Intelwars2 – November 24, 2016 – (We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today!

Donald Trump Thanks InfoWarriors For The Win 

*Jesus Unprecedented political victory in your nation, please understand that the conscience of your country was touched and moved by heavenly grace. I rejoice with you. *Jesus @ Holy Love November 13, 2016. Thank you so much Jesus!  Read More!

Intelwars2 – November 24, 2016(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (712) 432 – 9413. For Tomorrows News, Today! 

United States Of America Post 2016 Presidential Election Results! Praise God, as we welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!  The Blessed Mother is smiling – I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President.  READ MORE!

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China successfully fires radical hypersonic ‘very long range air to air missile’ that could hit targets 300 miles away 

Russia successfully tests stealth NUKE TRAIN that can travel 1,500 miles a day and blend in with other locomotives before launching its missile 

CHICAGOLAND: Agitators plot Magnificent Mile disruptions on Black Friday 

Trump Is Splitting the NWO In Half:The globalists love it when they see massive homelessness. The delight in bank and corporate failures, because that means their schemes are working 

How to Survive A Famine. Economic collapse can lead to a breakdown of society and mass food shortages(THINK ABOUT PREVIOUS ARTICLE-IN EFFECT 45 MILLION AMERICANS(ON FOOD STAMPS) ARE ALREADY EXPERIENCING THE BEGINNING OF FAMINE! 

Which States Has Food-Stamp Use Increased The Most-1 in 7 Americans now participate in the food stamp program. 


The Last Betrayal:It is important for Mr. Trump to understand that this is a war. It might be a cold war at this point, but like the Cuban Missile Crisis, it could go nuclear at any moment 

ARMY INTEL OFFICER: PATRIOTS MUST PREPARE NOW Top survivalist warns Americans to stay on high alert in case the globalists cause complete collapse. 

World’s worst traffic jam? Cars stuck in Thanksgiving getaway ‘gridlock’-The news channel’s helicopter captured the “complete gridlock” on the 405 motorway, one of the busiest and most congested routes in the United States. 

Gettysburg, Ghosts, Gifts and Gratitude :We must hold dear that worth keeping. Liberty, honor, morality and truth. Dignity, work, innovation and perseverance. Faith, hope, love and law. These things are good. 

An Elephant In The Room?:Here we are again, just six days away from a major COMEX gold (and silver) delivery month with a huge outsized amount of contracts outstanding versus deliverable inventory. 

FBI Insider: Clinton Staff Linked To Madeleine McCann Disappearance 

HAARP? 6 Stunning Earthquake Predictions Including Fukushima 

WARNING – The NEW WORLD ORDER is Coming To USA, Events Are Happening on a Daily Basis That Prove we are in The End Times 

The Psycho and Pseudo Jihad: HERE IS THE IMAGE OF JIHAD! 

President Putin: Russia Pledges Response to NATO Expansion 

Strongest Pillar of Shaky US Economy has Cracked:’Car Recession’ now expected to spread to 2017. 


John Kerry’s Trip the South Pole: Nazi Roots ‘Revisited’? 

Record Run into Gold and Silver Coming-David Morgan–The physical gold market is less than 1% of all financial assets, and the silver market is about .02% of all financial assets. 

Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost :Instead of fighting each other in a futile theater of the absurd, we must fight and remove them from the chess board, wherever and whenever they show their faces in the daylight. 

Pizzagate – Pedophilia is What’s on the Menu in Washington D.C.-Doug Hagmann 

Kanye West Handcuffed and Hospitalized, Under ‘Psychiatric Evaluation-What’s really going on? 



