Intelwars2 – March 12, 2017 – (We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

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+Jesus @ Holy Love February 20, 2017 (This is the season of Holy Love which is weeding out the insincere from the truthful). There has been no such important season in the history of mankind yet.”  Read More!

Jesus – “I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his decisions which I inspire him to have.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 19, 2016 – READ MORE!

  –  Intelwars2  March 12, 2017(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

For the first time the president invited the Sherifs from across the county to the white house to show them that Donald Trump supports them and is determined to help them in any way that he can.  VIDEO

Pepsi and Kraft arn’t on the boycott list anymore. Updated (June 2016) Children of God for Life. World Leaders of the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines, Medicines and Consumer Products.

URGENT! New Report EXPOSES 6 Top Republicans on George Soros Payroll! Guess Who’s Being Paid to Stop Trump?

Holder Admits to Coup Against the American People Led By Obama 

44 Years, 60,000,000 Dead Babies CLICK HERE!

Engage. Educate. Everyone. Human Life Action believes in the inherent dignity of every life and the power of every American to raise his or her voice in defense of the vulnerable. When thousands upon thousands of people of good will raise their voices as one we are heard on Capitol Hill. We can–and must–help shape a public policy that protects life and liberty. Together we will be heard!  HumanLifeAction.Org

After NAFTA: Cumulative U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With Mexico Nears $1,000,000,000,000 – Can you imagine how much it is with China?

READ MORE  –  $20 per/hour x 70 hours per week =’s $1,700 per week.

NY Teamsters Pension Becomes First To Run Out Of Money As Expert Warns ‘Pension Tsunami’ Is Coming  –  March 3, 2017. Unions arn’t the answer, just part of the criminal network!

Fake News: Media Reports State Dept. ‘Mass Resignation,’ Officials Actually Fired

While Melania Was Praying Yesterday, Everyone Noticed A Miracle Happening Right Behind Her!A whole army of black Trump supporters raised signs high with Pride that read: “BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020!”

Holy Love Messages 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22  Do Not Despise Prophecies…  Holy Love is the two great Commandments of Love – to love God above all else and to love neighbor as self.  2017 Messages   –  Click Here!

 +Blessed Mother @ Holy Love “Every sin is based upon disrespect for God’s Law and the subsequent welfare of others. January 12, 2017…  Read More!
March 11, 2017

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“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Tonight, your area of the country undergoes a time change. This is relevant only to worldly existence. After this life, there is no time – only eternity. It is within the concept of time spent on earth that the soul must choose his eternity.”

“My Father has set the Commandments in place to help each soul to choose Heaven. I have sent My Mother into the world as your Refuge of Holy Love to guide you in obedience to the Commandments. Use the element of time to practice Holy Love in your hearts and in the world around you. It is the path to securing a joyful eternity.”

March 11, 2017

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Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am protecting this apparition site* as a holy nation – a refuge apart from the confusion and violence which is intensifying in the world. My Peace – the peace of My continual presence – will always be here, welcoming those who come. It is here consciences will be convicted and Truth will be victorious.”

* The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

Holy Love 2016

Matthew 22:37-40 (Contemporary English Version) (CEV) 37. Jesus answered: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.  38. This is the first and most important commandment.  39. The second most important commandment is like this one. And it is, “Love others as much as you love yourself.”  40. All the Law of Moses and the Books of the Prophets are based on these two commandments.

Romans 13:7-10 (Contemporary English Version) (CEV)  7. Pay all that you owe, whether it is taxes and fees or respect and honor. 8. Let love be your only debt! If you love others, you have done all that the Law demands. 9. In the Law there are many commands, such as, “Be faithful in marriage. Do not murder. Do not steal. Do not want what belongs to others.” But all of these are summed up in the command that says, “Love others as much as you love yourself.” 10. No one who loves others will harm them. So love is all that the Law demands.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-22  –  19. Don’t turn away God’s Spirit  20. or ignore prophecies.  21. Put everything to the test. Accept what is good  22. and don’t have anything to do with evil.

A Detailed Examination of Conscience Guide and Checklist CLICK HERE!

God Has Sent His Prophets Back Out, & Into The World!  Again! LISTEN UP!  Click Here! 

