1 Thessalonians 5:19-22  –  19. Don’t turn away God’s Spirit  20. or ignore prophecies.  21. Put everything to the test. Accept what is good  22. and don’t have anything to do with evil.


 Messages To Pastor Enoch


APRIL 21 2017       7:50 A.M.


My children, peace to you.

My flock, war is knocking at the door and with it comes desolation and death. Humanity will suffer groaning and grief and the Rider of Death and Famine will make his appearance. The son of perdition is about to be announced; he will take advantage of the war to show himself as the great peacemaker. The whole show of deception is planned to make mankind believe that Christ has returned. After the conflict he will make his universal declaration; all the publicity and logistics for his appearance are all ready.

My flock, very soon the firmament will be illuminated with holographic images that will represent Me; but you know that this is part of My adversary’s show of deception. My flock, do not pay attention to that deception, nor accept the propaganda that they are going to give, because all this has been ritualized with occultism to make you fall in love with the false messiah. They will give out the black bible, key chains, prints and more paraphernalia of My adversary. Beware, sheep of My flock, lest you fall for this deception; do not accept these offers much less carry this propaganda to your homes, because it will become a ball and chain for you! Ask My Holy Spirit for much discernment and pray at all times with the power of both My Blood and My Wounds, so that you can repel the visual and subliminal attack to which you will be subjected by the followers of the false christ.

Remember that My incarnate adversary will show himself to you as an angel of light, like a gentle lamb; speaking of peace and love and showing a false humility, which will cause many to fall into the trap and cheer him as the expected messiah. Beware, My flock, you are allowing yourselves to be deceived; I have been warning you of this deception for a long time; the days described by My prophets are nearly here, in which the vast majority of humanity will be lost for following the false doctrine of the false christ. I came in the name of My Father, and humanity rejected Me.  Another will come with his own name and humanity will receive and cheer him as if he were God himself. (John 5. 43)

My flock, what sorrow I feel in My Heart to see the betrayal I will receive from many who claim to be My relatives! The Judases inside the Vatican are waiting for My adversary to make his appearance to seat him in the Chair of Peter. The rebellious cardinals will choose a new Pope and this one will serve My adversary. The persecution against My people will begin, My churches will close and My daily worship will be suspended. There will be a great persecution against Christian and Catholic Christians, the blood of My people will be shed and many martyrs will give their lives through strengthening of the faith. I will be crucified again.

Chaos, desolation and death will seize the city of the seven hills and the arMy of the black flag will crucify many of My children. The Via Pia of the Eternal City will become a Calvary. On all five continents there will be persecutions and bloodshed of My faithful children. There will be no justice for the persecutors, these will be supported by the authorities and governments that serve My adversary. My people, the hour of your calvary is near, but do not be afraid! I will not abandon you, I will go before you, carrying My Cross. When the time comes for your martyrdom, My Holy Spirit will take you and lead you to Eternal Glory.

Prepare yourselves, My flock, for the show of deception is about to begin; the cosmic christ, the instructor of the world, the architect of the universe, the Buddha Maitreya, as My adversary is called, is ready to make himself known to mankind. Again I say to you: do not watch or listen to the false messiah, for he is not Me. He who is about to announce himself and make his appearance is the son of perdition, the father of lies. He is coming to take My place and to deceive mankind, posing as God himself. You who have ears to hear and eyes to see are warned lest you fall into deception and lose your life.

My peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd Make known My messages to all mankind, sheep of My flock


APRIL 09 2017       9: 10 A.M.


My children, may My peace be with you.

Your passage through eternity is ever closer. When you arrive, you will be judged by My Supreme Court and you will know how much you have loved and served and how much you have stopped loving and serving. When you arrive, your Guardian Angel will be waiting for you to take you to the Hall of Justice. My Mother will be there, interceding for you in the company of the blessed souls. After the trial My angels will take you to the place that corresponds to you, according to your sentence. A small minority that can be counted will go to heaven; the vast majority of humanity will go to Purgatory or Hell.