Top Stories – Beforeitsnews – Mobile Friendly

Top Stories
  1. Militarized Cops Unleash Fury on Peaceful DAPL Protesters-Hundreds Injured and Trapped (Videos) – Monday Nov 21 2016 08:56
  2. False Flag Apocalypse 11/25-26/2016; Bye Bye Miss American Pie!? – Monday Nov 21 2016 09:38
  3. Biggest Tsunami Caught Live on Camera! New Coverage! Insane! (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 17:16
  4. Planet X Nibiru and Space Wars NASA Insider Tells All in November 2016 – Monday Nov 21 2016 06:52
  5. Anonymous Goes Live: ‘The Takedown of George Soros Has Begun!’ – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 16:50
  6. Bombshell: Obama Just Screwed Trump Out Of The Oval Office… – Monday Nov 21 2016 11:35
  7. Ex-Naval Intelligence Officer Speaks Out On JFK Assassination, the Giza Pyramids and the Cydonia Mars Connections – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 04:48
  8. Boom! What the Globalists Are About to Unleash on Trump Will Literally Cripple America! – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 11:17
  9. Intel Report: Clinton Empire Burning – Monday Nov 21 2016 14:12
  10. 7 Actions to Take Immediately Following an EMP Strike – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 05:20
  11. Trey Gowdy Stomps the Guts Out of Hillary Clinton as Trump Betrays Supporters – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 02:54
  12. Wow! The Hamilton Actor Who Attacked Mike Pence Just Got Taken Down Today! – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 08:11
  13. The Clintons Got The Worst News Of Their Lives Today – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 06:50
  14. 17 Year Old Joe Brandt Dreams of Future World Wide Quakes in 1937! Amazingly Accurate Details! – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 22:53
  15. “Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite – Monday Nov 21 2016 08:48
  16. The US Is Being Broken Up Into Six Smaller Republics – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 13:36
  17. “Emotionally F**king Pissed” Media Blows Embargo and Lashes Out at Trump – “F*ck Him” – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 11:07
  18. Illuminati Puts Kanye West in Hospital – Kidnapped and Placed in Mental Hospital – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 08:31
  19. Why Has Barron Trump Been Isolated by His Parents? – Monday Nov 21 2016 19:03
  20. Water Exists Far Deeper in the Earth Than Previously Thought – Monday Nov 21 2016 14:14
  21. Watch! Tsunami Hits Fukushima Nuclear Plant Post Mega Earthquake Plus 5.7+ Aftershocks! (Videos) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 14:27
  22. The Economic Collapse Will Bring Starvation And Most Will Not Survive – It’s Time To Prepare For Hyperinflationary Collapse – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 04:32
  23. Beware These 20 Fake News Sites – Monday Nov 21 2016 14:03
  24. Romney: The State Department Doesn’t Need Another Unmitigated Disaster! Please Forward This OpEd to the Trump Transition Team—Pronto! – Monday Nov 21 2016 04:50
  25. If You Spot a Tennis Ball on the Ground, Do Not Touch it. Police Have a Dire Warning – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 16:43
  26. Breaking News: Podesta Brothers Pedo Ring: Mr. Trump, Drain the Swamp! — V, The Guerrilla Economist – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 14:43
  27. Dr. Jim Willie: Worst Bond Crisis in 15 Years, World Quickly Losing Confidence in US (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 05:15
  28. Breaking: Trump’s Growing Popularity Is Leading to Civil War – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 13:19
  29. God’s Chosen Ones Revealed – Sealed With The Holy Spirit Unto Salvation – Monday Nov 21 2016 22:12
  30. Study: High Blood Pressure Affects 1.13 Billion People, No Longer an Illness of Affluence – Monday Nov 21 2016 01:29
  31. Revealed: Pentagon Quietly Tells Servicemen They Can Arm Themselves After Trump Win (Video) – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 12:17
  32. The World In 2017 According To Rothschild’s ‘The Economist’ – Analysis by Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, with Commentary from AscensionWithEarth.Com – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 14:03
