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Jesus – “I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his decisions which I inspire him to have.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 19, 2016 – READ MORE!

  –  Intelwars2  March 20, 2017(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

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March 19, 2017
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St. Joseph says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I advise you that all nations need to come under my paternity. This is the way that hearts can change to conform to the Will of God. The soul of every nation is grappling with evil, as Satan takes strides in encouraging confusion and war. It is good to be strong to oppose your enemies, but be certain of who your enemy is.”

“If you oppose those who support God’s Commandments, you are opposing God Himself. One of my titles in the world is ‘Terror of Demons’. I come to you today seeking to expose Satan’s influence in every nation. Where there is disunity you have Satan’s influence. He sends his cohorts out to challenge good and to place his evil influences over worthy endeavors.”

“My paternal influence could change the way whole nations perceive the path they follow. Pray for that.”

*St. Michael the Archangel March 16, 2017 @ Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”  “When anyone blesses himself with Maranatha Spring water,* he is immediately surrounded by a myriad of angels.” Revelation 5:11 Myriad Of Angels =’s > 10,000 × 10,000 angels.  (also) *Blessed Mother @ Holy Love March 17, 2017  (Feast of St. Patrick)  and  St. Patrick’s Message from March 17, 2016  –  Read More!

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Project Dragnet: NSA Documents Prove Surveillance on Donald Trump for Years!: National Security Agency (NSA) electronic surveillance in the years 2004 through 2010 – a database that documents both Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones were under illegal, unaut 

Report: Hundreds of millions of Pacific salmon missing, presumed dead — Gov’t issues emergency order along US West Coast — Japan suffering historic collapse, fish starving to death — All forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers across Pacific 

Surveillance – What Surveillance?:Our NSA (National Security Agency) does not have an open and transparent history. The NSA was created in secret in 1952 not by Congress, but by a pen stroke of Harry Truman in a 7-page document that remained classified f 

Homosexual director of ‘Beauty and Beast’ wants to rip the Bible to pieces: Disney inserted homosexual propaganda into the movie by making Gaston’s manservant LeFou homosexual and featuring the studio’s first ‘exclusively gay scene’. 

Disastrous National Security Breach in U.S. Congress:On February 2, 2017, three Pakistani brothers with top access to the computer systems, inside the U.S. House of Rep’s containing some of the nation’s most sensitive information were removed by cops 

Pentagon Officials Warned Of ‘A Million Casualties’ And ‘Nightmare Scenarios’ If War Broke Out With North Korea – And Remember How NKorea Turned Nuclear In The First Place! 

World War III Is Nearing As US-Chinese Talks Fail:I do not fault the Trump administration as they put their best foot forward. The Chinese are seemingly intent on having their way on all of the critical issues. 


NUCLEAR TURKEY? Imam close to Erdogan calls for weapons NOW amid tensions with EU 

THE WAR ON WESTERN CULTURE:’One of the overarching themes of the Frankfurt School was total intolerance for any viewpoint but its own. That is also a basic trait of today’s political-correctness believers.’ 

Fukushima Prepares To Host 2020 Olympics Baseball And Softball As Nuclear Expert Calls Global Cataclysm: ‘As Close To Hell As I Can Imagine’- Anonymous Warns One Of ‘Biggest Threats Earth And Humanity Now Faces’ 

Is There Any Truth to the Existence and Damning Character Assassinations of Mighty Legendary Cyclopes?:SQ-IN OUR NEXT TRUE LEGENDS DVD–‘HOLOCAUST OF GIANTS’-WE DEAL AT LENGTH WITH THE REALITY OF THE CYCLOPS- 

Rounding Up and Locking Down George Soros: Back in August of 2016, the business paper, Investors Business Daily, ran a piece about Soros and his non-profit organizations…groups that were actually front-men for Hillary Clinton 

Yemen at ‘point of no return’ as conflict leaves almost 7 million close to famine 

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un says engine test is ‘new birth’ of rocket industry 

The Struggle To Keep Our Bees. What Is Really Happening To Honeybee Hives? 

