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Donald Trump Thanks InfoWarriors For The Win 

*Jesus Unprecedented political victory in your nation, please understand that the conscience of your country was touched and moved by heavenly grace. I rejoice with you. *Jesus @ Holy Love November 13, 2016. Thank you so much Jesus!  Read More!

  –  Intelwars2 – December 17, 2016(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today! 

United States Of America Post 2016 Presidential Election Results! Praise God, as we welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!  The Blessed Mother is smiling – I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President.  READ MORE!


U.S.A. Victory Message!  Click Here!

Current Communist Goals – The 45 Communist Goals Democrats Thought They Had Fulfilled! Best Know Thy Enemy!  Click Here!

Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost! Instead of fighting each other in a futile theater of the absurd, we must fight and remove them from the chess board, wherever and whenever they show their faces in the daylight!  Read More…

Betrayed by an America-hating press! Other than our corrupt Congress, the media rates as consistently the most hated institution in this country. Click Here!

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Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – Index Map (1,035 QUAKES ON MAP):LOOKS LIKE CALIFORNIA, MAY BECOME AN ISLAND, UNTO THEMSELVES VERY SOON! 

INCREDIBLE: FACEBOOK ANNOUNCES CHINESE STYLE NET CENSORSHIP Social media giant joins the fight against fake news 

Foreigners are Dumping US Treasurys as Never Before :In September, these foreign entities had already dumped a record $76.6 billion. They have now dumped Treasury paper for seven months in a row. 

This Is How They Could Bring The Whole Thing Crashing Down! White House Goes Batsh*t Crazy, Blames Hillary’s Emails And Election Loss On The Mainstream Media As War Upon Truth Reaches Final Stages 

MUST READ –US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims:All signs point to leaking, not hacking. If hacking were involved, the National Security Agency would know it – and know both sender and recipient. 

EXCLUSIVE: MEGYN KELLY CAUGHT FABRICATING LIES ABOUT ALEX JONES She’s banking that the American public is stupid and won’t check on it 

Wayne Madsen: is a CIA operation 

Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Just Exposed The Sinister Reason For The Surgical Attack In The Gold Market As Shocking Amount Of Gold Flows Into China & India 

Obama’s Supporting the Breakup of the US 

China seizes US underwater drone in South China sea’s international waters – report 

DAILY MAIL:Trump and Obama at war: Handover turns sour as the President vows to hit back at Russia over hacking after ‘ignoring it because he thought Hillary would win’,as Trump AGAIN dismisses the intrusion by bringing up DNC dirt 

UFO conspiracy theorist who sent cryptic final text to mum ‘vomited two litres of black fluid’ before dying The family of UFO and government cover-up investigator Max Spiers, 39, believe he was murdered 

Lawmaker: Russian Hacking Meme A ‘Whole House of Cards’ – CIA Trying To Overturn Trump Election As Obama Admin ‘Carrying Out A Disinformation Campaign’ – While The Obama Administration Refuses To Brief Congress On Claim Of Russian Interference, Obama’s 


Clinton Foundation STILL under FBI investigation 

Study: Unvaccinated Children Healthier Than Vaccinated Kids – Doctors Agree 

Congress Hands Government Authority To Microchip People With ‘Mental Disabilities 

Another massive coronal hole turning to face Earth as the last one earlier this month brought 8 major quakes in as many days 


Facebook to become left-wing propaganda echo chamber with Orwellian plan to label independent journalism ‘fake’ 

Taking holiday snaps to another level: The stunning winning images of the Travel Photographer of the Year revealed 

Famine Crises Menu: A Bare-Bones Food Storage Plan: In a dire emergency, you may not have electricity, or it could be subject to black-outs. In that case, start your famine menu using lesser amounts of food than you’ll need 

This is how far Beijing will go to defend its claim to the South China Sea:The latest developments come at a time when President-elect Donald Trump has made it plain that he will play hardball with China 

Huge hole in the ocean floor near Australia could cause catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis 

US Navy conducts missile tests off Hawaii :The Pearl Harbor destroyer USS John Paul Jones fired the defensive missiles after a target missile was launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai just after midnight. 

