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Donald Trump Thanks InfoWarriors For The Win 

*Jesus Unprecedented political victory in your nation, please understand that the conscience of your country was touched and moved by heavenly grace. I rejoice with you. *Jesus @ Holy Love November 13, 2016. Thank you so much Jesus!  Read More!

  –  Intelwars2 – December 10, 2016(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today! 

United States Of America Post 2016 Presidential Election Results! Praise God, as we welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!  The Blessed Mother is smiling – I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President.  READ MORE!

U.S.A. Victory Message!  Click Here!

Current Communist Goals – The 45 Communist Goals Democrats Thought They Had Fulfilled! Best Know Thy Enemy!  Click Here!

Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost! Instead of fighting each other in a futile theater of the absurd, we must fight and remove them from the chess board, wherever and whenever they show their faces in the daylight!  Read More…

Betrayed by an America-hating press! Other than our corrupt Congress, the media rates as consistently the most hated institution in this country. Click Here!

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ALERT: Former Soros Associate Just Warned ‘A Thousand Lehmans’ Event Is Going To Plunge The World Into Total Chaos 

10,000 snow geese die in Butte; possibly the largest die-off in history:Snow geese have died in Butte after they made contact with toxic runoff from a former mine. 

Obama Orders Intelligence Agencies To Review Alleged Russian Hacks 

The Ugly Truth about Muslim Grievances:For about a decade now, I’ve argued that the ‘Muslim grievance’ narrative is a myth meant to shield Islamic teachings from scrutiny. RAYMOND IBRAHIM 



Bombshell Dropped in Federal Court: Proof of a Silver Market “Mafia” Among Big Banks 

When Books are Burned, They Soon Burn People-The MSM Is Burning Books 

PERU–Sabancaya volcano explodes 349 times in one week and Colima (MEXICO) volcano increases in activity again 

‘Fake news’ hysteria hinges on the laughable assumption that corporate-run media has a divine monopoly on ‘facts’ 


YouTube Allows Channel ‘Queer Kid Stuff’ To Brainwash & Indoctrinate Children Into A Gay Lifestyle 

Need your roof repaired? There’s a space-based app for that 

DEVIOUS PLOT GROWS TO ‘SHUT DOWN’ TRUMP’S INAUGURATION Plan would force president-elect to take oath of office ‘behind closed doors,’ if ‘at all’ 

KIM’S SECRET CROSSINGS Inside the sprawling North Korean war tunnels Kim Jong-un could use to shift 30,000 troops an hour to the South in a stealth attack 84 secret tunnels have been built, with some boasting a railway, that can move tanks! 


Germany’s Wildly Complex Fusion Reactor Is Actually Working The Wendelstein 7-X reactor, which uses a complex design called a stellerator, is performing just like it was predicted to. 

Eery coincidence? The constant of speed of light equals the coordinates of the Great Pyramid of Giza 

Russian Scientists Discover How to Grow Retina From Reprogrammed Cells 

How The Next Great Depression Will Be Different From The First? About 80% Of Population Will Die 

DARPA seeking mathematically optimized human machine A-Teams 

Gigantic underground oceans could be full of ‘aliens’ 

Mark Of The Beast Starting In Israel? All, Both Small And Great, To Be Required To Have Biometric Mark 

Angela Merkel is the Jim Jones of Germany–So, according to Jim Jones Merkel, the Muslims can continue defecating on sidewalks and in grocery store aisles. It’s the native Germans who need to assimilate. 

Faith In The Crosshairs: The Globalist Plan To Eradicate Christianity:They are secularists who are at best suspicious of but often outright hostile to religion and traditional culture as influences on civilization 

Hot Headlines Georgia’s secretary of state: DHS tried to breach our firewall 2016-12-09
Hot Headlines DAILY MAIL-Desperate Venezuelan fishermen slaughter one another and turn to piracy – while starving villagers are forced to eat soup made from seawater as country’s economic collapse worsens 2016-12-09
Hot Headlines Massive Earthquakes & The CERN Strangelet Connection with Anthony Patch 2016-12-09
Hot Headlines BREAKING: New Obama Executive Action Opens Door to Unlimited Arms for Islamist Terrorists in Syria 2016-12-09
Hot Headlines DONALD TRUMP AND THE FOURTH TURNING :The superelite doubtless hope this will utterly demoralize the “deplorables,” Trump’s white working class and former middle class supporters, as all they had hoped for will disintegrate in front of their eyes. 2016-12-09
Hot Headlines FEMA Announces Notice of Funding Opportunity on Program to Prepare Communities for Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks 2016-12-09

