes a “fake news” site. Simply put, if Facebook and Google do not like your brand of freedom, and you dare to express the tenets of freedom, while exposing criminal behaviors, your site will be banned and blocked.

Allegations of Altering the Election

Facebook and Google have stated that they have  duty to protect the public from fake news that altered this year’s general election. In other words, Facebook and Google’s favorite criminal, Hillary Clinton, lost and these two entities are engaged in making sure this does not happen again.

Facebook and Google want complete control over everything that the people read, watch and hear. Why? Because there really is a New World Order, inspired by Satan, which is dedicated to the eradication of all freedom and the stand alone existence of any nation-state. Make no mistake about it, Google and Facebook plan to also go after all Christians with a determination much greater than what we have seen to date. The name of Jesus is a forbidden word among organizations such as Facebook and Google.

Yes, There Are Fake News Agencies

It is clear that there are fake news agencies on the planet whose mission it is to deceive the People prior to enslaving them by stealth by taking advantage of their collective ignorance. The Independent Media stands in the way of enslaving people’s minds prior to enslaving their bodies. The real fake news takes place in the upper levels of the New World Order and filters down to your local newspaper as well as your radio and television stations. Hollywood completely serves the NWO and this is why deciphering “predictive programming” has become a valuable tool in understanding what is coming.

If one wants to find the real fake news, globalist deluxe, David Rockefeller, provides very valuable clues as to who the real fake news artists are and what they believe.

Rockefeller Reveals the Real Fake News Artists

David Rockefeller wrote a book entitled “Memoirs” in which he freely admits secretly conspiring for the creation and implementation of a New World Order. In Rockefeller’s book he admits he is part of a secret cabal working to destroy the United States and create a new world order. The following quote is from page 405 of Rockefeller’s book.

“Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

David Rockefeller

Rockefeller further reveals the journalistic organizations whose mission it is to engage in the furtherance of fake news.

“I am grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion  (EDITOR’S NOTE: IN OTHER WORDS- THESE MSM ENTITIES HAVE ENGAGED IN FAKE NEWS) for almost forty years.”

David Rockefeller

If this is not an admission of “fake news” guilt, I do not know what is. Does that mean that Facebook, Google and Twitter will be censoring and blocking the Washington Post, the New York Times and any other publication that has supported the fake news of David Rockefeller and his merry band of globalists? Not exactly, it is their mission to protect these entities from exposure from organizations in the Independent Media.

But wait, the globalists’ fake news does not stop there, Rockefeller further impugns the fake news industry, we call the mainstream media.

“We are grateful. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a World Government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries”

David Rockefeller to Trilateral Commission in 1991

It doesn’t get much more fake news than these admissions by one of the more prominent leaders of the NWO.

Message to Google and Facebook

To the allegation that I engage in the promotion of the charge that there is an international cabal designed to destroy American sovereignty, further enslave the people of the United States and establish a tyrannical one world government that is both brutal and autocratic, I plead guilty to exposing this plot.

The globalists used to refute my message by merely branding me a “conspiracy theorist” (i.e. mentally ill). Unfortunately, for the globalists, this kind of labeling no longer carries the sting that it once did. The failure of this labeling designed to discredit truth-tellers became obvious in the past election where the Independent media, combined with Donald Trump’s leadership, turned a mind-controlled nation into group of conspiracy fact checkers and the pejorative term, Conspiracy Theorist, lost its effectiveness. Now we are witnessing the backlash to the effectiveness of the Independent Media through the introduction of a new label, “fake news” site, in which the participants and their work are worthy of complete censorship in order to protect the public from the truth. To this allegation, I call Bravo Sierra. The fact is that the criminal establishment’s candidate lost and Google and Facebook are moving to restore the control once enjoyed by the mainstream media. The Independent Media is causing the MSM to lose both money and control. Fake news allegations is a desperate last-ditch attempt to regain their lost control. Only 6% of the population trusts CNN, Fox, ABC, et al. The globalists are losing control. If freedom-loving Americans will unite around this issue, we can mortally wound this beast.

