Intelwars2 – March 28, 2017 – (We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

Lord, what is this coming that I see? Please give us a word about this. White Slavery Coming to America! Message To  Glynda Linkous March 24, 2017 Read And Take Heed! Click Here!

U.S.A. Victory Message!  Click Here!

+Jesus @ Holy Love February 20, 2017 (This is the season of Holy Love which is weeding out the insincere from the truthful). There has been no such important season in the history of mankind yet.”  Read More!

Jesus – “I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his decisions which I inspire him to have.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 19, 2016 – READ MORE!

  –  Intelwars2  March 28, 2017(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

Holy Love Messages 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22  Do Not Despise Prophecies…  Holy Love is the two great Commandments of Love – to love God above all else and to love neighbor as self.  2017 Messages   –  Click Here!

March 27, 2017

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“You may notice that many of the more recent Messages over the last few months are pertinent mainly to your country.* I am calling your nation as never before to be a sign to all nations as Christian unity. I am asking the citizens of this nation to return to the foundation of freedom it was founded upon. Use your freedom to live publicly as devout Christians. Turn away from using your freedom as a right to sin or to encourage sin.”

“Respect one another by representing the Truth and correcting evil, rather than accommodating evil to save someone’s feelings. Respect that each person is on a journey towards the Will of My Father, and help him along the way in whatever way possible. This is Holy Love.”

* U.S.A.

Read Galatians 5:13-14+

For you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love be servants of one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Synopsis: How Christians should live – not by sensuality (lust), but by the Law of Holy Love.

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.
-Synopsis of Scripture provided by spiritual advisor.

March 27, 2017
Monday Service – For the Conversion of the Heart of the World

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Jesus is here* with His Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, once again, I invite you to surrender to whatever My Father sends you in the present moment. Always surrender with trust, for trust makes your surrender most worthy. Hope is the benefactor of trust.”

“Tonight, I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

* The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

*St. Michael the Archangel March 16, 2017 @ Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”  “When anyone blesses himself with Maranatha Spring water,* he is immediately surrounded by a myriad of angels.” Revelation 5:11 Myriad Of Angels =’s > 10,000 × 10,000 angels.  (also) *Blessed Mother @ Holy Love March 17, 2017  (Feast of St. Patrick)  and  St. Patrick’s Message from March 17, 2016  –  Read More!

God Has Sent His Prophets Back Out, & Into The World!  Again! LISTEN UP!  Click Here! 

New Testament And Old Testament – Audio

 –  Now The News Headlines! ( RADIO BROADCAST  –  Click Here!  *ALL Recent Posts  –  Click Here!

Gerald Celente – Chaos In Global Equity Markets: A 2,000+ Point Plunge In The Dow. What About Gold & Bitcoins? 

‘The Masses Are Useless, Time to Depopulate; Amazon, Google, Facebook Are the gods Now’– Bestselling NY Times Author 


FLASHBACK,Dumitru Duduman: China and Russia Will Attack America,He received this vision 21 YEARS AGO :MAKE IT A MATTER OF SERIOUS THOGHT AND TAKE IT TO THE LORD IN PRAYER! 


Hearing Will Decide Whether or Not the First Amendment Protects Your Right to Pray in Your Own Home 

Alien in ‘Life’ Raises Some Philosophical Questions for Humanity, Director Says:The film begins when a dormant, single-celled life-form is discovered on Mars and is brought to the International Space Station to be studied 

March 27th – March 31, 2017: This Week on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report 

Full Scale Revolution- (Part 1): Deadly Combination Of Armed & Dangerous Fascists Want A Civil War, And They May Just Get One 

US Navy Prepares Decapitating Attack Against Russia;Now it starts again at the time the whole system of arms control is on the brink of collapse. The tide must be turned. Nuclear arms control treaties should have become a top priority of the bilateral rel 

Trump Supports 9/11 Victims in Seeking Truth and Justice :Further, personal lawsuits were also fired filed by surviving family members of about 800 attack victims, as well as the 1,500 injured first responder personnel who responded to the terrorist attac 

Are ‘Left Wing Death Camps’ In America’s Future If The Global-Left Is Successful At ‘Taking Down’ President Trump? As The Threats Grow Against Trump, So Do The Dangers To Every Day, Freedom-Loving Americans 

The Diamond Report with Doug Diamond – March 26-27, 2017:Fukushima Can Be Stopped, ANTIFA Thugs, Pray for Trump/Pray Against evil, Geoengineering Experiment? : The Diamond Report with Doug Diamond – March 26-27, 2017 

Illegal Immigrants: 62% Use Welfare Programs, 86% Have Child In The Home And How They Obtain Access To Programs 

If THIS Continues To Happen, America Is Doomed – Millennial Charts Show Why America Is In Such Trouble:WATCH THE BOTTOM VIDEO AND SEND TO YOUR FRIENDS –WHAT A GREAT CEO THIS COMPANY HAS! 