My children, once again I say: feed yourselves as much as you can on My Body and Blood so that you are strengthened spiritually and your soul can resist the passage through eternity. The purifying fire of Purgatory awaits the vast majority of My children, and the burning fire of Hell awaits this ungrateful and sinful generation.

My children, Purgatory is a place of purification where those souls go who were not completely in communion of love with God and their brothers in this world. It is divided into three levels: high, medium and low and at each level there are different places of atonement. The high and middle Purgatory are places of loving purification where souls suffer because they are not in the presence of God. The first Purgatory is visited by My Mother and My Angels and She, My Mother, is in charge of raising the souls to Heaven when they have finished their purification. The second Purgatory is only visited by My Beloved Michael; He is the Guardian of souls and descends to this place to bring souls to the first Purgatory on his feast or whenever God’s Divine Will so provides. The Holy Intercession of My Mother for souls causes many to ascend to Heaven and others to be delivered from eternal fire.

The third Purgatory is a place of blazing fire, a fire of purification that burns all evil and sin. There the souls remember all the evil and sin they committed and all the lack of love that they had towards God and their brothers in this world. It is a place of darkness and purification, where souls struggle with the demons that made them fall and almost lose. The souls who in this world were separated from God and lived in sin go to the third Purgatory; however, there was someone praying for them, or they reached the point of asking for forgiveness before dying, or were devoted to My Mother and wore Her scapular, or the power of My Mother’s Rosary or of My Mercy for the souls, reached them so that they were not lost forever. I want to tell you, My children, that the Masses and works of charity that you do for these souls in the third Purgatory, alone will serve to strengthen them in their spiritual struggle. These are the most needy souls in Purgatory, so pray especially for them. These souls need much prayer to be able to purify themselves and to ascend to Eternal Glory.

My children, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell are spiritual places where souls will stop after transit through this world. I want to clarify this; they are not states, they are places. Just as you occupy spaces in this world, so too in Eternity, with the difference that the spaces are spiritual, created to house souls.  Heaven is a spiritual place of Love, Peace, Joy and Fullness, in the company of God. Purgatory is a spiritual place of loving purification or purifying fire; Hell is a spiritual place of torment and fire that burns and is not extinguished, where the souls that rebelled against God will stop. I explain all of this to you so that you become aware and you know that in Eternity there are no states, but places.

My children, if you are in mortal sin, I ask you to think again, stop sinning and return to God as soon as possible. I tell you this, because if My Warning catches you in mortal sin, your soul will go to Hell and from there, very few will return to this world. Only those sinners who have repented and want to change their lives will return; they will be given the opportunity upon their return to take up the path of salvation and to move away once and for all from sin. Those who do not repent before My Warning will die; so, think again, rebellious children, for the day of My Warning is coming.

Your Teacher, Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament
Make known My messages to all mankind


APRIL 04 2017      9: 10 A.M.


My faithful people, peace to you.

My people, the enlightened elite in the service of the prince of this world are meeting and preparing to begin the destabilization of peace, economy and of My son’s Church. There is no going back, everything will be fulfilled as it is written! This ungrateful and sinful humanity will know My justice and will know of My existence. How sad I feel to know that you will know Me through My justice and not through My mercy!

The days are coming when all will be desolation and chaos; humanity will remember My Words in the midst of its purification, but it will be too late. How sad that you did not want to welcome
My mercy and that it must be My justice that awakens you from your lethargy, so that you can reconsider and return to Me! Everything is being consummated and at any moment My justice will be unleashed.

Events will unfold as a chain, one will follow the other, causing humanity not to be able to rise. There will be groaning and grief everywhere and many will want death, but this will be denied them. Ungrateful and sinful humanity, once again I say: return to Me before the night of My justice arrives!  I will be waiting  for you until the last thousandth of a second, because I do not want your death, but rather that you live eternally.

Pay attention to the appeal that we are making to you through our prophets of these end times; Do not ignore our messages because they are the instructions that you must follow to save your lives. My words are Words of Eternal Life, listen to them and put them into practice and I assure you that you will live.

