Intelwars2 – February 16, 2017 – (We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

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Jesus – “I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his decisions which I inspire him to have.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 19, 2016 – READ MORE!

  –  Intelwars2  February 16, 2017(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

For the first time the president invited the Sherifs from across the county to the white house to show them that Donald Trump supports them and is determined to help them in any way that he can.  VIDEO

Pepsi and Kraft arn’t on the boycott list anymore. Updated (June 2016) Children of God for Life. World Leaders of the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines, Medicines and Consumer Products.

URGENT! New Report EXPOSES 6 Top Republicans on George Soros Payroll! Guess Who’s Being Paid to Stop Trump?

44 Years, 60,000,000 Dead Babies CLICK HERE!

After NAFTA: Cumulative U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With Mexico Nears $1,000,000,000,000 – Can you imagine how much it is with China?

Fake News: Media Reports State Dept. ‘Mass Resignation,’ Officials Actually Fired

Holy Love Messages – 1 Thessalonians 5:20 Do Not Despise Prophecies… Holy Love is the two great Commandments of Love – to love God above all else and to love neighbor as self.   2017 Messages   –  Click Here!

 +Blessed Mother @ Holy Love “Every sin is based upon disrespect for God’s Law and the subsequent welfare of others. January 12, 2017…  Read More!
February 15, 2017

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“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Do not wonder at My calling you to establish a safe refuge for Christian Traditionalism in this country. Anti-Christian sentiment is spreading around the world. The nation that protects Traditionalism will itself be protected by God.”

“There will always be factions opposing the Truth of Christian beliefs, but I desire that this nation be a welcoming sign of the right to speak and act as a Christian. Please realize that all the while, these Messages of Holy Love* have been encouraging and preparing you for such a move.”

“Do not be dismayed at liberal, far left attacks, which oppose this. Act in such a way that your unity is your strength. Good must not oppose good.”

“My Mother’s Heart is your Refuge of Truth.”

* The Messages of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

Read Wisdom 6:10+

For they will be made holy who observe holy things in holiness,
and those who have been taught them will find a defense.

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.

Holy Love 2016

A Detailed Examination of Conscience Guide and Checklist CLICK HERE!

God Has Sent His Prophets Back Out, & Into The World!  Again! LISTEN UP!  Click Here! 

I am surprised this isn’t the opening hymn for the vast majority of Catholic Masses and Protestant Sunday church services!  Click Here To Hear!

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Priebus Exposed As Leaker, Responsible For Feeding Media During The Events Of Yesterday 

President Trump vs. the Hydra: The Fight for OUR Lives!:Obama may be out of office, but from behind the scene he and his posse are directly and criminally involved in the fight to overthrow the elected government of the United States. 

NYT commits TREASON in fake news attempt to overthrow the United States Government… is it time to start arresting traitors who pretend to be journalists? 

TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES – Shadow Government Exposed In All Out War Against Trump – ‘Conspiracy’ Explodes For All Americans To See The ‘Deep State’ Truly Exists 

Mysteries of Earth’s Magnetic Field Revealed in Ancient Judean Jars –‘Fluctuated Violently in Past Without Ending Life on Our Planet’ 

FAKE NEWS WEEK: ‘Assad and Russia’s Slaughter in Syria’: Deconstructing the Media’s Fake ‘War Crimes’ Narrative 

TURKEY, NEMRUT DAGH–Massive statues of gods, kings and creatures stare down visitors to this little-known Unesco site in southeastern Turkey. 

The Oroville Dam Crisis Is Not Over- Gov Brown Demonstrates Lack of Concern for Citizen Welfare:Paul Preston put it,’I want to be wrong about my feeling that the dam could fail. If it does fail, I will lose my home and everything that I own’. 