  33. Bad News! Trump Just Did Something You Won’t Like! Here’s What You’re Not Told About His Latest Pick – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 16:07
  34. Breaking: New Satanic PizzaGate “Art” Will Outrage You – Monday Nov 21 2016 07:07
  35. Are You Prepared for the Biggest Social Unrest of Our Modern Times? – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 09:47
  36. Crash it All! Central Banks Next Move ; Ban Cash, Raise Rates! Devastating Exposure & Debt Jubilee? (Videos) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 09:11
  37. Nibiru’s Red Sun Descends in Mexico Sky With 4 Planets Nov 20th 2016 – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 04:38
  38. The Russian Sleep Experiment – Monday Nov 21 2016 06:38
  39. Peter Schiff: “Default or Not, U.S. Dollar Is Going to Collapse Either Way” (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 08:52
  40. Record Run into Gold and Silver Coming – David Morgan and Greg Hunter Video – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 23:57
  41. What Would Happen if the U.S. was Nuked? – Where Would Government Officials and the “Elite” Go in the Event of a Nuclear Attack? – Monday Nov 21 2016 06:45
  42. Donald Trump May Withdraw The US From The United Nations (Video) – Monday Nov 21 2016 07:53
  43. Trump Is Splitting the NWO In Half – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 08:15
  44. Trump Just Told Pence To Drain The Swamp! Look What Pence Just Did – Monday Nov 21 2016 07:46
  45. Media Panic After Ambushed by Trump, 1 Exec Says it Was “a @#$% Firing Squad” (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 08:12
  46. Image of the Beast – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 11:26
  47. School Bus Crash! 5 Dead! Driver Asked Kids ‘Are You Ready To Die’ Before Crashing (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 19:07
  48. American Holocaust and the Coming New World Order – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 04:46
  49. Intent to Murder Alt Media Figures – Dave Hodges Prominently Mentioned – Monday Nov 21 2016 11:38
  50. Trump Goes Off on Media Elite, Main Stream Media Face to Face! – Monday Nov 21 2016 17:00
  51. Breaking: Trump Just Set Washington On Fire With New Ruling That Has Lobbyists Terrified! – Monday Nov 21 2016 08:05
  52. The EU Is on Life Support – This Is Very, Very Bad for the US – Monday Nov 21 2016 09:21
  53. Obama, Clinton, Podesta, Soros, Epstein, Alefantis — All Connected to Pedophilia Claims by ‘Podesta Emails’ – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 16:57
  54. Fake Story on Soros’ Assassination Was Surely Meant To Dupe the Right (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 06:15
  55. Solar Storm Warning: BIG Coronal Hole Facing Earth / Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Monday Nov 21 2016 06:46
  56. Tucker Carlson Chews Up, and Spits Out Privileged Liberal Student On Live TV (Video) – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 05:58
  57. Record-Breaking Faint Satellite Galaxy of the Milky Way Discovered – Monday Nov 21 2016 19:55
  58. Betrayed Already: Trump Will Not Pursue Charges Against Hillary (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 14:02
  59. Warning – The New World OrderIs Is Coming to USA, Events Are Happening on a Daily Basis Proving We Are in the End Times – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 04:24
  60. Russia Prepares for Large-Scale Invasion (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 15:11
  61. Holy Moly! Alex Jones Crashes the Young Turks! (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 19:32
  62. The JFK assassination (The actual footage) Rare / Vintage – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 15:50
  63. Surviving the Coming Civil War-The CSS with Expert Bob Griswold – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 13:30
  64. Pizzagate – Pedophilia is What’s on the Menu in Washington D.C. – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 06:38
  65. 20 Early Warning Signs That Cancer Is Growing in Your Body – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 16:44
  66. Ron Paul: ‘Shadow Government May Pull False Flag To Get Trump Into War’ – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 03:26
  67. New Grasses Neutralize Toxic Pollution from Bombs, Explosives, and Munitions – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 22:02