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Top Stories
  1. Chaos in Colorado: The NWO Is Making Their Move – Paul Martin and Dave Hodges – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 13:58
  2. Wow! Google Maps Reveals Hidden Surprise on Temple Mount! Reporter Is Blown Away at What He Found – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 09:42
  3. Major Emergency Alert: 22 Tsunami Buoys in Pacific Ocean Now in “Alert Mode” – Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Rocks California at Cascadia Subduction Zone – Thursday Dec 08 2016 13:01
  4. Breaking: Israel Begins Openly Bombing Syria – the War Is on, Pray – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 13:14
  5. Guess What Just Happened in Israel… The Holy Land Has a Surprise for the World! – Friday Dec 09 2016 10:43
  6. What Happened When I Refused My Tetanus Vaccine – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 11:16
  7. X22Report Everyone Is Going to Experience the Mother of All Events – Episode 1147b – Thursday Dec 08 2016 18:42
  8. Obama Just Birthed Another Executive Order—Invasive “Humans” Dealt With! As World Economic Forum Drops Shocker! – Thursday Dec 08 2016 11:56
  9. ‘It Is Like a Nuclear Bomb Went Off in the Prepping Community’ – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 21:22
  10. Breaking: What Trump Just Said Moments ago Has Our Enemies Shaking in Fear! – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 09:08
  11. Obama’s Biggest Secrets Released (Alex Jones) – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 09:10
  12. Enormous Earthquakes Hit Both Sides of the Pacific and Experts Warn the San Andreas Could ‘Unzip All at Once’ – Thursday Dec 08 2016 22:01
  13. Bix Weir: The System Is Set to Crash, All Currency in the Banks Will Disappear – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 16:21
  14. Whoa: What Trump Just Said on Fox News Is Going to P*ss Off a Lot of People! – Friday Dec 09 2016 07:24
  15. Scientists Determine 2000 Year Old Portrait Is that of Jesus Christ – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 08:53
  16. Kim Clement Prophecy Concerning Donald Trump – Friday Dec 09 2016 14:02
  17. Archon Invasion, They’re Here – Friday Dec 09 2016 11:24
  18. Obama Just Planted A Ticking Time Bomb For Trump That’s Borderline Treasonous (Video) – Thursday Dec 08 2016 06:36
  19. Jill Stein Was Just Publicly Humiliated For Vote Recount Is Best Way Ever – Friday Dec 09 2016 06:46
  20. Dr. Jim Willlie, Peter Schiff, and Bill Holter: Cracks Forming in Bond Markets (Videos) – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 22:16
  21. Trump Just Decimated Obama and The Dakota Pipeline Protest With a Single Declaration – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 09:01
  22. GeroScope — RobotsGiven The ‘Menial Task’ Of Searching for The Key to Eternal Life – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 02:30
  23. God Is Shutting Down the Churches That Don’t Stop Their Pagan Practices! – Thursday Dec 08 2016 11:09
  24. Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Hits Northern California Off The Coast Of Ferndale (Video) – Thursday Dec 08 2016 08:34
  25. When Is Planet X Coming? The Timeline of Nibiru Flyby – Friday Dec 09 2016 06:41
  26. Actor Denzel Washington Defies Mainstream Media, Says They’re Pushing Nothing But “BS” (Video) – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 15:54
  27. Alert: Former Soros Associate Just Warned ‘a Thousand Lehmans’ Event Is Going to Plunge the World into Total Chaos – Friday Dec 09 2016 18:58
  28. Sick: Obama Launches Disgusting Attack on White Southerners Before Leaving Office (Video) – Friday Dec 09 2016 07:57
  29. Bill Holter: Every Society Is Only 72 Hours From Pure Anarchy (Video) – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 07:15
  30. The Timeline of the Tribulation: Chapter 1 – The Beast with Seven Heads – Friday Dec 09 2016 08:27
  31. World War III, nuclear? on American soil? Alex Jones on Vladimir Putin’s Speech to World Economic Forum 2016 – Thursday Dec 08 2016 04:02