MIT Ups The Activism Ante — Offers $250K To Best Act Of DISobedience: 

Trump Administration Seeks Proposals For ‘Physically Imposing’ 30-Foot-High ‘Aesthetically Pleasing’ Border Wall 

Secret Russian weapon could wipe out NYC, Boston and D.C. in minutes with a massive radioactive tidal wave-Nuclear Moles: Warhead-carrying underwater drones that can be timed to unleash massive, radioactive tidal waves of destruction 


Japan urged by China to deal with Fukushima-affected food 

De Niro Finally Opens Up About His Son’s Autism Link to Vaccines 

Bomb scare at the White House: Man drives to the gates and tells security he has explosives in his car – the second security alert at the president’s home in one day 

Did the Syrian refugee-loving German Chancellor Angela Merkel grimace after President Trump linked terrorism to radical Islam? Trump uttered the words — and Merkel received the translation.he sighed, her face went tight and she appeared to shake her head! 

Mini-nukes and mosquito-like robot weapons being primed for future warfare 

Hot Headlines DISEASED REFUGEES Obtain SSN’s and Passports Upon Arrival in US:They come in with tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV, giardia, smallpox, polio , communicable diseases apart from giardia which is a parasite. They’re coming in with communicable diseases –’INFECTONS 2017-03-19
Hot Headlines FLASHBACK-Stonehenge ‘was a prehistoric centre for rock music’: Stones sound like bells, drums, and gongs when played 2017-03-19
Hot Headlines Great Recession Headed for Greater Depression-Michael Pento–‘When the European Central Bank (ECB) announces they are going to take the $60 billion a month of easing and take it to zero, you are going to see a bond market revolt’ 2017-03-19
Hot Headlines BREAKING : Space Based Weapons To Be Used If China Backs N.Korea 2017-03-19
Hot Headlines DAILY MAIL:What happens if New York gets nuked? Scientists simulate 20 MILLION people in massive computer system to see how state would respond to a nuclear attack 2017-03-19