MUST READ-FOUNDATION – FALL OF THE AMERICAN GALACTIC EMPIRE. ‘We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of 

Democrats Are Stuck Between A Mob And Their Job:The Democratic Party can’t do anything, not because Republicans control the government, but because they created a base that won’t let them. 

Euphrates Dam warning of imminent ‘collapse’ due to airstrikes that could submerge countless settlements on the banks of Euphrates River 

Geomagnetic storms begin as potent coronal hole becomes geoeffective:SQ-LET THE WIERD WEATHER ,VOLCANOS, EARTHQUAKES,STORMS AND SUPER TSUNAMI’S BEGIN! 


Few months left before they starve’: Oxfam adviser tells RT famine is ‘the real enemy’ in Yemen 


Proof of alien life or just a strange rock? Conspiracy theorists spot a ‘huge tower’ on the surface of Mars 

Italian Officials Call For Investigation Of George Soros Supported NGO Migrant Fleet 

Trump ‘Endorses’Jeanine Pirro’s Call For Paul Ryan To Step Down 

Hot Headlines WEB BOT – Clifs wujo March 26 2017 Advertising bites it on social.GREAT BACKGROUND ON SOCIAL MEDIA, DESTROYING IT’S OWN ADVERTISING BASE-MUST WATCH 2017-03-27
Hot Headlines Bill in West Virginia would BAN homeschooling, treating it as child abuse 2017-03-27
Hot Headlines New Law Could Eliminate Informed Consent for Human Experimentation with Vaccines and Meds 2017-03-27
Hot Headlines Trump presidency ‘opens door’ to planet-hacking geoengineer experiments As geoengineer advocates enter Trump administration, plans advance to spray sun-reflecting chemicals into atmosphere: SETTING HIM UP TO TAKE FALL FOR 20 YEAR ONGOING PROBLEM 2017-03-27
Hot Headlines THE CIVIL WAR IS HERE: The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule.It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning. This is a primal conflict between a totalitarian system and a democratic system 2017-03-27
Hot Headlines Security Alert: Windows 10 Has Been Quietly Logging EVERY KEYSTROKE You Type And Sending It To Microsoft (This Is How To Stop It) 2017-03-27