I am surprised this isn’t the opening hymn for the vast majority of Catholic Masses and Protestant Sunday church services!  Click Here To Hear!

New Testament And Old Testament – Audio

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Student Satanists Announce Lamb Sacrifice and Bible Burning at Clemson U 

BREAKING: ‘Fukushima Nuclear 2 Meter Hole In Unit 2 Reactor Floor’ 

Forget The Pullback, Silver Is Going To Skyrocket Way Above $100! 

Will ‘Hidden History’ Of The Planet Earth Soon Be Revealed? Amazing Secrets Beneath The Ice Most Surely Await Us! 

‘A DELIRIUM IS SPREADING’ – The Left’s Great Russian Conspiracy Theory 

Resurrecting Dead People Using Stem Cells Given The Green Light :Starting this year, the groundbreaking Project Reanima will primarily use stem cells to stimulate the regrowth of neurons in clinically dead patients 

Geek Squad’s Incentive to Plant Child Porn- Geeks Are Hired By FBI 

Downed bridge splits Big Sur in half leaving 450 residents stranded without access to grocery stores or law enforcement 

‘De-Bamafying’ The Administration – Trump Escalates ‘The Purge’ As Heads Start Rolling 

Brutal Martial law Would Follow the Deposing of Trump by the Deep State 

Rise of the TWITTERBOTS: 48 BILLION Twitter users are not human, new study claim 

Turkey kills 71 US-backed Kurdish fighters in Syria: Army: PRAY FOR THE KURDS-THE TWO SOLDIERS ON THE LEFT ARE FEMALES – 


Venezuela’s spiraling violence Venezuela is, however, a true global leader in violence. Shootings, stabbings, grenades, bombs, tear gas, kidnappings, gang violence, extortion; you name it, we’ve got it. 

Buzzfeed Caught By Wikileaks Falsifying Information About Response To Vault 7 Release 



Russia’s Largest Bank Confirms Hiring Podesta Group To Lobby For Ending Sanctions 

EXPERTS: OBAMA BLOCKED US FROM VOTE-FRAUD DATA Trump opens door to learn true impact on elections 

Harvard Scientists Theorize That Fast Radio Bursts Come From Alien Space Travel Could these mysterious flashes of radio waves come from a planet-sized device to power alien spacecraft? 

Record cold a potentially historic snow storm is aiming to hit New England next week with a foot+ snow damaging winds and serious coastal flooding 


Gluten-free foods found saturated with glyphosate weed killer: Video documentary reveals shocking details that may make you question gluten-free 

Zales, Jared’s, and Kay to close 170 stores amid slow sales and fake diamond scandal 