New World Technology; Scientists Plan To Alter Our MINDS – Delete History, Distort Morals, Plant Memories, Control Behavior 

Trump approves Oroville Dam disaster declaration despite bad blood with California Democrats FEMA announces emergency assistance as Butte County Sheriff lifts mandatory evacuation order 


Trump Turns The Tables On MSM Causing Major Media Meltdown As They Spend News Cycle On Fake ‘Muslim Olympic Medal Winner Detained After Trump Ban,’ Story 

EU Steps Up The Pace For Cashless Society In 2017/18 :The EU’s war on cash and desire to control citizens through a cashless-society model is snowballing without a real open debate with its people. 

The Muslim Brotherhood: Wellspring of Terrorism:There is nothing peaceful, lawful or democratic about the Muslim Brotherhood. It believes today what it has always believed and openly stated: that a caliphate, where sharia law will rule 


Hell breaking loose behind scences US District Attorney allegedly Advocates Charging Former President Obama With Treason: Dana Boente: “No one is above the law.’Lou Dobbs its sedition :Berkeley riots May have been ordered by President Obama himself.’ 

Secret Ancient Subterranean Tunnels And Caverns Across America: Who Or What Were Our Ancestors Hiding From?:We may never know the true hisotry of these ancient subterranean passages.Perhaps they were once the tunnles built by Titans (THE FALLEN ONES) 

California Governor Spends $25 Billion Per Year On Illegals, Officials Warned Dam Failing 12 Years Ago 

The Grammy Awards 2017 Were About Protesting the King and Worshiping the Queen :The 2017 Grammy Awards were ones of contrast and duality. It elevated to the level of holy deity the ‘queen’ of the elite’s industry while vilifying and rejecting Trump! 

New Artificial Skin Can ‘Feel’ Temperature Changes and Could Restore Temperature Sensing in Amputees 

Davi to Hollywood Elite: Invite Illegal Aliens and Refugees to the Oscars… or You’re Racists! 

S. Korea to use loudspeakers to broadcast murder of N.K. leader’s half brother 

Scientists at York University have created 3D heart tissue that beats in synchronized harmony. They are hoping that this step will lead to better understanding of cardiac health and ultimately help develop improved treatments. 

AI learns to recognize exotic states of matter The neural networks only need a few hundred atoms to get an answer. 

Hot Headlines Michael Moore Melts Down; Tells Trump To ‘Resign By Morning’ Or Face ‘Impeachment You Russian Traitor’ 2017-02-15
Hot Headlines Big Brother is watching you: Jim Rogers prophesizes death of cash & total govt control of spending 2017-02-15
Hot Headlines 150,000 salmon die in Chile while thousands of dead fish appear in Colombia alarming fishermen. Cataclysmic animal mass die-offs around the world. After more than 400 whales beached in New Zealand, hundreds of thousands of fish die in Chile and Colombia 2017-02-15
Hot Headlines The Globalist Long Game – Redefine Liberty Activism As Evil ‘Populism:’Negative branding is about burning a hole in the historical record, because memes last far longer than people’–VERY IMPORTANT READ 2017-02-15
Hot Headlines Obama Is Commanding An Army Of 30,000 Sycophants to Attack Trump (Video) 2017-02-15
Hot Headlines Incompetent Bernie sanders Tells business woman to pay her employees health insurance and go F@@king Bankrupt. Something is wrong in LA LA Land 2017-02-15
Hot Headlines Definite Movement to Take Trump Out-Gerald Celeste: The neocons want war. They want destruction. They want the military industrial complex to continue to build, I don’t know why Trump is still campaigning. He should keep his people off the air. 2017-02-

