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Founded in 1997,

We believe that true religious liberty means recognizing the fundamental right of every individual—including all ages, races, genders, and faiths—to follow their conscience and to live according to their beliefs. Because of that, our mission is simple: protect religious freedom for all.

If an American’s religious freedom is threatened, First Liberty stands ready to assist.

What We Do

We fight to secure religious freedom for clients of all faiths whose religious liberty has been threatened. Our legal team has argued and won cases at every judicial level, including the United States Supreme Court. View our Timeline of Victory.

Our attorneys partner with elite volunteer lawyers from across the nation, including the top law firms in the United States. This innovative strategy allows our clients to be represented by the nation’s top lawyers at no cost, leading First Liberty to achieve an unparalleled victory rate. Read about our Success Strategy.

FL-AboutUs-Graphic About Us

Our Areas of Expertise

First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to protecting religious freedom for all Americans. Win over 90% of our cases! Attorneys from 24 of the top 50 law firms in the nation!  Join The Fight!

First Liberty works on a national level, securing religious freedom in four critical areas:

We also produce resources to educate Americans about what religious freedom means, why it is important, and how it can be protected and advanced. These resources include our Religious Liberty Protection Kits, and Undeniable, our annual survey of threats to religious freedom.

Additionally, our attorneys frequently defend religious freedom in national media, including appearing in outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, FOX News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and more. Visit the Newsroom.

Our attorneys also speak, lecture and debate religious freedom issues throughout the country, in churches, public venues, and universities.

How We Do It

First Liberty Institute is a non-profit organization. Thanks to the volunteer attorneys who work on our cases pro bono and the generosity of private supporters and grant foundations, we offer people of faith the highest caliber of legal assistance absolutely free.

Why We Do It

We believe religious liberty is our first and most foundational right. It is the bedrock of our country and the catalyst of all freedoms. If the government can take away our right to religious liberty, every one of our freedoms as laid out by America’s founding fathers will be lost. Thus, we fight daily to protect religious freedom for all Americans, both today and for future generations.

To those troubled by the rapid decline of religious freedom in America, First Liberty is the legal organization that offers the greatest hope for victory.

Take Action

Join The Fight

If you share our passion to protect religious liberty for all, please join our team as a volunteer. We are always looking for dedicated people just like you to help us defend religious freedom for every American.

Please contact Lori Ross at to inquire about opportunities to join the First Liberty team.

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