  32. What Does 11:11 Mean? – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 16:33
  33. Huge Media Blackout Regarding ‘Supermoons’, Orbital and Axis Changes, Quakes and Tsunami – Thursday Dec 08 2016 14:39
  34. Black Homeless Woman Says Trump Allowed Her to Live in Trump Tower Rent Free For 8 Years (Video) – Friday Dec 09 2016 05:00
  35. Why You Should Have a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp in Every Room of Your House – Thursday Dec 08 2016 13:20
  36. 5 Winter Survival Skills That Will Keep You Warm, Dry … and Alive – Friday Dec 09 2016 13:27
  37. Biblical Style Storm Cloud of Dust and Rain ‘Sent by God’ Put a Barrier – Friday Dec 09 2016 06:48
  38. Prepare for the Monster Ice and Snow Storm in Four Hours – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 23:04
  39. The $1.3 Trillion Economic ‘Time Bomb’ That Could Turn America Into Greece – Thursday Dec 08 2016 07:04
  40. Mercy! Owner of CNN Just Gave Donald Trump the Most Wonderful News of All! (Video) – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 15:04
  41. Here’s what happens when a currency completely breaks down – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 09:46
  42. Media White House Correspondents: “You’re Fired;” Too Much “Fake News!” (Video) – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 15:07
  43. God is Exposing All Evil including in The Church – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 07:23
  44. Leonardo DeCaprio’s Before The Flood Climate Change Documentary (Full Film) – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 06:29
  45. The Earth Is Shaking Violently – USGS: Major Earthquakes Over the Past 30 Days – Thursday Dec 08 2016 09:52
  46. Washington Post and PizzaGate: What Is the Post Hiding? – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 08:32
  47. Nuclear War Imminent! Response to Widespread Arrests of Clinton/Bush Cabal Emergency – Friday Dec 09 2016 15:19
  48. Herbal Medicines You’ll Need When Doctors Disappear – Thursday Dec 08 2016 06:27
  49. Tradcatknight: Alien Disclosure Coming! ‘It Was Not From This world’: Witness to ‘Britain’s Roswell’ UFO Incident Breaks 36-Year Silence – Thursday Dec 08 2016 12:26
  50. Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Wednesday (12-7-16) Max Keiser and Anthony Cumia – Thursday Dec 08 2016 18:18
  51. What You Can’t Hide Is Genocide: Most of Humanity Will Soon Perish – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 06:14
  52. Washington Post Admits It’s a Fake News Site-WaPo Issues Partial Retraction to the Independent Media – Thursday Dec 08 2016 06:07
  53. Pro-Pedophilia Videos Hit Youtube – It Is Now War – Right vs Wrong – What World do You Want to Live In? PizzaGate – Friday Dec 09 2016 20:59
  54. Sanctuary: Rahm Emanuel Begs Donald Trump for Mercy – Friday Dec 09 2016 18:09
  55. Atlantis: Edgar Cayce’s Prediction Confirmed – Andrew Collins – Just Energy Radio 2016 – Friday Dec 09 2016 07:19
  56. The Reality and Truth of FEMA-These Are The FEMA Camps That Are Strategically Placed All Around The United States – Friday Dec 09 2016 09:00
  57. Last Night This Texas Man Attacked Trump, Today We Found Out Who He Works For – Friday Dec 09 2016 16:30
  58. This Means War! China Just Insulted Trump and America In Sickest Way Possible – Friday Dec 09 2016 10:39
  59. They’ve Put a Spell on You! Please Wake up While You Still Can! – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 23:47
  60. “Paper Money Disappears” Among Nomura’s 10 Grey Swan Events For 2017 – Thursday Dec 08 2016 11:58
  61. Secret Map On The One Dollar Bill Leads To The Inner Earth and More! – Friday Dec 09 2016 15:11
  62. Trump Wins Again: Jill Stein And Hillary Just Got Really, Really Bad News! – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 16:31
  63. Donald Trump Just Shocked the World With Who Was Spotted Leaving Trump Tower Last Night – Friday Dec 09 2016 07:21
  64. Washington Post Now Admits it’s “Fake News” Story Relied on… Get This… a Fake News Source – Thursday Dec 08 2016 18:49
  65. Planet X Secrets Revealed, Nibiru Being Hidden by NASA – Friday Dec 09 2016 06:39