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  25. You Have to See This! BBC Live TV Interview Crashed by Kids and a Stressed Woman! – Friday Mar 10 2017 11:32
  26. New Strain of Terrifying Street Drug ‘Spice’ Creating Entire Subculture of Human Zombies Across the Globe – Saturday Mar 11 2017 11:45
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  33. US Will Be Forced to Accept a Devalued Dollar & That’s When the Crisis Hits (Video) Jim Willie – Thursday Mar 09 2017 08:20
  34. Trump Toured the White House… Turned to the Camera and Made Everyone Scream With Delight! (Video) – Thursday Mar 09 2017 02:24
  35. Did You See What Hillary Tweeted? It Proves Trump Right About Wiretapping! (Video) – Thursday Mar 09 2017 02:23
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  45. China is Ticked-Off! Just Warned Trump Over His Moves in S Korea That Could Trigger Conflict -Video – Thursday Mar 09 2017 16:06
  46. FEMA Camps Are Gaining Momentum Right Under the President’s Nose – Thursday Mar 09 2017 15:54
  47. Explosive: NSA Whistleblower and US Lieutenant Colonel Tell Fox News ‘CIA Hacked DNC’ with ‘Russia’s Fingerprints’ – Thursday Mar 09 2017 17:27
  48. Promise Kept: Jihadis Flee Raqqa as President Trump Orders US Marines to Begin Process of Destroying ISIS – Friday Mar 10 2017 06:09
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  67. Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate Posted Online by His Half-Brother Malik – Thursday Mar 09 2017 15:25
  68. FYI , AR-15 Rifles Are No Longer Included in Second Amendment – Friday Mar 10 2017 09:57
  69. Trump Is Winning on This Key Issue – Friday Mar 10 2017 22:16
  70. Trump Invades Syria: Make No Mistake: This is Big News, Very Bad News – Thursday Mar 09 2017 10:11
  71. “They Are Erupting”: Alaskan Volcano Throws Ash 35,000 Feet Interrupting Commercial Flights – Thursday Mar 09 2017 07:33
  72. CDC Confirms Natural News 100% Correct on Report of African Green Monkey Kidney Cells Used in Vaccines – Thursday Mar 09 2017 15:18
  73. The 12 Rules of Survival – Saturday Mar 11 2017 02:33
  74. Foreign, US Spies Victimize Americans, US Economy: Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda -Video – Friday Mar 10 2017 08:11
  75. Illegal Immigration Down 40% Since Trump Was Inaugurated – Thursday Mar 09 2017 16:09
  76. Large Radiation Leak, Possible Melt Down, Norway – Thursday Mar 09 2017 10:49
  77. Giant Statue With Elongated Skull Found in Egypt – Saturday Mar 11 2017 00:50
  78. Preppers Stuck In Cities: Elite Chartering “Getaway Boats in Case of Manhattan Emergency” – Thursday Mar 09 2017 15:49
  79. Mysterious Metal Fragment Recovered Near Roswell UFO Crash Site (Video) – Friday Mar 10 2017 12:47
  80. 8 Signs That Hillary Will be Arrested and Charged Soon: Collapse of the Clinton Foundation – Thursday Mar 09 2017 08:55
  81. The Mystery of the Treasury’s Disappearing Cash – Friday Mar 10 2017 14:27
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  84. The A.I. Economy, An Open Secret: “Why the Market Never Crashes” – Friday Mar 10 2017 17:17
  85. 10 Current Nuclear Risks Every Prepper Must Know – Thursday Mar 09 2017 06:03
  86. Warning; Here Comes Disclosure, Will You Believe? – Thursday Mar 09 2017 20:00
  87. What Happens When You Put 20,000 Volts into a Watermelon? – Saturday Mar 11 2017 15:34
  88. Now, it’s yellow fever! – Friday Mar 10 2017 17:18
  89. First Underwater Video Footage of the True´s Beaked Whale – Thursday Mar 09 2017 06:17
  90. The Signs of Revelation – Part IV: Symbols of Throne Scene Chap. 4 – 5 – Thursday Mar 09 2017 08:32
  91. 7 Things Your Doctor’s Not Telling You About Coconut Oil – Friday Mar 10 2017 01:03
  92. Sweden: Migrants Behead Woman, Murder Husband, Then Laugh About It – Thursday Mar 09 2017 13:49
  93. Important Military Alert! Just Now Iran Fires a Naval Missile (Video) – Thursday Mar 09 2017 10:24
  94. Shocking Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse: New Video: Ella Gareeva: Mother’s Statement Plus Appeal to the Public and More 11 Mar 17 – Saturday Mar 11 2017 03:42
  95. Major Resignation in Trump Administration That Will Have Conservatives Cheering! – Saturday Mar 11 2017 15:47
  96. Secret Chambers beneath the Sphinx: Rare Images show how to access the Sphinx – Saturday Mar 11 2017 12:24
  97. Trump Needs a War Team – Greg Hunter with Catherine Austin Fitts Video – Saturday Mar 11 2017 23:25
  98. How This Idaho Oldtimer Constructed An Ideal “Underground Home for Less Than $50” – Friday Mar 10 2017 18:17
  99. Gold Prices Down 7 Days in 8 as Fed Rate Hike Risks ‘1994 Bloodbath’ in Bonds, Over-Geared Debt – Thursday Mar 09 2017 07:35
  100. Computer Hacking Is Becoming Russia’s Weapon of Choice Says Professor – Saturday Mar 11 2017 18:17

U.S.A. Victory Message!  Click Here!

Jesus “I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his decisions which I inspire him to have.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 19, 2016


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