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  –  Intelwars2 – January 24, 2017(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

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January 23, 2017

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“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The reason people are confused as to the difference between good and evil is they allow popular opinion to define good – not God’s Laws. These days, people do not love God more than their own will. It is, therefore, not as important to please God as it is to please themselves. As the world in general approves of these illicit values, it appears acceptable to embrace evil with an erroneous heart rather than stand for the Truth. These are the times which demand courage in the Truth.”

“You must not allow popular opinion to dictate approval of entertainment, dress codes, moral values, government policies and every type of behavior. Thousands, millions may accept sin, but it is still sin. When the soul stands before Me in judgment, it will not matter how many others committed the same sin. You must begin to make moral judgments based upon Holy Love. Ask for the grace to love Me more than yourselves.”

Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5+

Synopsis: These are the tribulations of the last days the heart of the world has entered as men have become lovers of self, worshipping the gods of money, power and the status of pride, arrogance, abuse, disobedience, profanity, ingratitude, slander, licentiousness, violence, and hating good. They have become treacherous, pompous, lovers of pleasures (of the flesh) rather than of God as they make a pretense of being religious, but abuse it’s power and authority. As the Remnant Faithful, do not listen to them, but stay clear of their influence.

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of stress. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it. Avoid such people.

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.
-Synopsis of Scripture provided by Spiritual Advisor.

Holy Love 2016

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‘Destination Mars’ –Elon Musk and Trump Partnership May Signal NASA Shift: ‘Human’s a Multi-Planet Species’ (VIDEO) 

Trump Admin Sends Loud And Clear Message To Media, Snowflakes, Rioters And Colleges: ‘It Is A New Day’ 

Bogoslof back to red alert, eruptions and increased activity at Reventador (Ecuador), Erta Ale (Ethiopia) and quake swarm at Katla (Iceland) 

Piers Morgan, Newt Gingrich call for Madonna’s arrest after Women’s March speech 


‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Sweeps America As The Loony-Left Proves Their Hatred Is As Phony As Their Mantra Of Non-Existent Love 

Will America’s Counter-Revolution Be Successful? If you thought you could sit on your backside and Trump would do the rest, you are delusional. We are in a war for cultural, religious, economic and physical survival. 

Robot rights: EU votes to grant ‘electronic personhood’ to Cyberdyne T-800s 

DAILY MAIL:Mystery deepens over world’s biggest explosion 110 years ago in Russia as experts ‘debunk proof’ that blast the size of 185 Hiroshima bombs felt in the UK and US was caused by a meteorite 

DAILY MAIL:Plane passengers rejoice as woman who berated Trump supporter for ‘putting that man’s finger on the nuclear button’ is thrown off 


Comparing the 1930s and Today–DOUG CASEY 

(2017) PIZZAGATE CHILDRENS BOOK EXPOSED! SECRET PIZZA PARTY CHILD’S BOOK! MUST SEE!!(video)can stories be used to ‘groom’children?:Characteristics and Behavioral Indicators of a Pedophile:SINS OF THE LEADERS BEING REVEALED! 

Invisible men gang rape teen Swede on Facebook LIVE STEAM for THREE HOURS: Links 1 on Jan. 22 -2017:SQ :WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE FROM THE GLOBAL FEMINAZI’S? 

Trey Gowdy Just Made A Huge Announcement That Has The Left Terrified:In the new Congress, Trey Gowdy will serve on the intelligence committee. His new role will give him the opportunity to provide oversight to the intelligence community. 


US EXIT FROM UNITED NATIONS COULD BECOME REALITY WITH FRESH BILL ‘Why should the American taxpayer bankroll an international organization that works against America’s interests around the world?’ 


COMMON SENSE – 2017 (PART TWO):THE BURNING PLATFORM: AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ-Trump scorched the globalization acolytes and neo-cons with his common sense appraisal of how we’ve wasted our wealth benefiting other countries and global corporations 

Trump Captures ISIS Leader On Day One Of Airstrikes:President Trump convened his top generals on his first day in office and ordered them to provide a plan to eradicate ISIS within 30 days – a key election promise 

Drunk sleazy hypocrite and dirty old woman Madonna sexually assaulted a 17 year old on stage but now berates Donald Trump:HELL BOUND AND SELF DESTRUCTING _MADONNA IS SO DISGUSTING- THE PSYCO- FEMS(NEW WORD) WOULD MELT-ISIS WORSHIP PLAIN AND SIMPLE 


Sanity Makes A Comeback! ‘LGBT’ & ‘climate change’ Removed From the White House Website, Planned Parenthood To Be Defunded 

DOJ: Microsoft isn’t harmed when it can’t tell users what data we want Meanwhile, Microsoft says DOJ has expanded ‘power to conduct secret investigations.’ 