A Distasteful Duty

I left behind a valuable and enjoyable career and I did not do so because I enjoy exposing this criminal cabal that continually resists being exposed through the light of day journalism that myself and others provide. As a result of my advocacy work, a large portion of my life is less enjoyable than it was a decade ago. However, I have a duty to the children in my family, both immediate and extended, to secure their world in order to provide maximum opportunity. I further have a profound duty to my fellow Americans who deserve to know the truth of what the criminal cabal who have hijacked our government want to do with us and to us. I also have a duty to my country and its sacred traditions that are under attack to such a degree that in many ways my country is beginning to resemble a third world dictatorship which is devoid of any civil liberties. Finally, I have a sacred duty to my creator to stand for truth in manner that is pleasing to God. This does not mean I enjoy this work, it means I am called to do this work. I say to all, that we all have a duty to expose the truth and act accordingly. This duty is not meant to be fun. We are where we are at because of our previous indifference to the truth. If we are to remain free, we must roll up our sleeves and be willing to get our hands dirty.

Our Main Enemy

The danger point for our nation lies in our collective apathy. As a nation, we have come to value many more things that freedom. And when a nation values things more than freedom, then that nation will surely fail and fail we are. For any nation that would tolerate the tyranny being put forth by Facebook and Google, who continues to support them is contributing to their own demise.

Americans must decide if we are going to governed by nationalists, who love America, or by globalists who have proven that they serve Satan and are dedicated to the destruction of all that we hold sacred.

I owe no allegiance to the criminals from the United Nations, the Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, any free trade agreement body and I certainly am not going to submit to the tyranny of the mainstream media and their minions at Facebook and Google. I obey the 10 Commandments and the US Constitution.

All Americans should mindful of one thing; The first step in complete enslavement is the control of the mind. Facebook and Google have declared war on the truth for the purposes of enslaving the minds of the human race which will culminate in the destruction of all our traditional values.

What Are the Beleaguered Truth-Tellers To Do?

The New York Times recently interviewed me in what was a setup piece. They reporter repeatedly tried to get me to admit that I would support violent protests if Clinton was elected. When I was emphatic that I embrace non-violent means of resisting tyranny, they did not publish the interview. A&E and other MSM news outlets have recently contacted me for the same purpose. I am refusing to be interviewed by the real purveyors of fake news, the mainstream media.

Is my site a fake news site because I exposed Hillary’s sale of 20% of the nation’s uranium to the Russians, or her complicity in the death of Ambassador Stevens, or her participation on HSBC money laundering of drug and gun running profits as well as child sex trafficking enterprises of a terrorist/drug cartel operation of HSBC bank in which funds were laundered into the Clinton Foundation. I did not make these things up, I found documentation. I interviewed eye witnesses (e.g. former Senior VP of HSBC John Cruz). I was notified two days ago that a soon-t0-be released Wikileaks specifically mentions The Common Sense Show as being correct about the death of Chris Stevens and Clinton’s complicity in that death in an article published on 10/31/2012. IF I could find these facts, why can’t the MSM? Then, who is the real fake news. Yesterday, I published an old account of how former CNN reporter, Amber Lyons, broke the story of how CNN accepted payments from the CIA to run some stories while not running others. Who, then, is the real fake news?

It is clear that only course of action left to the Independent Media is to go on the offensive. I am presently working on a series of responses that could impact Google and Facebook as well as other news entities who would seek to enslave our minds with their fake news.

A couple of quick things that come to mind that we should engage in are the avoidance of the use of Google as a search engine. My friend, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has developed a great search engine he calls “Good Gopher”. I would suggest using that as your search engine. If all of us in the freedom movement would do this, Google would be crying foul. I would further encourage us to lobby Donald Trump to take anti-trust action against Facebook and Google. Facebook also has competition from I would encourage you to forsake Facebook and join where there is not censorship and selling of your personal data. Ultimately, stronger action is going to be needed, but these are effective first steps. If Google and Facebook see a backlash coming, I believe that they will back down. In the meantime, people should post their intentions on the Internet, where Facebook’s and Google’s trolling robots will detect your intention to push back and will communicate your intentions to the globalist decision makers. Like it or not, we are engaged in a war.

In the Meantime

To the globalists that control Facebook, and Twitter, I will not be silent. In fact, I am going to be part of an organizing force against you.

If a nation values anything more than freedom, then it will lose it’s freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort and security that it values, it will lose that too. Unknown Americans must decide: Are we to be governed by Americans or by an International organization? I, for one, owe no allegiance to the United Nations nor will I give it any. I obey only the U.S. Constitution. You had better think about this issue, for if the U.N. can violate the Sovereignty of Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and other countries, it can violate ours…The United States may not be the top dog 5 years from now. council resolutions, backed by blue helmeted Russian and Chinese soldiers, could soon be aimed at us. The ultimate price of our silence and capitulation could be death, mass death.