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Top Stories
  1. Obama Moves to Bunker and Prepares to Fight Trump—30,000 Man Army Ready at His Command – Monday Feb 13 2017 11:42
  2. Global Elite Suddenly Running for Their Lives – These Experts Reveal the Shocking Truth! (Video) – Monday Feb 13 2017 13:27
  3. Get Prepped! Planetary Comet Inbound – Nibiru/Planet X Over Mexico and Alaska – Mainstream Desensitizing – Monday Feb 13 2017 21:24
  4. Trump Must Execute the Nuclear Option—There’s No Other Way – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 09:00
  5. Trump Just Sent Michelle Obama a Bill She’ll Never Be Able to Pay in Her Lifetime – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 14:15
  6. PizzaGate Pedophile Victim’s Mom Speaks Out In Exclusive Tell-All! Nancy Pelosi Connected! Arrests Happening Now! – Monday Feb 13 2017 15:22
  7. 5 days before the Financial Collapse – Coming Chaos: No Banks, No Public Facilities, No Food and Rampaging Gangs of Desperate People – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 05:44
  8. Trump Declares War on Russia – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 00:08
  9. Steve Bannon Believes Winter Is Coming – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 15:03
  10. Obama Administration Now Directly Linked to PizzaGate Style Sex Crimes Against Children – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 05:04
  11. The Firing of NSA Michael Flynn: Who and What? Why it Was Inevitable! – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 11:30
  12. Dr. Michio Kaku Warning – Nibiru Planet X the Universe Solar Flame – Now Willing to Alert the Public About Planet X to Hit Earth Any Day Now – How it Will Affect This Planet – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 05:46
  13. Boom: 9th Circuit Court Asks Trump for Forgiveness Over Travel Order – Monday Feb 13 2017 05:41
  14. Scientists Uncover Huge 1.8 Million Km2 Reservoir of Melting Carbon Under Western United States – Monday Feb 13 2017 07:57
  15. The Real Edgar Cayce & Nostradamus Predictions For 2017 Revealed! A Must See! (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 13:01
  16. Media Panic! Trump Just Pulled An Epic Stunt That Has The Media In A Tailspin – This Is Awesome (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 12:02
  17. Warning! The Banks Will Collapse Very Soon – Will That Cause a Complete and Total Collapse of Society? – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 11:18
  18. Planet X Nibiru Here Is What Will Happen When it Arrives – Monday Feb 13 2017 08:32
  19. A Shocking Revelation Has Just Been Released Proving We Are the Final Generation! (Videos) – Monday Feb 13 2017 13:08
  20. Oroville Dam Update! Down the Rabbit Hole & Who Is Orchestrating This Event and 50 Dollar Bill (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 08:39
  21. First PizzaGate Arrest in New Hampshire? Hillary And Obama Connection! Photos! – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 16:44
  22. Why the CIA Wants to Destroy Flynn – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 13:09
  23. Lost Continent of Zealandia Found – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 02:29
  24. The Truth About California’s Oroville Dam—Who Will Be Blamed, Why They Did it and What’s Happening! – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 11:09
  25. Army Admits Plan to Take Over the US! Alex Jones Tells About New Jade Helm Link! – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 19:22
  26. Paris In Flames – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 16:04
  27. No Frickin’ Way! Look Who’s Backing Trump, What They Just Said Will Blow Your Mind (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 03:12
  28. Oh Shoot! Trump Just Announced a New Surprise Order That Will Drive Democrats Insane! (Video) – Monday Feb 13 2017 12:17
  29. New Cavity Treatment Needs No Drilling or Filling – Monday Feb 13 2017 14:41
  30. X22Report The ‘Deep State’ Soft Coup Is Now in Progress to Take Full Control of the Country – Episode 1204b – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 19:04
  31. Shroud of Turin Authenticity Confirmed by One of the World’s Top Experts! (Video) – Monday Feb 13 2017 12:09
  32. Tillerson Is Cleaning House at the State Dept – Is He Going Deep Enough – Monday Feb 13 2017 13:21
  33. 3 Muslim Agents Caught Spying On Trump, Proof Points Directly At Obama – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 11:51