Stop Operation Soros (SOS): Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In Macedonia 

Hot Headlines Experts: US hit with sudden spikes of rare radioactive material from Fukushima , Has 15.7 Million year half life, ‘Orders of magnitude’ rise in levels on West Coast — Much higher amounts than were detected near Fukushima plant just after 3/11 2017-01-23
Hot Headlines Chance of major quakes as new coronal hole on the Sun turns to face Earth 2017-01-23
Hot Headlines Important Notice All Marijuana Smoking Gun Owners Should Read 2017-01-23
Hot Headlines Feminists, Fools, Flakes and Freeze Dried Hippies: The Women’s March of Folly 2017-01-23
Hot Headlines They Are Coming For Your Cash! Currency Bans Are Sweeping The Globe 2017-01-23
Hot Headlines Heads Explode After Piers Morgan Calls for ‘Men’s March’ Against ‘Rabid Feminists 2017-01-23

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  2. The “Entities” That Monitor Our Presidents – Photographic Evidence – Saturday Jan 21 2017 16:08
  3. Warning – US West Coast Earthquake Warning as Cascadia Subduction Zone Surges – Saturday Jan 21 2017 08:12
  4. Democrat Congresswoman Just Confirmed America’s Worst Nightmare – Trump Was Right Since Day One! (Video) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 05:50
  5. Trump’s Speech at CIA Headquarters – One Could Call it Bizarre or Maybe Something More (Video) – Saturday Jan 21 2017 18:04
  6. Something Very Weird Going Down Right Now—Urgent Jason A Report You Have to See to Believe! – Monday Jan 23 2017 13:56
  7. Appearance of Military Officers During Trump’s Inaugural Address Still Unexplained – Monday Jan 23 2017 08:49
  8. Look: Everyone Notices 1 Detail About Obama During Trump’s Inauguration Speech – Saturday Jan 21 2017 19:00
  9. Nobody in America Can Believe the Miraculous Person Trump Met Before His Inauguration! – Sunday Jan 22 2017 10:03
  10. It Is Happening Now: Jerusalem, Syria, Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Russia, Palestinians; and Even Trump’s Decisions, and We Can Know How it All Will End. His Script Is Already Written – Saturday Jan 21 2017 09:24
  11. Nobody Saw This Coming! After His Speech Trump Calls Out Hillary! (Video) – Saturday Jan 21 2017 08:59
  12. Anonymous Issues New Message to President Donald Trump 1/22/17 (Video) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 15:57
  13. Jim Rickards Economic Collapse Is Predicted in 2017 – US Dollar Crash and Gold Prices to 10K! – Massive 78% US Depopulation – Sunday Jan 22 2017 10:53
  14. Trump to Release Secret Technology to Public / China Is Globalist’s Last Hope to Stop Trump – Monday Jan 23 2017 06:21
  15. Bang! The Moment We’ve Been Waiting for Has Arrived! When You Realize What’s on the Table Your Jaw Will Hit the Floor! – Monday Jan 23 2017 11:51
  16. Trump Just Promised to Lift All Russia Sanctions if Putin Does This One Thing for Him – Saturday Jan 21 2017 09:16
  17. Trump Cost Big Pharma $25 Billion in 20 Minutes – Saturday Jan 21 2017 13:16
  18. The Federal Republic of the USA Is Reinstated … by R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed. – Sunday Jan 22 2017 08:24
  19. All Hell Breaks Out Monday. Trump to Announce U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem; Muslim World Uproar Expected (Video) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 16:48
  20. The Mainstream Media Must Be Shut Down! A Menace to Society! A Bane to Human Existence! – Monday Jan 23 2017 03:58
  21. White House Has New Website: The Entire Trump Agenda Exposed – Sunday Jan 22 2017 18:15
  22. Immediately After Taking Office, Trump Mandates Two New Rules That All Americans Must Follow or Else (Video) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 08:24
  23. E171 Titanium Dioxide as Nanoparticles in Chewing Gum and Toothpaste Causing Cancer – Sunday Jan 22 2017 16:25
  24. Brain Stimulation Used Like a Scalpel to Improve Memory – Saturday Jan 21 2017 16:31
  25. A Very Smart Man Surrounded at Women’s LA March Dropping Some Serious Truth Bombs – Monday Jan 23 2017 07:34
