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Intelwars2 – April 1, 2017 – (We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

Warning Against Adultery! And Folly! Proverbs 5:20-23 (NIV) 20. Why, my son, be intoxicated with another man’s wife? Why embrace the bosom of a wayward woman? 21. For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths. 22. The evil deeds of the wicked ensnare them; the cords of their sins hold them fast. 23. For lack of discipline they will die, led astray by their own great folly.

Warning Against Adultery! And Folly! Proverbs 6:32-35 (NIV) 32. But a man who commits adultery has no sense; whoever does so destroys himself. 33. Blows and disgrace are his lot, and his shame will never be wiped away. 34. For jealousy arouses a husband’s fury, and he will show no mercy when he takes revenge. 35. He will not accept any compensation; he will refuse a bribe, however great it is.

Warning Against Adultery! And Folly!

Living on Borrowed Time: Gods Judgment Is Here and Discerning the Signs of the Times! (Videos) MrDoom Watchman




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