  66. Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Wednesday (12-7-16) Rick Derringer and Charles Ortel – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 19:14
  67. Water That Kills and Water That Heals – Thursday Dec 08 2016 23:29
  68. 5 Best Natural Antibiotics & Anti-virals to Destroy Superbugs and Just About Everything Else – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 11:10
  69. Breaking: Egyptian Pyramids Bombing – Six Dead in Attack Near Major Tourist Attraction – Friday Dec 09 2016 04:54
  70. Obama Flooding U.S. With Somali Muslims at Highest Rate Ever! – Friday Dec 09 2016 13:11
  71. West Coast Quake Alerts! California Gets Hit With a 6.5 Magnitude Plus Apocalyptic Quake 8.0 Hits Solomon Island (Videos) – Thursday Dec 08 2016 15:40
  72. Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Friday (12-9-16) Adam Curry and Max Keiser – Friday Dec 09 2016 18:43
  73. 7 Essentials You Better Be Stockpiling for Winter – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 07:04
  74. Obama’s Final Vacation Bill Was So Huge That All Of America Is Sick To Their Stomach!! – Friday Dec 09 2016 10:42
  75. Obama Will Disappear Into His Secret Underground Bunker, As Joe Biden Takes Over As Temporary President While Babylon Is Falling. – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 15:14
  76. ‘Planet Nine’ Can’t Hide Much Longer, Scientists Say.The Evidence for ‘Planet Nine’ in Our Solar System (Gallery) – Friday Dec 09 2016 07:41
  77. Geminid Meteor Shower: Hundreds of Meteors Will Light up the Night Sky – Friday Dec 09 2016 06:53
  78. California Warns Citizens: You Better Buy Your Guns Before Jan. 1 – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 08:41
  79. Government Doomsday Prepping Means Planet X / Nibiru Must Be Near – Friday Dec 09 2016 06:44
  80. No American Politician Is Safe From Gov. Brown’s Calexit Cartel Thugs (Pt. 2) – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 11:11
  81. Astronaut John Glenn dies predictions no one can deny! – Thursday Dec 08 2016 14:10
  82. Here Is How Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Heart – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 11:27
  83. Socialism Okie Style: Corrupting the Public Trust – Friday Dec 09 2016 03:02
  84. 20 Most Awesome Beds in the World! – Thursday Dec 08 2016 18:32
  85. Oil Pulling: Thousand Year Old Ayurvedic Tooth and Gum Treatment Whitens Teeth, Heals Arthritis, Hypertension, Diabetes, Allergies, and Just About Everything Else – Thursday Dec 08 2016 11:24
  86. Magnetar Explosion Causes Deadliest Quake in Modern History from the opposite side of the Galaxy !?! – Friday Dec 09 2016 08:38
  87. Police seize over 5,000 ounces of silver from man’s home – Thursday Dec 08 2016 08:36
  88. General Mattis on the nature of war – Friday Dec 09 2016 08:11
  89. Holy Crap. What Now AmmoLand? – Friday Dec 09 2016 15:33
  90. Thursday Night Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 14: Tyreek Hill, Jeremy Maclin, Latavius Murray & More – Thursday Dec 08 2016 03:34
  91. Will Democrats Shut Down the Government Just To Try To Start A Trump versus GOP Fight? – Friday Dec 09 2016 08:33
  92. Crumbling Glass Ceiling Coming Down Around Hillary. By Dr. Phil Taverna – Thursday Dec 08 2016 11:45
  93. You’d Think Trump Grabbed Her by the Naughty Bits – Friday Dec 09 2016 10:33
  94. Breaking: Paul Ryan And His Buddies Just Stabbed Trump In The Back – Wednesday Dec 07 2016 09:03
  95. Breaking: The Electoral College Just Betrayed Trump! He Needs Our Help Now – Thursday Dec 08 2016 14:49
  96. Pedophile Media in Full Damage-Control – Friday Dec 09 2016 08:19
  97. “Negro Pity Party Is Getting Old” Says Colion Noir to Renee Graham, Boston Globe – Thursday Dec 08 2016 21:33
  98. Buried Beneath the Sand, The Ziggurat of Jiroft May be Largest and Oldest of its Kind in the World – Friday Dec 09 2016 18:09
  99. Endgame: Blueprint for Global Extermination – Thursday Dec 08 2016 15:58
  100. Dahboo77 Video: FEMA Is Preparing Communities for ‘Complex Coordinated Terror Attacks’ – Friday Dec 09 2016 16:29