  68. Arpaio & Zullo: Final Press Conference Will Completely Blow Lid Off of Obama’s Fraudulent Documents – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 18:26
  69. Steve Quayle on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report 11/21/16 – Monday Nov 21 2016 17:29
  70. Crisis at the US Federal Reserve, End of the Washington Consensus? +Video – Monday Nov 21 2016 09:46
  71. Mainstream Media Madness — Tell Donald Trump — by Judge Anna von Reitz – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 09:03
  72. Urgent Alert — Fukushima Is Hit Again 7.3 Magnitude Quake 10+ Ft Tsunami Expected! Loss of Lives! (Videos) – Monday Nov 21 2016 17:35
  73. Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Monday (11-21-16) James Wesley Rawles and Lord Monckton – Monday Nov 21 2016 18:31
  74. Ron Paul Just Shared a List of Fake News That Has the Mainstream Media in an Uproar! Going Viral! – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 07:25
  75. Tsunami Hits Japan After Strong 6.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Fukushima – Monday Nov 21 2016 17:21
  76. Breaking News: Stephen Hawking Says, “By Taking This One Pill Boosts Your IQ 40% or More” – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 19:20
  77. Exposed: Would-Be Head of DNC Devastated as Stunning Tie to Jihadist Explodes (Video) – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 06:45
  78. College Kids Are Proving Trump’s Point – Monday Nov 21 2016 20:57
  79. Grey Champion Assumes Command, Part 1-2 – Monday Nov 21 2016 14:10
  80. 100,000 Person Soros-Funded Group Pushing ‘Sanctuary Campus’ Anti-Trump Protests (Video) – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 12:51
  81. German Man Cheats Recycling Machine Out of Over $47,000 Using a Single Bottle – Monday Nov 21 2016 11:15
  82. OMG !!!!! Large Meteor filmed over Fukushima right after 7 mag quake had struck! – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 03:48
  83. Fox News’, Scarlet Fahkar, Fired for Celebrating Trumps Victory On Facebook – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 12:34
  84. Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Tuesday (11-22-16) Roger Stone – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 18:39
  85. Cage Shown on top of Ping Pong Table – Smoking Gun Photo from Comet Ping Pong Instagram #pizzagate – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 15:24
  86. Why Do People Keep Disappearing From Vermont’s “Bennington Triangle”? – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 16:50
  87. Trump update 11/23/2016..Prosecute Hillary and #NeverRomney @realDonaldTrump – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 17:18
  88. For Complete Control Over Us, Global Elite Want Everyone Even More Broke (Video) – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 07:39
  89. Chrissy Teigen X-rated dress results in wardrobe malfunction at AMAs – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 01:52
  90. Holy Crap! Trump Pardons Hillary! Stabs Supporters In The Back! Breaks Biggest Promise! Won’t Pursue Hillary Clinton Investigations! – Tuesday Nov 22 2016 08:51
  91. Hilarious! New York Times Complaints Skyrockets – Up Five Times the Standard Level! – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 09:01
  92. Notice How Liberals ‘Frightened’ by Trump Didn’t Blink an Eye When Christians were Being Terrorized by the Radical Left? – Monday Nov 21 2016 08:45
  93. ’60 Minutes’ Goes to Sweden to Cover Plight of Refugees, Gets Sssaulted on Camera – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 14:17
  94. The Person Who Created This Video Is Believed to Be in a CIA Black Site (Video) – Monday Nov 21 2016 11:30
  95. Shhhhh – Top Obama Bundler Accused Of Child Rape: Column. Swamp Mud Reaches Oval Office. Clean Out House! (Video) – Monday Nov 21 2016 12:34
  96. Where Did All the Money Go? – Monday Nov 21 2016 08:26
  97. Dahboo77 Video: Huge Fireball Explodes Over Florida – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 16:42
  98. Prophecy and Trump – Monday Nov 21 2016 12:57
  99. Breaking: Trump Just Pointed To Sheriff Clarke And Gave Him The Surprise Of His Life! – Monday Nov 21 2016 07:50
  100. Proof That Donald Trump Won the Popular Vote Too (Video) – Wednesday Nov 23 2016 21:22