Hot Headlines Kazuo Ishiguro: ‘We’re coming close to the point where we can create people who are superior to others’ Social changes unleashed by new technologies could undermine core human values unless we engage with science, warns author 2016-12-16
Hot Headlines Westworld Is Strikingly Real: AI Could Be Conscious and Unpredictable 2016-12-16
Hot Headlines OBAMA ACCELERATES TROOP DEPLOYMENTS IN EASTERN EUROPE Rush to provoke war with Russia prior to Trump’s inauguration 2016-12-16
Hot Headlines DAILY MAIL:South Korea comes a step closer to LIMITLESS energy: Country’s fusion reactor sustains plasma for more than a minute in a new world record 2016-12-16
Hot Headlines DAILY MAIL:Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange goes on the offensive over claims Russia was behind Clinton email hack, saying Kremlin is NOT its source 2016-12-16
Hot Headlines SENATE VOTES TO LEGITIMIZE CIA PROPAGANDA IN AMERICA To combat ‘fake news’ the U.S. government will engage in ‘fake news’ 2016-12-16
Hot Headlines Fake President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s ISIS legacy & the true evil of Islamic militancy and Sharia Law : ‘They are not human, they are against all humanity’: Iraqi man tortured by ISIS shares his family’s story 2016-12-16
Hot Headlines Obama Vows Retaliation Against ‘Russia Hacking’, To Hold Press Conference On Friday 2016-12-16
Hot Headlines The US is Officially a Banana Republic: the CIA is trying to topple the Government 2016-12-16

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Top Stories

Men: You Need to Be Eating These 8 Foods Now (Videos) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 13:04

Top White House Agent Discloses Information so Shocking, May the Lord Have Mercy on Us All! (Video) – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 12:08

ElectorGate: A Real Red Alert—This Electoral College Scandal Is Getting Extremely Serious! – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 06:24

Predictive Linguistics: “Huge Crisis Headed Our Way, Credit Freeze, Bank Runs & Riots” – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 03:25

Pope Francis Releases Warning Event Is Coming Soon This Is the End Times – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 05:57

Just Released! CERN, Hell on Steroids! Unleashing Abaddon, Delivering Satan & Ripping Hades Wide Open! (Video) – Friday Dec 16 2016 06:26

Bombshell Evidence: Obama Birth Certificate Scientifically Proven Fake, Forged, Fraudulent! – Thursday Dec 15 2016 20:29

Anonymous – America You Must Wake up Now – Thursday Dec 15 2016 10:00

Breakup of Supercontinent Pangea Cooled Mantle and Thinned Crust – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 00:33

Electoral College Plot Thickens: Clinton Conspires With CIA, MSM and DNC to Steal Election – Thursday Dec 15 2016 10:11

Warning! USGS Not Reporting Mt St Helens Quakes & Landslides! (Videos) – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 13:02

Sex Is People’s Downfall. Jesus Said ‘They Who Are Born of God Keep Their Seed Within Them’ – Friday Dec 16 2016 05:06

Dr. Jim Willie: We’re Starting to See Disconnect Between Physical and Paper Gold (Video) – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 13:17

Paint Turns Heat Into Electricity – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 18:33

Woman Drinks Gallon of Water Every Day for Four Weeks and the Final Picture Results Are Shocking – Friday Dec 16 2016 16:47

If You Talk About “This” You Will Be Targeted—100% Proof & What’s Really Going Down With Facebook! – Friday Dec 16 2016 12:13

How Weird Is Water? – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 08:25

Electoral College Fighting Back Against the DNC’s Corruption Designed to Steal the Election – Thursday Dec 15 2016 21:12

X22Report The Fed Just Signaled the Collapse of the Economy, Brace for Impact – Episode 1152a – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 18:42

NWO Globalists Flip Out After Witnessing What Trump Just Did… “Drain the Swamp?” – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 14:39

Millions of Americans Noticed Obama’s Last Christmas Card is Really His Final Insult to Christians – Thursday Dec 15 2016 18:05

Leaked! Alex Jones Busted Working for Russia— Video Proof… – Friday Dec 16 2016 09:52

Someone Has Officially Called the CIA’s Bluff Over Russia – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 07:34

4000 US Troops Sent to Border of Russia – More to Be Sent – Friday Dec 16 2016 13:47

Wikileaks Bombshell: Obama Sent Plane Full of FBI Agents to Frame Julian Assange (Video) – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 19:05

Putin Lashes Out at Obama: “Show Some Proof or Shut Up” – Friday Dec 16 2016 07:49

Fukushima Radiation Is in the Water, the Food and it’s in Us – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 12:54