 –   Top Stories – Beforeitsnews – Mobile Friendly

  1. Top Stories
  2. Israeli Rabbi Believes Something Huge Will Happen Soon—Death Star To Herald In… – Saturday Mar 25 2017 10:37
  3. Pedogate: Deep State Ramps up PSYOP to Destroy PizzaGate Truth Movement – Saturday Mar 25 2017 16:07
  4. 99% of America Didn’t See Who Secretly Met at the White House Last Night.. This Is Huge! (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 04:43
  5. NYPD Spills Weiner Laptop Info – Clinton Cooked! – Monday Mar 27 2017 11:45
  6. Urgent! Trump Finds 22 Islamic ‘Training Camps’ in America – Obama Ignored Them (Video) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 15:34
  7. Bill O’Reilly Reveals What They Called Megyn Kelly at Fox News (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 13:33
  8. “The Hammer”: Deep State’s Ultra-Secret Supercomputer Exposed — WiretapGate Blown Wide Open by Lt. General’s Intel! – Monday Mar 27 2017 06:07
  9. The Trump Admin Was Just Rocked By Another Top Resignation – Not Good! (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 03:22
  10. How America Will End – Sunday Mar 26 2017 09:58
  11. Who Will Go to a FEMA Camp? – Sunday Mar 26 2017 10:35
  12. Suddenly the Mark of the Beast is Something That Absolutely Must be Discussed! Here’s Why Including an April 12 Warning (Videos) – Monday Mar 27 2017 10:08
  13. Obama’s Own Spy Chief Just Revealed Something Huge About Donald Trump! (Video) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 02:37
  14. A Credit Implosion Is Coming – Sunday Mar 26 2017 01:04
  15. X22Report Elite and Ultra Wealthy Are Preparing for Something Big – Episode 1238b – Sunday Mar 26 2017 16:25
  16. US Navy Prepares Decapitating Attack Against Russia – Monday Mar 27 2017 08:27
  17. Free Judge Napolitano! – Saturday Mar 25 2017 08:52
  18. The Dollar Dump Begins: “China, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia Have All Become Big Sellers” – Monday Mar 27 2017 13:57
  19. Upper Part of Earth’s Magnetic Field Reveals a Dramatic Past – Saturday Mar 25 2017 03:09
  20. NATO General Wants Answers to Chemtrails – WTH Are They Spraying? – Saturday Mar 25 2017 10:29
  21. Extreme Space Weather: EU Calls for Protecting Critical Infrastructure – Saturday Mar 25 2017 11:25
  22. 15 Years After 9/11, It Has Become Obvious That American Airlines Flight 77 Never Hit The Pentagon – Monday Mar 27 2017 10:33
  23. Jason A Bombshell, Mr Doom and Jason Swift: Bible Prophecy on Full Throttle: Stunning Signs of the Times! (Videos) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 13:18
  24. Last Night Trump and Judge Jeanine Did the Ultimate Revenge to End Paul Ryan’s Career (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 04:40
  25. Boom! Team Trump Just Sent A Bold Message To The Communist United Nations – This Is The End! (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 03:23
  26. FBI Clampdown on the Independent Media for Exposing Clinton’s Criminality – Saturday Mar 25 2017 18:23
  27. Whistleblower Has Proof Obama Spied on 156 Judges and Businessmen (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 14:45
  28. Back To Winning! A Federal Judge Finally Gave Trump The Travel Ban News He’s Been Waiting For! (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 04:42
  29. Trump Wiretap Case Exponentially ‘Worse Than Watergate’: CIA Col. (Video) Bigger Than Apocalypse And Armageddon – Sunday Mar 26 2017 02:12
  30. M-44 Cyanide Bomb Kills Dog, Many More Spread Across the U.S. – Sunday Mar 26 2017 03:26
  31. Shock! News Site Suspends 3 Staffers for Reporting on Obama Plot to Sabotage Trump! (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 03:21
  32. Former NSA Chief: Obama Illegally Surveilled Trump. Hardest Truth-Interview Ever. You’ll Never Guess Impact (Video) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 03:49
  33. $15,000 to Oust President Trump as Three Armies have Just Formed Against His Supporters – Monday Mar 27 2017 11:54
  34. Trump is America’s Last Chance -John Williams, Greg Hunter Video – Saturday Mar 25 2017 21:54
  35. Benedict Arnold (aka John McCain) Begs Trump for a One-on-One Meeting (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 10:52
  36. Inactive Teens Develop Lazy Bones, Study Finds – Saturday Mar 25 2017 15:09
  37. George Soros Exposed Paying up to $15K Per Month to Leftist Activists (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 17:45
  38. Huge Weather News! Nearly a SHTF Scenario From Alaska to the Tropics. Topping it Off: China’s Space Station Out of Control! (Videos) – Monday Mar 27 2017 09:24
  39. Trump: ‘The Losers Are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer;’ or Are They? (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 12:08
  40. Off-the-Grid Couple Creates a Life Without Bills, Builds Home for $30,000 – Sunday Mar 26 2017 06:50
  41. Jim Willie Issues US Dollar Collapse Warning: “The US Dollar Has Never Been in Greater Danger!” – Monday Mar 27 2017 17:27
  42. President Trump Takes Action to Get Washington Out of the Way – Monday Mar 27 2017 15:17
  43. Alert: Secret Hidden Silver Hoard…2.75 Billion Ounces! (Bix Weir) – Monday Mar 27 2017 07:50
  44. Yes, Your Appliances Can Spy on You (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 10:00
  45. Did Trump Just Unleash a New Secret Weapon or Something Else…? Patriots Shocked! – Monday Mar 27 2017 20:01
  46. Putin Bans U.S. Adoption of Russian Orphans Due to U.S. Pedophile Epidemic (Video) – Saturday Mar 25 2017 08:04