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Top Stories
  1. Trump Delivered Documented Evidence of Obama Wiretaps to House Panel (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 17:28
  2. Trump Wins! Judge Napolitano Just Dropped A New Bombshell That Could Have Obama In Handcuffs! (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 02:14
  3. Jim Willie: Front Seat in Shanghai: Jig Is Up – Friday Mar 17 2017 07:17
  4. Fukushima Officially Labeled an Extinction Level Event – Saturday Mar 18 2017 11:43
  5. Bombshell Just Fell on Fox News About What Obama Did in Office (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 10:43
  6. Russia! Why Russia? Why now? – Saturday Mar 18 2017 11:59
  7. The McCanns Confess – Saturday Mar 18 2017 12:26
  8. Putin: the Russian President Says Something About the New World Order That Western Media Won’t Air – Saturday Mar 18 2017 13:35
  9. Trump Brought a Surprise Guest to His Rally Last Night That Made Everyone Cry Tears of Joy! (Video) – Friday Mar 17 2017 03:04
  10. Prophetic Alert Unfolding in Israel! Plus Trump Stuns the Middle East (Videos) – Friday Mar 17 2017 08:24
  11. Obama Met with Judge at Restaurant, Then Judge Blocked Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration – Saturday Mar 18 2017 08:17
  12. Victory! Trump Just Slashed The Throat Of The United Nations That Has Globalists Freaking Out! (Video) – Friday Mar 17 2017 03:06
  13. Next Month Everything Changes! Trump Set For Historic Meeting With This Controversial World Leader (Video) – Friday Mar 17 2017 03:08
  14. Prophetic, Biblical Signs of the Times in the News, Even in the Sky (Videos) – Friday Mar 17 2017 11:04
  15. Kellyanne Conway Just Revealed What Really Happened Election Night (Video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 10:57
  16. Here’s How WW III Could Start – Friday Mar 17 2017 17:25
  17. Lawsuit Filed Over Bill Clinton’s Secret Tarmaac Meeting With Loretta Lynch – Friday Mar 17 2017 16:18
  18. George Soros Just Got Really Bad News via Rex Tillerson (Video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 01:31
  19. Secret Russian Weapon Could Wipe Out NYC, Boston and D.C. in Minutes With a Massive Radioactive Tidal Wave – Sunday Mar 19 2017 06:50
  20. These Are The Most Dangerous Countries For American Tourists – Friday Mar 17 2017 19:49
  21. Why Is Goldman on a Buying Spree for Delinquent Mortgages – Friday Mar 17 2017 13:17
  22. 99% Of America Didn’t See What Trump Did Today Right Before His Rally In Nashville! (Video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 01:34
  23. Jim Rogers Warns About American Property Market Bubble & Highest Interest Rates (Video) – Friday Mar 17 2017 07:43
  24. World War III – US Promises Action Against N. Korea – Will China Respond? – Saturday Mar 18 2017 07:31
  25. World War III Is Nearing As US-Chinese Talks Fail – Sunday Mar 19 2017 10:46
  26. White House Intruder Was Pizzagate Whistleblower Trying to Contact Trump (Video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 18:05
  27. Hillary Just Broke Her Silence On NYC Mayor Run – You Need To Hear This! (Video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 01:32
  28. Hillary Announces Comeback on Fox News – Saturday Mar 18 2017 08:05
  29. By June 1st the Entire Economy Could Come to a Screeching Halt (Video) Lior Gantz – Sunday Mar 19 2017 07:47
  30. Greg Hunter: Somebody’s Lying About Spying, Fed Hikes Rates & Gold Spikes, War Update +Video – Friday Mar 17 2017 12:25
  31. Great Recession Headed for Greater Depression – Greg Hunter, Michael Pento Video – Saturday Mar 18 2017 21:52
  32. Whoa! This GOP Rep Just Said 2 Words At A Town Hall That Triggered Dems Into A Wild Frenzy! (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 02:12
  33. General Petraeus: Approves of Revoking Military Veterans 2nd Amendment (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 11:34
  34. Ghost in the Shell Documentary: The Soul of Artificial Intelligence – Friday Mar 17 2017 11:40
  35. Trump’s First War? ‘All Options Are On The Table’ As The U.S. And North Korea Prepare For The Second Korean War – Friday Mar 17 2017 16:49
  36. Four Billion Year Old Signal Found in Canadian rock – Friday Mar 17 2017 03:09
  37. Laptop “Stolen” Containing Secret Trump Evacuation and Clinton Email Probe (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 14:18
  38. A Personal Story of Archons – Friday Mar 17 2017 19:42
  39. Solar Outbursts Trigger Surprising Phenomenon Near Earth – Saturday Mar 18 2017 15:09
  40. Bible Story Solved | The Coin in the Fishes’ Mouth & What it Really Meant! Breaking Discovery (video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 05:52
  41. The True Jesus Christ Turns the World Upside Down – Saturday Mar 18 2017 14:32
  42. Everyone’s Favorite 2016 “Social Justice Warrior”: Today an Unemployed Loser! – Sunday Mar 19 2017 13:11
  43. Shock Truth! You Need To Know What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Trump’s Tax Returns Right Now! (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 02:10
  44. NSA Documents Prove Surveillance on Donald Trump and Alex Jones – Sunday Mar 19 2017 14:49
  45. Deep State’s Obamanation Desperately Resists Trump’s Wrecking Ball (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 12:49
  46. Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima Meltdown Could Last 250,000+ Years – Saturday Mar 18 2017 13:14
  47. Trump EPA Goes A Long Way to Solving Flint Water Crisis; Media Silent – Sunday Mar 19 2017 06:09