  34. Assassination North Korean Kim Murdered in Airport…. Females With Needles! – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 12:12
  35. Very, Very Unfortunate Congresswoman Vows to Protect Fairy Tale Land of Limpopo From Putin – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 17:14
  36. Live Stream! Oroville Dam: National Guard Mobilized, 200k People Evacuated From Area – Monday Feb 13 2017 07:52
  37. Oroville Repair Effort Update! via Freelance Reporter Jim Stone (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 06:56
  38. Trump Administration Apparently Heading For War As Iran Dumps U.S. Dollar – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 08:17
  39. Pizzagate Is Real: Some updates – Monday Feb 13 2017 13:27
  40. God Shows California Who’s the Boss: He and Trump – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 16:24
  41. This Is Huge! Massive Heat Under Yellowstone Melton Carbon Game Changer One Eruption Means Nuclear Winter! (Video) BP Earthwatch – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 19:52
  42. Obama Attempting to Drag Trump to War: Activist Army, Traitors, and Nightmare! – Monday Feb 13 2017 18:51
  43. CIA Broke the Law to Take Out Its Critic General Flynn – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 12:36
  44. Ha! CNN Kicked Out Of Country! Look What Just Happened To Them… (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 05:18
  45. The First 15 Foods You Should Stockpile for Disaster – Monday Feb 13 2017 02:19
  46. Martin Armstrong Warns: “This Will Only End in Bloodshed… Biggest Spike in Civil Unrest in American History” – Monday Feb 13 2017 10:49
  47. Silver COMEX 41% Derivatives Increase(Roadside Chat) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 07:09
  48. A Completely Different Perspective on Trump’s Presidency – This Will Make You Think! – Monday Feb 13 2017 08:51
  49. Definite Movement to Take Trump Out – Gerald Celente and Greg Hunter Video – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 23:38
  50. What Really Happened: Treasonous Michael Flynn Caught in His Web of Lies! Was He Blackmailed or Paid by Russia & How Clinton Fit Into This (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 09:35
  51. Fukushima Out of Control: Radiation Levels Significantly Higher Than ‘Unimaginable’: Still Getting Worse After 6 Years of Meltdowns – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 08:47
  52. More Bad News Just Hit The ‘Nutty’ 9th Circuit Court – We’re Getting Closer! (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 05:21
  53. Shadow Government Steps Forward and Shows Who Is Boss via Freelance Reporter Jim Stone (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 14:29
  54. Nice! Every Single Ice Agent Is Cheering At What Trump Just Did In 5 States! (Video) – Monday Feb 13 2017 05:51
  55. This device cured cancer – big pharma destroyed it – The Story of Royal Rife – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 04:11
  56. “Jews Are Not Our Friends” – E. Michael Jones – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 19:34
  57. NY Post Bombshell – Obama “Shadow Gov’t” With Chilling Mission – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 08:40
  58. A Looming Crash is Near… Check Out the Cold, Hard Facts – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 09:17
  59. PizzaGate: General Flynn Targeted Over Pedogate?! – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 17:33
  60. Big Win! Trump Just Got Justin Trudeau To Do Something For America Obama Never Could (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 03:20
  61. Trump Admin Rocked By Unexpected Resignation – Who Replaced Him Is Turning Heads! (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 05:28
  62. Oroville Dam Crisis: Possible 30 Foot Wall Of Water – Three Counties Expected To Flood (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 06:14
  63. Mars Was Just Slammed by a ‘Cosmic Shotgun Blast’ – Monday Feb 13 2017 14:34
  64. Trump Tweets! Canadian Prime Minister & Florida Enthusiastic Supporters & Dishonest Media – Monday Feb 13 2017 14:14
  65. Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser – Monday Feb 13 2017 21:43
  66. Is Brad Brownell’s tenure at Clemson nearing an end? – Monday Feb 13 2017 08:42
  67. X22Report Is There a Hidden Message in Michael Flynn’s Resignation Letter? – Episode 1205b – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 19:03