Why Does The Left Always Win? Easiest answer in the world! They fight. They shoot to kill. They hang traitors. They do not retreat unless faced with overwhelming forces. They say ‘The hell with the rules’ ABSOLUTE MUST READ

*Blessed Mother – Do not surrender your freedoms or your national identity under any circumstances. God has given you freedoms that ambitious leaders are now trying to take away. Pray to recognize the Truth. Blessed Mother At Holy Love September 2, 2016 – Read More!

*God’s Mercy Now Cries Out For Justice! Blessed Mother @ Holy Love August 29, 2016   Click Here!


*Clinton Could Win Because She Controls the Voting Machine Industry and These Six Groups of Voters!  –  Click Here!

*God the Father @ Holy Love August 7, 2016When you take life in the womb or support those who do so, the blood is on your hands.  Click Here!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s support for abortion has been called “extreme and unlimited.” She asserts that unborn babies have no constitutional rights. She has promised to appoint only pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court. She supports abortion during all nine months of pregnancy and has promised, if elected, to enact the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand in history. – Not Sure How to Vote in the U.S. Election? Here’s Cardinal Burke’s Advice…

Deuteronomy 30:19 New International Version (NIV) 19. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live!  click here!

New Black Panther Leader Drops Bombshell On Hillary ‘Trump Is Right’, About Democrats Exploiting Black Votes:America’s in trouble. And I want to say to black and white people, only a fool fights in a burning house. This house is on fire.

Psalm 11:5 The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion. Psalm 94:8 Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?….

NavyJack WARNING: Christian Churches Must Prepare for Battle with ISIS or Close Their Doors (Updated 08/12/2016)

Former US General Has Alarming Warning: ‘ISIS Infiltrating The Bloodstream Of Mainstream America’‘They Are Here In Startling Numbers’ ‘Clinton’s Terrorists Are Here – It’s Already Too Late’

Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 27, 2016 Radical IslamIsis is at war with Christianity and all those opposed to their extremist beliefs. Therefore, we must be at war with them. Not to recognize this, leaves us defenseless and most vulnerable.”

Living and Contending in The Danger Zone!

Watch Armed Woman Fend Off Three, Killing One, in Home Invasion (Video) –  Click Here!

Target stock plummets as ‘transgender’ bathroom boycott swells to over one million:Women should not be forced to use the bathroom, change in a locker room or take a shower in front of a strange man. Is that really so difficult to understand!!!

*ABORTION FOR ONLY $49.00 At Kroger, walmart, target, walgreens, rite aid, cvs, GoodRx, jewel/osco! Morning After Pill” – Sold over-the-counter! – EXPOSE AND HINDER EVIL!


22 Bible verses about exposing evil. (+) The Catechism – THE PROLIFERATION OF SIN) Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them: Thus sin makes men accomplices of one another and causes violence, and injustice to reign among them!

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Recent Earthquakes United States

Recent Posts –

Pay attention to the signs around you. I, your Mother, am calling you to the reality of these times.” Blessed Mother @ Holy Love May 20, 2016 – Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5+ Synopsis: These are the tribulations of the last days!

We thought that his life was madness and that his end was without honor. Why has he been numbered among the sons of God? And why is his lot among the saints?

Betrayed by an America-hating press! Other than our corrupt Congress, the media rates as consistently the most hated institution in this country.

*Blessed Mother – They are using the old wound of racism in this country to inspire violence. I have come to tell you race is of no account before God. It is not a reason to act out against one another. Peace matters.” Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 12, 2016…  READ MORE!

*Blessed Mother – Good people are being ambushed and martyred as victims of hatred in hearts. Killing policemen who work to physically protect everyone opens the door to greater anarchy and violence. Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 19, 2016  –   READ MORE!

Blessed Mother @ Holy Love October 15, 2016 For those willing to sacrifice, I will bless those who gather in the field at midnight dawning on December 12th, 2016.” I will bring with Me a full complement of grace and comforting words. EXCUSE ME FOR WONDERING WHAT THE BLESSED MOTHER MEANS BY??? THOSE WILLING TO SACRAFICE! AND!!! I (Blessed Mother) WILL BRING WITH ME A FULL COMPLEMENT OF GRACE AND CONFORTING WORDS! LOOK AT THE NEWS HEADLINES FROM SATURDAY October 15th, 2016! WAR! WAR! NUCLEAR WAR! RUSSIA AND USA!

2. “Your current president will be tested before he leaves office for the enemy knows and will exploit his weaknesses. When the new president steps in, he will be tested as well, but he will prove to be an adequate adversary of evil. Jesus @ Holy Love November 27, 2016 – Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12+

3. “Together let us rejoice this day with a prudent caution towards the future, knowing full well that the enemy never sleeps.” Jesus @ Holy Love November 27, 2016 – Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12+

United States Of America Post 2016 Presidential Election Results! Praise God, as we welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America! The Blessed Mother is smiling – I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President. READ MORE!



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