  48. The Economic Collapse Is Underway- Financial Expert Robert Kudla – Friday Mar 17 2017 05:22
  49. Paris Airport Attacker Called His Father to Say ‘I Screwed Up’ – Sunday Mar 19 2017 09:15
  50. N Korea ‘One Step Closer to ICBM Launch’ After Successful Test of “New Type” Rocket Engine – Sunday Mar 19 2017 07:47
  51. Whoa! The King is About to be Introduced (Videos) – Friday Mar 17 2017 09:46
  52. Massive Terror Attack! Damascus Under Heavy Attack Prophecy: ‘Damascus a Ruinous Heap’ (Video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 09:52
  53. Fastest Home Remedy for Weight Loss | 100% Natural Weight Lose Treatment – Friday Mar 17 2017 10:47
  54. Russian Intelligence Agents, Their ‘Assets’ Indicted in US for Cyber Spying – Sunday Mar 19 2017 08:12
  55. Demand for physical gold is collapsing – Friday Mar 17 2017 08:45
  56. How to Make a Backyard Greenhouse with Four Hula-Hoops. – Saturday Mar 18 2017 10:48
  57. Wiretaps, Media, Judicial Skullduggery: Trump’s Week – Sunday Mar 19 2017 09:51
  58. Salma Hayek’s Occult Identity – You Won’t Believe This! (Video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 07:55
  59. Lunatic John McCain Thinks He’s Joseph McCarthy Reincarnated – Friday Mar 17 2017 05:24
  60. Half of the Daily Global Silver Production Was Just Dumped in Minutes! – Friday Mar 17 2017 09:50
  61. Hackers Faking Ties to Trump says Russia’s Largest Private Commercial Bank – Saturday Mar 18 2017 02:14
  62. Federal Reserve Just Declared the American Dream Is Dead for Most Americans – Friday Mar 17 2017 12:01
  63. Are Many Celebrities Secret Trannies? – Sunday Mar 19 2017 07:18
  64. Home-Flipping Profits Just Hit An All Time High: These 10 States Offer The Highest Return Potential – Friday Mar 17 2017 19:49
  65. Live Stream: President Trump and Chancellor Merkel Joint Press Conference 1:20PM Eastern March 17th – Friday Mar 17 2017 09:39
  66. X22Report This Economic Indicator Just Confirmed We Are in a Recession and Headed for a Disaster – Episode 1231a – Friday Mar 17 2017 16:50
  67. Get Ready for the Over 100 Planet Solar System – Saturday Mar 18 2017 12:41
  68. Fukushima: ‘Worst Industrial Cataclysm in World History’, Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen – Friday Mar 17 2017 08:07
  69. Islam Isn’t the Only Tyrannical Ideology Troubling America Today! Here’s the Other Dangerous Ideology & it’s Not What You Think (Trigger Video) Hal Lindsey – Friday Mar 17 2017 09:17
  70. The Deep State’s Doomsday Bug – Sunday Mar 19 2017 21:25
  71. Husband Knocks Out 3 Thugs Who Attacked His Wife [Video] – Saturday Mar 18 2017 12:09
  72. 5 Places On Earth Which are Unknown to Human Being – Friday Mar 17 2017 10:53
  73. The 6 Best Ways to Predator-Proof Your Chicken Coop (You Are Doing No. 4 … Right?) – Friday Mar 17 2017 14:34
  74. Revolutions Are Bloody, But So Is Doing Nothing – Friday Mar 17 2017 09:34
  75. Banks Are Evil – Friday Mar 17 2017 17:48
  76. It’s High Time You Started Worrying: The Rich Are Becoming Preppers – Friday Mar 17 2017 06:27
  77. Most Amazing Pictures Not Photoshopped – Friday Mar 17 2017 10:39
  78. Life or Death Choices: 35 Excuses That Will Doom the Non-Prepper – Sunday Mar 19 2017 09:35
  79. Run for Your Lives! BBC News Crew Caught up in Volcanic Explosion – Friday Mar 17 2017 15:57
  80. Bitcoin Crashes Down to Near $1000 as China Sets New Parameters to Monitor Identities of Users – Sunday Mar 19 2017 15:50
  81. Mumps Outbreaks Reported Among Vaccinated Children … Is the Vaccine Causing the Outbreaks? – Saturday Mar 18 2017 03:28
  82. Freemasons Control Most Protestant Sects – Saturday Mar 18 2017 07:25
  83. Proof Jesus Is the Messiah – Friday Mar 17 2017 10:24
  84. Over 85,000 Secret Reports Made by Doctors to NYS Police Without Patients Notice – Friday Mar 17 2017 10:41
  85. Myth or Reality: Money-Saving Small Wind Turbines? – Friday Mar 17 2017 13:17
  86. How to Make Beef Enchiladas – Saturday Mar 18 2017 08:28
  87. Russia wants to ban Jehova’s Wittnesses nationwide – Friday Mar 17 2017 03:09
  88. A Family of Stars Torn Apart – Saturday Mar 18 2017 14:41
  89. One World Religion Watch: “A New Universal Religion Where Dogmatic Faiths Have No Place” (Video) – Saturday Mar 18 2017 08:51
  90. X22Report Ex-CIA Prediction Coming True, Soros Signals the Troops for the Spring Event – Episode 1232 – Sunday Mar 19 2017 12:33
  91. Woman with Vitiligo Uses Her Body as a Canvas for Amazing Artworks – Friday Mar 17 2017 04:26
  92. Best .22 rifle for hunting or survival? Take a look at the Ruger 10/22 – Saturday Mar 18 2017 18:47
  93. How to Make CDS Water, the World’s Most Powerful Germ Killer & Disease Eradicator at Home ~ For Next to Nothing – Friday Mar 17 2017 02:47
  94. Anonymous: France Refuses FBI Request To Interview Obama – Saturday Mar 18 2017 02:18
  95. NSA Documents Prove Surveillance Of Donald Trump And His Family. Bombshell Release. Spread This Tonight! (Video) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 17:26
  96. Talk About ‘In Your Face’! What Trump Just Did to Kim Jong-Un Will Blow Your Mind (Videos) – Sunday Mar 19 2017 10:34
  97. Bummer: Trump Plans to Cancel Illegal Alien Program California Depends On – Sunday Mar 19 2017 05:34
  98. A Solar System With 110 Planets, and It’s Ours – Saturday Mar 18 2017 20:17
  99. Is Denmark On The Brink? – Saturday Mar 18 2017 15:26
  100. The Christ Chronicles Msg 9 – ‘Lucifer – visit message’, given by Jesus on March 17th 2017 – Saturday Mar 18 2017 18:03