Israel on Fire! – The Truth Behind the Flames – Thursday Dec 15 2016 03:21

Live Stream! Is Obama Declaring War on Russia Last News Conference of the Year – Friday Dec 16 2016 12:40

Dr. Jim Willie: The Economic Battles Continue to Rage On… (Videos) – Friday Dec 16 2016 04:11

Amazing Herb Kills 98% of Cancer Cells in Just 16 Hours – Friday Dec 16 2016 17:20

Obama Vows to Bring About War & Total Destruction Prior to Leaving White House! (Videos) – Friday Dec 16 2016 15:55

Stealth Fire: How to Build a Concealed Campfire, and Other Tricks to “Stay Invisible” – Thursday Dec 15 2016 13:09

Trump Impeachment Law Being Introduced By Democrat’s Elizabeth Warren (Video) – Friday Dec 16 2016 06:58

A Call to Arms – DNC, CIA, Neocon and Media Treason and Drawing the Line for and Responding to the Coming Civil War – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 11:25

Why Collapse Isn’t on the Menu – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 09:13

Shocking News: Obama’s DHS Guilty Of Faking Russian Hacks (Video) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 07:27

How to Clear Your Sinuses in Seconds Using Nothing but Your Fingers – Friday Dec 16 2016 17:33

Congress Passes Bill to Start Putting RFID Chips in Disabled People (Video) – Friday Dec 16 2016 08:32

Massive Celestial Orb Imaged in Alaska and Chile. Possible Planet X System Anomaly – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 20:29

Dark Past Of Planet-Eating ‘Death Star’ Discovered; Solar Twin Could Hold Clues To Planetary Formation – Friday Dec 16 2016 06:46

Valiant Thor: The Alien who warned humanity – Friday Dec 16 2016 03:13

Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Thursday (12-15-16) Anonymous Patriot, Larry Nichols, Jon Rappoport – Thursday Dec 15 2016 18:26

You Won´t Believe the Truth About Fukushima the Japanese Government Is Hiding From the World – Friday Dec 16 2016 17:19

Horror of Fukushima Can No Longer Be Called a Conspiracy Theory – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 14:18

Tom Horn: The Antichrist and False Prophet 666 (Video) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 11:24

Homemade Guns – A How to on Legally Making Firearms – Friday Dec 16 2016 08:50

As Trump Spoke At The Rally Tonigh – Everyone Noticed The Miracle Behind Him! – Friday Dec 16 2016 15:44

Revealed: Who Gave Democratic Emails to Wikileaks – Thursday Dec 15 2016 09:59

China Seizes Unmanned, Underwater US Navy Vehicle Off South China Sea – Friday Dec 16 2016 10:23

Having a Christian Foundation for Surviving What’s Coming – James Wesley Rawles – Thursday Dec 15 2016 12:10

Galactic Superwave Outburst Alert – Thursday Dec 15 2016 17:55

Planet X Nibiru Clearly Seen From Antarctica – Friday Dec 16 2016 15:39

Breaking: Hillary’s Emails Are Back! Federal Judge Has a Plan to Make Them Public! – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 08:30

The Ice Is Cracking in Antarctica. “Pyramids” Have Been Spotted. Is a Secret Past Emerging? – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 12:01

Donald Trump Just Took Down NBC With Explosive Tweet Going Viral – Thursday Dec 15 2016 09:14

Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Tuesday (12-14-16) Pastor Manning, Steven Crowder, Larry Nichols – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 18:42

Jesus to The Church: Depart From Me I Never Knew You – Friday Dec 16 2016 00:50

Pope Francis: The World Should Now Prepare For Coming Apocalypse – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 04:25

Citizen Video Destroys ‘Fake News’ Narrative of Mainstream Media (Video) – Friday Dec 16 2016 11:28

Outrageous! New York Times Says Trump Is a Threat to Democracy – Friday Dec 16 2016 19:13

Planet X Nibiru Whistleblowers are Missing or Worse – Friday Dec 16 2016 15:38

Your Birth Date Reveals Detailed Information About Your Personality – Friday Dec 16 2016 15:53

Sheriff Joe Arpaio LINKS to Press Conference on Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate – Thursday Dec 15 2016 15:10

Synagogue of Satan by Stanislaw Przybyszewski (Translation Review and Excerpts) by Tracey Twyman – Thursday Dec 15 2016 19:28