  26. Melania Trump Moved by “How Great Thou Art” Solo – Sunday Jan 22 2017 14:42
  27. Venus Gravity Wave May Be the Solar System’s Largest – Saturday Jan 21 2017 20:23
  28. The 10 Biggest Food Lies That Are Keeping Us Fat and Sick – Saturday Jan 21 2017 08:52
  29. Revealing Video of Donald and Melania Trump at Inauguration: Was it Reversed? – Monday Jan 23 2017 15:09
  30. Secret Service Will Investigate Madonna After Singer Says She Wants to Blow up White House in Rant at Women’s March – Saturday Jan 21 2017 19:40
  31. Western Women Have Lost Power to Love – Sunday Jan 22 2017 09:10
  32. Trump Hate Fest Explodes Across the Globe—They Want Him Dead and This Is How They’ll Attempt It – Saturday Jan 21 2017 19:10
  33. President Trump Set To Immediately Close National Organization Liberals Love – Sunday Jan 22 2017 05:42
  34. Chronology of the End Times – Sunday Jan 22 2017 12:57
  35. Obama Places Ammo Ban on Federal Lands on Last Day – Saturday Jan 21 2017 06:31
  36. Trump Makes Huge Move, Names New Anti-Net Neutrality FCC Chairman (Video) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 01:40
  37. German Press: ‘That Was No Presidential Speech; That Was a Declaration of War’ – Saturday Jan 21 2017 13:50
  38. Greg Hunter, “Why Are World Leaders Visiting Antarctica?” – Sunday Jan 22 2017 10:57
  39. Dahboo77 Video: Massive Movement to Stop Soros Begins in Macedonia – Sunday Jan 22 2017 14:28
  40. Will Trump Arrest Clinton and Soros? – Sunday Jan 22 2017 16:27
  41. Trump Prayed With Pastor Privately at Inauguration Who Says Obama’s Preparing Path to Antichrist’s Reign (Video) – Saturday Jan 21 2017 17:08
  42. Freaking Dynamite! Trump’s First Executive Order! Already! Look What He Ordered: Some People Are Going to Completely Flip Out (Videos) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 21:29
  43. 60% of 500 Primate Species Face Extinction Threat – Saturday Jan 21 2017 02:47
  44. China Dumping US Treasury Debt in Record Volume…Is This a Prelude to the Globalist Assault on Trump’s Economy? – Saturday Jan 21 2017 11:12
  45. Sear’s Bankruptcy, Who Gets the Real Estate, and How the Pension Fund Got Hung Out to Dry (at Taxpayer Expense) Invade Mnuchin’s Senate Confirmation Hearing – Saturday Jan 21 2017 06:04
  46. Trump Must Cut the Head Off the Snake if He Is to Survive – Sunday Jan 22 2017 08:52
  47. Germany Deeply Resentful of Trump Presidency – Saturday Jan 21 2017 00:24
  48. A Major Prophetic Sign Appeared the Moment Donald Trump Stepped to the Inauguration Platform – Sunday Jan 22 2017 18:01
  49. SniffPhone: Soon Smartphones May Diagnoses Disease from Your Breath – Saturday Jan 21 2017 22:31
  50. The Mainstream Media Knew, But Never Warned Anyone About… (Video) – Saturday Jan 21 2017 17:42
  51. A320 Germanwings Crash Was Remote Control – Sunday Jan 22 2017 12:26
  52. It’s On! Trump Declares War On… (Video) – Monday Jan 23 2017 02:38
  53. Zuckerberg Is Forcing People Out of Their Island Homes – Saturday Jan 21 2017 13:55
  54. Trump Sends Secret Service After Crazy Madonna Threatens To Blow Up White House (Video) – Monday Jan 23 2017 03:57
  55. Trump Reveals Shock Plan for North Korea After Kim Jong Made a Huge Mistake – Monday Jan 23 2017 20:00
  56. Explosive New Apollo 10 Footage Discovery Proves Moon Landing Hoax – Monday Jan 23 2017 13:28
  57. The CIA vs. President Trump – Saturday Jan 21 2017 08:28
  58. Obama Secrets, Lies: Dems Fear CIA Chief Pompeo will Dig into Obama’s Specious Intel Practices – Monday Jan 23 2017 08:39
  59. The 144,000 That Are Sealed – A Prophecy Not Understood by Many? – Monday Jan 23 2017 13:13
  60. Happy NObama Day! – Saturday Jan 21 2017 11:52
  61. Man Who Predicted Collapse of Euro Against Swiss Franc Now Warns Huge Shock Will Bring the World to its Knees – Sunday Jan 22 2017 18:50
  62. The Trumpening: Rather Than Killing ObamaCare on His First Day as Promised, the Donald Kills Regulation Instead (How Populist of Him) – Saturday Jan 21 2017 05:47
  63. Breaking: Shooting in San Antonio Mall Leaves 1 Dead, 6 Wounded; Two Suspects Sought (Video) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 16:49
