THE MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN TO AN AUSTRALIAN SEER William Costellia the Little Pebble.  click here!

wk4-175x175The Mother of God

Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians — is the title that Our Lady identifies Herself most often in the Apparitions given to the Little Pebble.

The Messages

The Little Pebble is a Roman Catholic Seer / Mystic / Visionary who has been receiving Messages from Jesus and Mary since he was about 18 years old. Most of these were private. In 1983 he began to receive public Messages from Jesus and Mary giving guidance and direction to the Catholic Church, the world in general and to all souls of good-will. The Messages often took the form of warnings and the threat of more chastisements because of so much sin and the rejection of God. The Messages give comfort to God’s children and give hope to so many who live in fear and anxiety. Finally, the Messages speak for themselves.

Short Videos about the Little Pebble and his Mission

Video 1: The Mission Begins

Video 2: The Unity of the Seers

Video 3: The Holy Grounds

Video 4: Part 1 Interview with the Little Pebble

Video 5: Part 2 Interview with the Little Pebble

Video 6: Part 3 Interview with the Little Pebble (Final)


Letter from William Costellia to Kim Jong-Un – 15 March 2017

WILLIAM: Dear President Kim Jong-Un, I greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord! I am compelled as God’s Messenger, to call on your heart and conscience, to consider this: Take care, for God wishes you to take note of how He dealt with the people of Egypt in the time of Moses, His Prophet. You have enslaved God’s children! Set them free! You starve your people and persecute those who profess the Word of God …

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Letter to the Entertainment Industry – 15 March 2017

WILLIAM: Dear friends, there are two Great Powers that invite you to a life that brings you money – power and popularity. However, unless you are careful these Secret Societies: the Illuminati and the Freemasons, are your enemies – they stand for evil and the anti-god against Truth and are detrimental to your soul. Soon God will call all men to account for their lives – be on the side of Jesus! …

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Message to William Costellia – 12 March 2017

OUR LADY: “My child, William and My children: I am truly the Mother of Great Sorrows as the Mystical Body of Christ is ascending Calvary, for the teachings of My Divine Son, Jesus, have been placed aside with new interpretations, to suit a generation of weak sinners … The Cross you see in the sky with the ‘V’, is to show you that Freemasonry – which rules My Son’s House – will be defeated by the Cross of Redemption. The very symbols used by the enemy of the Church will be reversed and toppled …”

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Message to Luz de Maria – 21 February 2017

OUR LADY: Through previous Revelations I have prepared Mankind to love this Envoy of God Who will accompany you who remain faithful. He will accompany you in the instants of ferocious attacks by evil against all Humanity. (1) THIS MESSENGER OF PEACE DOES NOT COME IN ORDER TO REPLACE MY SON, BUT SO THAT EACH ONE OF YOU ACKNOWLEDGE MY SON’S KINGSHIP AND ENTHRONE HIM IN YOUR HEARTS IN A PERSONAL WAY, SO THAT EVIL DOES NOT TOUCH YOU …

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William Costellia: Questions and Answers (Youtube)

WILLIAM COSTELLIA: In Part 1, I explain the situation with Seers and the need for clarity and unity with the Mother of God and each other. The many Apparitions around the world serve God’s purposes for the salvation of souls … In Part 2, I refer to the rise of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States … I believe he is God’s choice for America. President Trump is the leader needed for these times. Much prayer is needed. He must be supported by the American People! …

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