Was John Lennon Breaking From The Illuminati? – Friday Dec 16 2016 07:04

NASA – Earth Due for ‘Extinction Level’ Event! (Video) – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 10:54

How to Stop Windows 10 From Tracking Your Every Move – Thursday Dec 15 2016 02:27

Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Friday (12-16-16) Steve Pieczenik and Roger Stone – Friday Dec 16 2016 18:55

White House Now Planning to Intervene In Electoral College – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 11:01

Sheriff’s Investigation Finds Obama Birth Certificate ‘Fake’ (Video) Spread This News Like Lightning / Reveal Obama! – Thursday Dec 15 2016 18:04

‘Elite’ Coup of 2016 Against US Pres-Elect Trump? – Friday Dec 16 2016 09:06

Megalith Message Shocks China: Gods Warn Chinese Communist Party?… – Thursday Dec 15 2016 07:04

Nephilim the Fallen Ones – Proof and Evidence of Giants in the Bible (Video) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 15:01

Georgia Accuses Homeland Security Of Attempting To Hack State Election Database – Asks Trump For Help (Video) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 06:43

Another Catastrophic Quake Alert! Scientists Say Big One May Be Imminent With a Mega Tsunami! (Videos) – Friday Dec 16 2016 10:15

Proof Planet X Nibiru Is Real and Is on its way Back Here – Thursday Dec 15 2016 09:30

AR-15 Rifle Barrel Length – Does It Even Matter? Maybe NOT – Thursday Dec 15 2016 10:17

NDAA 2016: “Fake News” Sites Now Subject to Treason Investigations (Video) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 01:12

Dangerous Cosmic Wave Headed Towards Earth in 12 Days – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 05:55

Aleppo Victory! US, Its Crime Partners Suffer ‘Meltdown of Sanity’ – Thursday Dec 15 2016 12:10

Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Announce “Revelation” Into Obama Birth Certificate Investigation. Live Stream Feed Now (Video) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 12:48

X22Report Beware the ‘Quad Witch’, it Has Arrived, Prepare Accordingly – Episode 1154a – Friday Dec 16 2016 18:55

Has Your Phone Been Infected? – Thursday Dec 15 2016 15:10

Satanists Masquerading as Christians Raped Kids in Louisiana Church – Inspired HBO’s True Detective (Video) – Friday Dec 16 2016 11:55

allah Is Not God ! – Friday Dec 16 2016 11:32

How To Make A Simple, Solar Water Filter Out Of 2 Water Bottles – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 10:36

Today on TradCatKnight Radio: “Hillary, HackWars and RFID Chip” (Video) – Friday Dec 16 2016 15:06

1000 Muslims Block London Streets Chanting Allahu Akbar to Demand Islamic Caliphate (Video) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 10:17

Top 10 Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 19:07

“What is ‘Occam’s Razor?”’ – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 20:57

They Were Like Wild Animals’ Migrant Mob Beat Workmates Senseless in Horror Beach Attack a Rampaging Mob of Muslim Migrants – Friday Dec 16 2016 18:23

Breaking. China Says Screw You to Trump and Seizes US Vessel in South China Sea – Friday Dec 16 2016 10:39

Urgent Emergency: The Cure For Cancer Is Way More Deadly Than Cancer Itself! PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT!!! – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 18:43

Zappos, I am coming at you! (Viral) – Thursday Dec 15 2016 12:51

Overheated Rifles Is the Last Thing You Want (Video) – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 17:33

FOMC Raises its Target Range for the Federal Funds Rate – Wednesday Dec 14 2016 12:27

How Come No One Involved in the Russian Hacking Conspiracy Talked? – Paul Craig Roberts – Friday Dec 16 2016 09:22

Planet X Nibiru Secret Plans of the Global Elite – Thursday Dec 15 2016 09:28

The 5 Very Best Cat Breeds for the Homestead – Friday Dec 16 2016 14:56

Why Does The Left Always Win? Easiest answer in the world! They fight. They shoot to kill. They hang traitors. They do not retreat unless faced with overwhelming forces. They say ‘The hell with the rules’ ABSOLUTE MUST READ

*Blessed Mother – Do not surrender your freedoms or your national identity under any circumstances. God has given you freedoms that ambitious leaders are now trying to take away. Pray to recognize the Truth. Blessed Mother At Holy Love September 2, 2016 – Read More!

*God’s Mercy Now Cries Out For Justice! Blessed Mother @ Holy Love August 29, 2016   Click Here!