  68. Who’s the Only Cabinet Member Not to have Any Negative Leaks? (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 13:25
  69. Shocking: President Trump Blows by Obama in New Poll – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 05:53
  70. Organized Game Plan to Collapse Trump Admin Uncovered – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 08:54
  71. X22Report Janet Yellen Just Revealed Something Huge but No One Is Listening – Episode 1205a – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 19:03
  72. U.S. Army Preparing for Urban Warfare, but it’s a Recovery… Everything Is Great! (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 20:32
  73. Norse Prophecy: Feast of Trumpets Signals The End September 2017 – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 09:39
  74. Obama, Will He Be Taken Down? Looks Like Barrack Hussein Will Fall One Way Or Another. Obama’s BC Fake!! (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 12:44
  75. Oroville Dam Collapse a Possibility -Short-Term Thinking has Big Consequences +Video – Monday Feb 13 2017 08:22
  76. Alert! Full Text of Flynn Resignation Letter, Statement from WH – Monday Feb 13 2017 22:10
  77. Paris Burning, Erupts in Violence: Many Streets Are No-Go Zones as Five Suburbs Erupt in Flames – Monday Feb 13 2017 11:25
  78. Good Lord! Trey Gowdy Just Humiliated The 9th Circuit Judges! Schools Them In The Rule Of Law! (Video) – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 11:37
  79. X22Report Germany Receives Gold Bars From the Fed, but the Bars Have Different Labels – Episode 1203a – Monday Feb 13 2017 18:18
  80. It’s Time to Impeach the Judges – Monday Feb 13 2017 17:08
  81. The Great Sign – Monday Feb 13 2017 12:13
  82. Alex Jones – HD Commercial Free – Wed (2-15-17) Leo Hohmann, Steve Pieczenik, Roger Stone – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 18:32
  83. Trump Update 2/13/2017…the Meltdown Over the Trump Dress – Monday Feb 13 2017 16:34
  84. Alex Jones – HD Commercial Free – Tuesday (2-14-17) Michael Snyder – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 19:04
  85. Oroville dam. Concrete chunks flew high in the air. – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 07:24
  86. Trump v. Federal Courts: Impeach Judges Who Hinder National Security, Says Police Adviser +Video – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 11:23
  87. Big Win! Trump Just Got Justin Trudeau to Do Something for America Obama Never Could – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 17:54
  88. Whoa! No Time Wasted: Flynn Replaced with Fluent Iranian-Speaking Admiral Harward, Terrorists Scared (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 17:04
  89. Obama Is Commanding an Army of 30,000 Sycophants to Attack Trump (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 08:04
  90. Can Trump Make A Citizen Arrest On Obama On Drugs Supply Case Today? Obama Flee to Ecuador Embassy Basement? (Video) – Monday Feb 13 2017 09:20
  91. Norse Legend – Year Of Fire Rooster Precedes Ragnarök In Sep 2017? – Monday Feb 13 2017 06:43
  92. Active Shooter Loose – Here’s What We Know – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 19:14
  93. Merkel’s Open-Border Policy Major Backfire! This Is What She’s Giving Migrants in Germany and See What Trey Gowdy Just Did (Videos) – Monday Feb 13 2017 11:02
  94. Funniest Dogs Compilation 2017! A Must Watch! – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 03:23
  95. “Obamaphone” Moochers Just Got Massive Bad News… Trump Strikes Again! – Monday Feb 13 2017 08:24
  96. Intelligence Community Schemed Against Gen Flynn Former Rep Kucinich Says +Video – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 10:56
  97. Ivanka Trump Raises the Ire of Some After Posting Pic of Herself at Oval Office Desk – Tuesday Feb 14 2017 19:03
  98. Planetary Lockdown, Geoengineering, ‘The Deep State’ – Monday Feb 13 2017 09:16
  99. Obama’s Sick Plans To Sabotage Trump At Every Turn Leaked In New Report – You Need To See This! (Video) – Wednesday Feb 15 2017 03:25
  100. Oroville Could Be Bigger than Believed – Monday Feb 13 2017 21:17

U.S.A. Victory Message!  Click Here!

Jesus “I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his decisions which I inspire him to have.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 19, 2016


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