Boycott General Motors! GM Just Released a Plan to Sell Out American Workers and it Has Trump Furious!

Boycott General Motors! GM Just Released a Plan to Sell Out American Workers and it Has Trump Furious! – Saturday Jan 14 2017 05:50

Boycott General Motors! GM Just Released a Plan to Sell Out American Workers and it Has Trump Furious!

Saturday, January 14, 2017 5:50
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(Before It’s News)

LIBERATING ELDER – Say what you want about Donald Trump, there is no honest person who could say Trump has not gone straight to work on creating and saving jobs for American workers. In the past few weeks we have seen announcements from Ford, Toyota, Carrier, SoftBank among others pledging to invest more money into the US economy and create TENS OF THOUSANDS of HIGH PAYING JOBS for out of work and under employed Americans. Many of these companies, especially in the automotive sector, have chosen to abandon plans to move operations to Mexico, and instead, move to, or stay in, the good ‘ol US of A.

However, there is one car company who has chosen to spit in the face of American workers. Ironically it’s the auto giant that would have been bankrupt and sold off at rock bottom prices if the American taxpayer was not forced to ‘bail them out’ when they collapsed back in ’08. Yep, General Motors, the Corporate insiders who only exists off the theft of the taxpayer is showing Americans how little they apprecaite our generosity when they were most in need. Do you recall when Trump tweeted this when they first announced their decision to defect to Mexico:

While most auto companies met with Trump and worked out a deal where they were able to stay in the US or expand in the US creating and keeping high paying manufacturing jobs here at home, the company that was bought back to life with $17,000,000,000 of our hard earned money has decided to move to Mexico anyway.
There is a silver lining here though. WE DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THEIR CARS. All red blooded Americans should think long and hard about buying any GM brands listed below:





Next time you are in the market for a new car, please take a minute to think about where you want your hard earned money to go. Do you want to support a globalist insider mega-corporation who sells out American workers after having their very existence salvaged with it’s taxpayers dollars and then decides to move production out of the country. Or do you want to help pay the checks of hard working Americans building quality cars here at home. The beauty of Capitalism is that it is up to us. We have the power to show GM that the only thing awaiting those who betray the American worker is Bankruptcy, and NO MORE BAILOUTS THIS TIME.





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