  64. In Speech to the CIA, Trump Offers to Build Them a Room Without Columns: ‘Do You Understand That?’ – Sunday Jan 22 2017 04:10
  65. Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK – “We Come to Warn you About your Race and your Planet” – Monday Jan 23 2017 06:08
  66. Generation Snowflake, Nuclear War, Obama, Fake News, Putin, and… (Video) – Saturday Jan 21 2017 19:24
  67. Inauguration: The Morning After – Saturday Jan 21 2017 04:41
  68. Ashley Judd’s Full Embarrassing Speech at “Women’s March” in Washington DC – Sunday Jan 22 2017 06:05
  69. Bill Holter on the Looming Economic Collapse: Time to Inflate or Die (Video) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 23:23
  70. Possessed – Hillary Clinton Displays Demon Eyes Again When She Catches Bill Checking Out Ivanka – Sunday Jan 22 2017 02:02
  71. Will Trump Be Blamed For The U.S. Financial Collapse ? | Jim Willie – Monday Jan 23 2017 10:48
  72. Dave Kranzler on Gold – Sunday Jan 22 2017 04:47
  73. CERN: A Ticking Time-Bomb of Mother Nature – Why the LHC must be shut down – Monday Jan 23 2017 13:09
  74. Scientists Zero in On Global Ocean Temperatures During Last Interglaciation Period – Sunday Jan 22 2017 06:25
  75. Sick! Your Jaw Will Drop When You See What Obama Is Building at His New Home – Hypocrite! – Saturday Jan 21 2017 09:10
  76. Hillary Shows up for Trump’s Inauguration, Immediately Regrets it After This Happens – Sunday Jan 22 2017 09:55
  77. CNN, ABC, NBC Must Merge with Alt Media to Survive – Saturday Jan 21 2017 09:32
  78. Wow! Storm Clouds Gather as Hurricane Trump Prepares to Hit the White House (Must See Video) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 22:02
  79. Our $20 Trillion National Debt Is Poised To Become A Major Crisis – Monday Jan 23 2017 12:17
  80. Trump Is Now President, Forces Of Satan Panic / President Announces Release Of Secret Technology – Monday Jan 23 2017 06:18
  81. Obama’s BC Forger Shares Maricopa County Article On Shutdown of (Fake) Cold Case Posse Investigation! – Saturday Jan 21 2017 06:17
  82. Aliens Are Protecting Trump – Video – Sunday Jan 22 2017 16:18
  83. Foreigners Are Dumping U.S. Debt at a Record Pace and Our $20 Trillion National Debt Is Poised to Become a Major Crisis – Sunday Jan 22 2017 21:22
  84. Vagina-Hat-Wearing Locusts Left DC in Piles of Trash – Sunday Jan 22 2017 18:49
  85. Twenty Pro-Trump Supporters Killed After Pro-Trump Demo – Saturday Jan 21 2017 20:47
  86. Mike Pompeo Confirmed as CIA Director… and There Is a Report of “Shots Fired” – Monday Jan 23 2017 18:09
  87. Hot Hot Hot Yikes: Inauguration Protestors Just Got Major Wake-up Call – Sunday Jan 22 2017 14:09
  88. Watch Live: Trump’s Press Secretary Makes Some Kind of Weird Statement – Saturday Jan 21 2017 16:07
  89. 4 Forgotten Meat-Preservation Methods of the 1800s – Monday Jan 23 2017 04:11
  90. Kill Infections Using This 7 Ingredient Master Tonic – Saturday Jan 21 2017 09:42
  91. Jihadists Train, Plan U.S. Attack from Mexican Border State of Nuevo León – Saturday Jan 21 2017 06:14
  92. Breaking: Mexico Makes Shock Move at Border to Sabotage Trump – Sunday Jan 22 2017 09:57
  93. Alex Jones – HD Commercial Free – Sunday (1-22-17) – Sunday Jan 22 2017 18:42
  94. Why So Many Followed Obama – The Learned Helplessness Phenomena – Sunday Jan 22 2017 17:03
  95. Just In! US Leaving United Nations: Developing Story (Video) – Monday Jan 23 2017 09:56
  96. Breaking: Obama’s Unprecedented Final Act as President Is Just Sickening – Saturday Jan 21 2017 19:02
  97. Obama Was Just Spotted Leaving Something “Special” For Donald Trump On The White House Desk! – Saturday Jan 21 2017 18:55
  98. X22Report There Is a War Going on But it’s Not Between the U.S. and Russia – Episode 1185b – Monday Jan 23 2017 18:58
  99. CNN Won’t Show You What Trump Gave This Unlucky Father at His Inauguration! – Monday Jan 23 2017 20:03
  100. Kim Jong Tests Trump.. So Minutes After Taking Office, Trump Amps Up Missile Defense Plans (Video) – Monday Jan 23 2017 08:30




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