Why Does The Left Always Win? Easiest answer in the world! They fight. They shoot to kill. They hang traitors. They do not retreat unless faced with overwhelming forces. They say ‘The hell with the rules’ ABSOLUTE MUST READ

*Blessed Mother – Do not surrender your freedoms or your national identity under any circumstances. God has given you freedoms that ambitious leaders are now trying to take away. Pray to recognize the Truth. Blessed Mother At Holy Love September 2, 2016 – Read More!

*God’s Mercy Now Cries Out For Justice! Blessed Mother @ Holy Love August 29, 2016   Click Here!


*Clinton Could Win Because She Controls the Voting Machine Industry and These Six Groups of Voters!  –  Click Here!

*God the Father @ Holy Love August 7, 2016When you take life in the womb or support those who do so, the blood is on your hands.  Click Here!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s support for abortion has been called “extreme and unlimited.” She asserts that unborn babies have no constitutional rights. She has promised to appoint only pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court. She supports abortion during all nine months of pregnancy and has promised, if elected, to enact the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand in history. – Not Sure How to Vote in the U.S. Election? Here’s Cardinal Burke’s Advice…

Deuteronomy 30:19 New International Version (NIV) 19. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live!  click here!

New Black Panther Leader Drops Bombshell On Hillary ‘Trump Is Right’, About Democrats Exploiting Black Votes:America’s in trouble. And I want to say to black and white people, only a fool fights in a burning house. This house is on fire.

Psalm 11:5 The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion. Psalm 94:8 Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?….

NavyJack WARNING: Christian Churches Must Prepare for Battle with ISIS or Close Their Doors (Updated 08/12/2016)

Former US General Has Alarming Warning: ‘ISIS Infiltrating The Bloodstream Of Mainstream America’‘They Are Here In Startling Numbers’ ‘Clinton’s Terrorists Are Here – It’s Already Too Late’

Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 27, 2016 Radical IslamIsis is at war with Christianity and all those opposed to their extremist beliefs. Therefore, we must be at war with them. Not to recognize this, leaves us defenseless and most vulnerable.”

Living and Contending in The Danger Zone!

Watch Armed Woman Fend Off Three, Killing One, in Home Invasion (Video) –  Click Here!

Target stock plummets as ‘transgender’ bathroom boycott swells to over one million:Women should not be forced to use the bathroom, change in a locker room or take a shower in front of a strange man. Is that really so difficult to understand!!!

*ABORTION FOR ONLY $49.00 At Kroger, walmart, target, walgreens, rite aid, cvs, GoodRx, jewel/osco! Morning After Pill” – Sold over-the-counter! – EXPOSE AND HINDER EVIL!


22 Bible verses about exposing evil. (+) The Catechism – THE PROLIFERATION OF SIN) Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them: Thus sin makes men accomplices of one another and causes violence, and injustice to reign among them!

Top Stories – Beforeitsnews – Mobile Friendly

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*ALL Recent Posts  –   Click Here!

Recent Earthquakes United States

Recent Posts –

Pay attention to the signs around you. I, your Mother, am calling you to the reality of these times.” Blessed Mother @ Holy Love May 20, 2016 – Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5+ Synopsis: These are the tribulations of the last days!

We thought that his life was madness and that his end was without honor. Why has he been numbered among the sons of God? And why is his lot among the saints?

Betrayed by an America-hating press! Other than our corrupt Congress, the media rates as consistently the most hated institution in this country.

*Blessed Mother – They are using the old wound of racism in this country to inspire violence. I have come to tell you race is of no account before God. It is not a reason to act out against one another. Peace matters.” Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 12, 2016…  READ MORE!

*Blessed Mother – Good people are being ambushed and martyred as victims of hatred in hearts. Killing policemen who work to physically protect everyone opens the door to greater anarchy and violence. Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 19, 2016  –   READ MORE!

Blessed Mother @ Holy Love October 15, 2016 For those willing to sacrifice, I will bless those who gather in the field at midnight dawning on December 12th, 2016.” I will bring with Me a full complement of grace and comforting words. EXCUSE ME FOR WONDERING WHAT THE BLESSED MOTHER MEANS BY??? THOSE WILLING TO SACRAFICE! AND!!! I (Blessed Mother) WILL BRING WITH ME A FULL COMPLEMENT OF GRACE AND CONFORTING WORDS! LOOK AT THE NEWS HEADLINES FROM SATURDAY October 15th, 2016! WAR! WAR! NUCLEAR WAR! RUSSIA AND USA!

United States Of America Post 2016 Presidential Election Results! Praise God, as we welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America! The Blessed Mother is smiling – I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President. READ MORE!



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