*Clinton Could Win Because She Controls the Voting Machine Industry and These Six Groups of Voters!  –  Click Here!

*God the Father @ Holy Love August 7, 2016When you take life in the womb or support those who do so, the blood is on your hands.  Click Here!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s support for abortion has been called “extreme and unlimited.” She asserts that unborn babies have no constitutional rights. She has promised to appoint only pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court. She supports abortion during all nine months of pregnancy and has promised, if elected, to enact the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand in history. – Not Sure How to Vote in the U.S. Election? Here’s Cardinal Burke’s Advice…

Deuteronomy 30:19 New International Version (NIV) 19. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live!  click here!

New Black Panther Leader Drops Bombshell On Hillary ‘Trump Is Right’, About Democrats Exploiting Black Votes:America’s in trouble. And I want to say to black and white people, only a fool fights in a burning house. This house is on fire.

Psalm 11:5 The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion. Psalm 94:8 Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?….

NavyJack WARNING: Christian Churches Must Prepare for Battle with ISIS or Close Their Doors (Updated 08/12/2016)

Former US General Has Alarming Warning: ‘ISIS Infiltrating The Bloodstream Of Mainstream America’‘They Are Here In Startling Numbers’ ‘Clinton’s Terrorists Are Here – It’s Already Too Late’

Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 27, 2016 Radical IslamIsis is at war with Christianity and all those opposed to their extremist beliefs. Therefore, we must be at war with them. Not to recognize this, leaves us defenseless and most vulnerable.”

Living and Contending in The Danger Zone!

Watch Armed Woman Fend Off Three, Killing One, in Home Invasion (Video) –  Click Here!

Target stock plummets as ‘transgender’ bathroom boycott swells to over one million:Women should not be forced to use the bathroom, change in a locker room or take a shower in front of a strange man. Is that really so difficult to understand!!!

*ABORTION FOR ONLY $49.00 At Kroger, walmart, target, walgreens, rite aid, cvs, GoodRx, jewel/osco! Morning After Pill” – Sold over-the-counter! – EXPOSE AND HINDER EVIL!


22 Bible verses about exposing evil. (+) The Catechism – THE PROLIFERATION OF SIN) Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them: Thus sin makes men accomplices of one another and causes violence, and injustice to reign among them!

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*ALL Recent Posts  –   Click Here!

Recent Earthquakes United States

Recent Posts –

Pay attention to the signs around you. I, your Mother, am calling you to the reality of these times.” Blessed Mother @ Holy Love May 20, 2016 – Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5+ Synopsis: These are the tribulations of the last days!

We thought that his life was madness and that his end was without honor. Why has he been numbered among the sons of God? And why is his lot among the saints?

Betrayed by an America-hating press! Other than our corrupt Congress, the media rates as consistently the most hated institution in this country.

*Blessed Mother – They are using the old wound of racism in this country to inspire violence. I have come to tell you race is of no account before God. It is not a reason to act out against one another. Peace matters.” Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 12, 2016…  READ MORE!

*Blessed Mother – Good people are being ambushed and martyred as victims of hatred in hearts. Killing policemen who work to physically protect everyone opens the door to greater anarchy and violence. Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 19, 2016  –   READ MORE!

Blessed Mother @ Holy Love October 15, 2016 For those willing to sacrifice, I will bless those who gather in the field at midnight dawning on December 12th, 2016.” I will bring with Me a full complement of grace and comforting words. EXCUSE ME FOR WONDERING WHAT THE BLESSED MOTHER MEANS BY??? THOSE WILLING TO SACRAFICE! AND!!! I (Blessed Mother) WILL BRING WITH ME A FULL COMPLEMENT OF GRACE AND CONFORTING WORDS! LOOK AT THE NEWS HEADLINES FROM SATURDAY October 15th, 2016! WAR! WAR! NUCLEAR WAR! RUSSIA AND USA!

2. “Your current president will be tested before he leaves office for the enemy knows and will exploit his weaknesses. When the new president steps in, he will be tested as well, but he will prove to be an adequate adversary of evil. Jesus @ Holy Love November 27, 2016 – Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12+

3. “Together let us rejoice this day with a prudent caution towards the future, knowing full well that the enemy never sleeps.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 27, 2016 – Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12+

United States Of America Post 2016 Presidential Election Results! Praise God, as we welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America! The Blessed Mother is smiling – I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President. READ MORE!



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