  47. Dr. Jim Willie Interview: Top 10 Risks to the U.S. Dollar (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 12:59
  48. Who Is Least Afraid of Death? Study Answer Surprises – Monday Mar 27 2017 01:33
  49. Angelic Warning: March 25, 2017; Spiritual Warfare Soon Turning Into Physical War. – Sunday Mar 26 2017 14:58
  50. 7 Best Natural Antifungal Remedies – Safe and Effective for Any Kind of Fungal Infection – Sunday Mar 26 2017 06:18
  51. The Disease Killing White Americans Goes Way Deeper Than Opioids – Saturday Mar 25 2017 03:51
  52. Gas from Israel, Gen Flynn Wiretapping – Behind the Deep-State Infighting Over the Trump Election – Monday Mar 27 2017 09:55
  53. Cain..Tubal Cain! – Monday Mar 27 2017 00:48
  54. Alex Jones – HD Commercial Free – Sunday (3-26-17) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 17:25
  55. Ouch! Obama’s Home State Just Slammed the Door in His Face in New Vote – Embarrassment! (Video) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 02:38
  56. Deep State and the CIA Media Matrix! Dark Journalist and Peter Dale Scott (Video) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 02:27
  57. Blood Spatters Reveal a Suspect’s Age Through New Technique – Saturday Mar 25 2017 17:17
  58. The Pizzagate Miley Cyrus Connection (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 16:19
  59. Scumbags Try to Rape Girl – Granddad With a Shotgun Ruins Their Day – Sunday Mar 26 2017 16:10
  60. These Raised Bed Gardening Tricks Beat Traditional Gardening Every Time – Sunday Mar 26 2017 13:50
  61. Trey Gowdy’s Words of Wisdom for President Trump – Saturday Mar 25 2017 10:09
  62. Jack Chan’s Weekly Gold and Silver Update – Sunday Mar 26 2017 01:04
  63. Probably More Evidence CNN Colluded with the Clinton Campaign than Anything Else (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 15:29
  64. Here Are The Survival Maps You Should Be Using – Sunday Mar 26 2017 05:02
  65. The Economic Volcano is About to Blow & Elite Prepare for Collapse Led by Goldman Sachs (Videos) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 13:56
  66. Nibiru’s Sun, the Brown Dwarf Star, Looks to Be by the Cancer Constellation as of March 2017 – Sunday Mar 26 2017 19:57
  67. 3D Bioprinted Human Cartilage Cells Can Be Implanted – Saturday Mar 25 2017 01:33
  68. Scientists Unveil a Giant Leap for Anti-Aging – Saturday Mar 25 2017 05:17
  69. X22Report Deep State Places Assets in the Middle East, They Are Ready to Make a Move – Episode 1239b – Monday Mar 27 2017 18:02
  70. X22Report Chaos Continues as Banks Begin to Crash – Episode 1239a – Monday Mar 27 2017 16:18
  71. A Polarized America (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 07:38
  72. Pope Francis Rejects “Messiah”, Suggests it Is Incompatible with Christian Values – Saturday Mar 25 2017 11:59
  73. The Panic Is On – First Effects Showing Up – Monday Mar 27 2017 10:59
  74. The Great Pyramid of Giza – A Nikola Tesla Like Power Plant Created Thousands of Years Ago – Monday Mar 27 2017 08:39
  75. Russian Roulette, Central Banks, Gold – Saturday Mar 25 2017 08:13
  76. President Obama and Friends About to Go Down for Treason? – Saturday Mar 25 2017 12:44
  77. 2 Simple Ways to Eliminate Garden Weeds This Year – by Working Less! – Sunday Mar 26 2017 05:27
  78. Red Alert! The Chaos Continues as Banks Begin to Crash (Video) – Monday Mar 27 2017 16:30
  79. The Anthropocene: ‘Irreversible’ Changes to The Earth Provide Striking Evidence Of New Epoch – Saturday Mar 25 2017 19:17
  80. Another Obama Elite in Jail and One More Charged – Sunday Mar 26 2017 13:05
  81. This Juice Promotes Weight Loss, Regulates Thyroid, and Fights Inflammation – Monday Mar 27 2017 06:10
  82. These are the people you allow to run your mind day by day – Sunday Mar 26 2017 00:41
  83. Current Events Heralding a Hellish Near Future: From Creepy Sounds to Even Creepier Apparitions! (Videos) MrDoom MrWatchman More – Saturday Mar 25 2017 11:29
  84. Miley Cyrus and Pizzagate – Monday Mar 27 2017 12:49
  85. The Simple, 7-Ingredient Compost Tea That Will Revolutionize Your Garden – Saturday Mar 25 2017 16:19
  86. Put on Notice: FBI Director James Comey Summoned to the White House – Saturday Mar 25 2017 16:33
  87. Movie Review: “Get Out” is Jewish Parable of Goy Guilt – Sunday Mar 26 2017 05:34
  88. Why Losing a Dog Can Be Harder Than Losing a Relative or Friend – Monday Mar 27 2017 10:34
  89. Alex Jones – HD Commercial Free – Monday (3-27-17) Full Show – Monday Mar 27 2017 17:34
  90. Off-Grid Firewood: Lessons from Staying Warm With An Ax – Monday Mar 27 2017 04:22
  91. 3 Natural Ways to Diminish Rosacea – Sunday Mar 26 2017 06:50
  92. Don’t Keep All Your Ammo In One Place – Saturday Mar 25 2017 10:26
  93. Obama Mysteriously Flees to Remote South Pacific Island – Sunday Mar 26 2017 15:42
  94. If 60 Minutes Is Right and PizzaGate Is ‘Fake News’… Explain This! – Monday Mar 27 2017 17:58
  95. Supreme Court Rules Against Obama, Says He Violated Constitution – Saturday Mar 25 2017 13:10
  96. Why This Market Needs to Crash, and Likely Will – Saturday Mar 25 2017 10:09
  97. The Kingdom Of Heaven – Sunday Mar 26 2017 04:18
  98. Global Warming Comes to Alaska – Saturday Mar 25 2017 13:10
  99. Fallen | Don’t Fall for This (video) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 04:24
  100. Significant Warning! Mandatory Evacuations: Cyclone Debbie Could Intensify to Category Five Storm (Video) – Sunday Mar 26 2017 12:18
  101. Twenty to Thirty Anti-Trump Protesters Attack 2,000 Pro-Trump Marchers, Get Their Asses Kicked – Sunday Mar 26 2017 07:34