My children, no human technology will be able to stop the fire of My justice. Men of science of this world,  do not be foolish and imprudent, thinking that you can stop the passage of My justice! As much as you want to divert My instruments of justice with your technology, what you do will accelerate its fall and attract more fire from Heaven onto Earth. I tell you this because very soon fire will rain down from Heaven, with which I will punish the ungodly nations,
erasing from My creation all wickedness and sin. Sinful nations, I am Yahweh Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts and Justice and I come to ask you to account for all your detestable actions with which you have mistreated My creation and My creatures!

The fire of My justice will fall upon you very soon and will leave no memory of your existence. I am making My last appeals, sinful nations, so that you return to Me, and you do not have to experience the severity of My justice.  I ask My faithful People who reside in any of these nations, to leave them just as I asked Lot  and his family, because very soon I will discharge the weight of My justice on them. See, I warn you in advance so that you prepare yourselves and leave these sinful nations as soon as possible because the time is drawing near when the Angel of My justice will visit them, and fire from Heaven will fall upon them. Inhabitants of the Earth, be prepared because the days of My Justice are about to begin!

Your Father, Yahweh Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts and Justice
Make known My messages to all the ends of the Earth


MARCH 26 2017     10: 45 AM


May the peace of my Lord be with you all, my beloved children.

Little children, soon humanity will begin to feel the rigor of Divine Justice. Heaven together with me is interceding for humanity, so that these days of purification that are approaching will be bearable for you and that none of the Sons of God be lost. So,  my little ones, be prepared and ready, because all the prophecies that we have sent you through all our instruments at different times are about to be fulfilled. Heaven and earth will pass away, but the Word of God will never pass away; The Word of God is the Way, the Truth and the Life, which is applicable in all instances of human events.

Oh, how many nations are going to disappear for not having wanted to avail themselves of the mercy of God and for having ignored the appeals of Heaven! I am calling upon you, ungodly nations; return to God before His Holy Justice is discharged upon you. Stop sinning and transgressing the Divine laws; return to the path of salvation, because the days of your trial are coming and if you remain separated from God, His Holy Mercy will disappear for you from the face of the earth!

Oh, you nations that have turned your backs on the God of Life, defiling His precepts and establishing laws that go against nature; I tell you: your days are numbered, weighty and measured! My Father’s creation cries out for justice for all your outrages and mistreatment; Very soon all its elements will be reversed against you impious nations and there will not be a stone left on a stone, nor any memory of you. The fury of the sea will scourge and wash away many nations that have rebelled against God. The groaning of the Earth will open it in many places, allowing its entrails to be seen. Cities and towns will succumb to the fury of Nature.

I am calling upon my Marian Army to pray together and to ask our Heavenly Father for those nations where sin and evil have increased. Little children, a lot of pain is coming and the vast majority of humanity is still lethargic. The days of Divine Justice are about to begin and will catch many sinning and sinning. Poor creatures, when they awaken it will be too late for them!

I am making an urgent appeal to the inhabitants of the nation with the single star; stop sinning and return to God! Abolish the laws that favor abortion, gender ideology and same-sex marriage, because this is abominable in the eyes of my Father and what is going to happen is that His Holy Justice will discharge against your nation. Little children, your nation is in danger of disappearing because you have turned your back on the God of Life. Oh, my Chilean nation, wake up; because to continue as you are going, weeping and mourning will take over your children!

America, continent of hope, it is time for you to gather yourselves in prayer, fasting and penance, because judgment is coming to the nations! Remember that out of your land will come the seed of freedom that will spread throughout the world. The light that will guide the destiny of many nations and pave the way for the triumphant return of my Son. Blessed land that my Father has chosen as his inheritance. Awaken, therefore, inhabitants of America and light the flame of Love, Faith and Hope, to illuminate the spiritual darkness in which the vast majority of nations lie!

May the peace of my Lord flood the heart of America
Your Mother, Mary Rosa Mystica
Make known my messages to all mankind


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