U.S.A. Victory Message!  Click Here!

For the first time the president invited the Sherifs from across the county to the white house to show them that Donald Trump supports them and is determined to help them in any way that he can.  VIDEO

Pepsi and Kraft arn’t on the boycott list anymore. Updated (June 2016) Children of God for Life. World Leaders of the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines, Medicines and Consumer Products.

URGENT! New Report EXPOSES 6 Top Republicans on George Soros Payroll! Guess Who’s Being Paid to Stop Trump?

Holder Admits to Coup Against the American People Led By Obama 

44 Years, 60,000,000 Dead Babies CLICK HERE!

Engage. Educate. Everyone. Human Life Action believes in the inherent dignity of every life and the power of every American to raise his or her voice in defense of the vulnerable. When thousands upon thousands of people of good will raise their voices as one we are heard on Capitol Hill. We can–and must–help shape a public policy that protects life and liberty. Together we will be heard!  HumanLifeAction.Org

After NAFTA: Cumulative U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With Mexico Nears $1,000,000,000,000 – Can you imagine how much it is with China?

READ MORE  –  $20 per/hour x 70 hours per week =’s $1,700 per week.

NY Teamsters Pension Becomes First To Run Out Of Money As Expert Warns ‘Pension Tsunami’ Is Coming  –  March 3, 2017. Unions arn’t the answer, just part of the criminal network!

Fake News: Media Reports State Dept. ‘Mass Resignation,’ Officials Actually Fired

While Melania Was Praying Yesterday, Everyone Noticed A Miracle Happening Right Behind Her!A whole army of black Trump supporters raised signs high with Pride that read: “BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020!”

Jesus “I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his decisions which I inspire him to have.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 19, 2016

*St. Michael the Archangel March 16, 2017 @ Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”  “When anyone blesses himself with Maranatha Spring water,* he is immediately surrounded by a myriad of angels.” Revelation 5:11 Myriad Of Angels =’s > 10,000 × 10,000 angels.  (also) *Blessed Mother @ Holy Love March 17, 2017  (Feast of St. Patrick)  and  St. Patrick’s Message from March 17, 2016  –  Read More!



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