U.S.A. Victory Message!  Click Here!

For the first time the president invited the Sherifs from across the county to the white house to show them that Donald Trump supports them and is determined to help them in any way that he can.  VIDEO

Pepsi and Kraft arn’t on the boycott list anymore. Updated (June 2016) Children of God for Life. World Leaders of the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines, Medicines and Consumer Products.

URGENT! New Report EXPOSES 6 Top Republicans on George Soros Payroll! Guess Who’s Being Paid to Stop Trump?

Holder Admits to Coup Against the American People Led By Obama 

44 Years, 60,000,000 Dead Babies CLICK HERE!

Engage. Educate. Everyone. Human Life Action believes in the inherent dignity of every life and the power of every American to raise his or her voice in defense of the vulnerable. When thousands upon thousands of people of good will raise their voices as one we are heard on Capitol Hill. We can–and must–help shape a public policy that protects life and liberty. Together we will be heard!  HumanLifeAction.Org

After NAFTA: Cumulative U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With Mexico Nears $1,000,000,000,000 – Can you imagine how much it is with China?

READ MORE  –  $20 per/hour x 70 hours per week =’s $1,700 per week.

NY Teamsters Pension Becomes First To Run Out Of Money As Expert Warns ‘Pension Tsunami’ Is Coming  –  March 3, 2017. Unions arn’t the answer, just part of the criminal network!

Fake News: Media Reports State Dept. ‘Mass Resignation,’ Officials Actually Fired

While Melania Was Praying Yesterday, Everyone Noticed A Miracle Happening Right Behind Her!A whole army of black Trump supporters raised signs high with Pride that read: “BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020!”

Jesus “I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his decisions which I inspire him to have.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 19, 2016

*St. Michael the Archangel March 16, 2017 @ Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”  “When anyone blesses himself with Maranatha Spring water,* he is immediately surrounded by a myriad of angels.” Revelation 5:11 Myriad Of Angels =’s > 10,000 × 10,000 angels.  (also) *Blessed Mother @ Holy Love March 17, 2017  (Feast of St. Patrick)  and  St. Patrick’s Message from March 17, 2016  –  Read More!

+Psalm 43+ Vindicate me, O God, and defend my cause against an ungodly people; from deceitful and unjust men deliver me! +Blessed Mother You must not be afraid of who you would offend by identifying evil and sin for what they are in the Light of Truth. If you bring the Truth to light in this way, God will give you knowledge and capabilities beyond your own to circumvent problems, and will unite you in many ways. “Are you listening? Do you respect My advice?” +Blessed Mother @ Holy Love March 22, 2017  and  Read More!



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