Intelwars2 – November 15, 2016 – (We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (605) 562 – 7701. For Tomorrows News, Today!

Donald Trump Thanks InfoWarriors For The Win 

*Jesus Unprecedented political victory in your nation, please understand that the conscience of your country was touched and moved by heavenly grace. I rejoice with you. *Jesus @ Holy Love November 13, 2016. Thank you so much Jesus!  Read More!

Intelwars2 – November 15, 2016(We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emergency Broadcast Lines! (512) 646 – 5000 or (605) 562 – 7701. For Tomorrows News, Today! 

United States Of America Post 2016 Presidential Election Results! Praise God, as we welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!  The Blessed Mother is smiling – I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President.  READ MORE!

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Are Liberals Leading President-Elect Trump Straight Into a Costly Ambush (Video) 

‘YOU AIN’T NO SLAVES!’ BLACK VET’S EPIC TAKEDOWN OF ANTI-TRUMP RIOTERS ‘None of you put on a uniform. But you’re quick to disrespect the flag’ 

Leftist Loons Want a Civil War This article addresses the planned subversion against our constitutional republic. Now that Trump has been elected, the warfare from the Left goes mad. 

Anti-Trump Protesters ‘Storm’ Portland Mall: ‘OMG, I Have To Tie My Shoe’ 

‘Rape Melania’ Protest Sign Just The Latest Sickness Shown By Protesters Refusing To Accept Election Results;TURN THE BIKERS FOR TRUMP LOOSE AS COUNTER PROTEST-THIS ‘WRETCHED CREATURE’, HOLDING SIGN NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED 

Greyerz – Historic Shocker, A Difficult Road And A Major Short Squeeze About To Unfold 

Barack Obama And John Kerry Out Of Country This Week As America Burns – What Do They Know That We Don’t Know? : ‘Elite’ Continue To Prepare For ‘Doomsday’ As ‘Extreme Times Call For Extreme Measures’ ‘Elite’ Continue To Prepare For ‘Doomsday’ As ‘Extrem 

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up? An Analysis of Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview 

America Reborn:Each man among you has the power to decide who he will be. We can choose to be one in a mindless horde or we can become something better. 

A Glimpse into the Swamp – A Very Dangerous Time in America :A war is being waged between those attempting to expose the criminality of the globalists, and those attempting to not just engage in a massive cover-up, but maintain power 

A LETTER PRESIDENT TRUMP MUST ANSWER Exclusive: Chuck Norris urges new admin to address America’s heartbreaking crisis 

Russia’s health ministry plans to build vaccines plant in Ecuador 

Trump to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Org. A bill that enjoys bipartisan support is already making its way through Congress. YOU can help speed up that process. 

Where’s the Feminist Outrage as #RapeMelania Trends on Twitter? They call President Elect Trump a misogynist but they don’t denounce this? 




IT BEGINS! Sanhedrin Asks Trump And Putin To Rise Up Now To Build Third Temple In Jerusalem For Messiah (Antichrist)SQ-FIRST THE ANTICHRIST-THEN THE REAL JESUS CHRIST !GOD’S WORD WILL BE FULFILLED! JOHN 5:43 


Breathtaking photos from across the US captures the largest and brightest supermoon in seven decades 

Anti-Trump Protests: Proof Of Professional Activist Involvement 

BUSTED! Entire Blocks Filled With Buses From Soros Paid Rioters 

Has George Soros Committed Treason? :The press prostitutes continue to lie to us. They pretend that the anti-Trump protests are real spontaneous events although the prostitutes know that the ‘protests’ are orchestrated by George Soros 


Huge 6.3 magnitude aftershock strikes New Zealand hours after 7.8 earthquake killed two – as authorities warn residents they face ANOTHER huge tremor before midnight 

New Zealanders leave supermarket shelves bare after being rocked by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake – forcing shop owners to ration food, milk and wate 

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Top Stories
  1. What Wikileaks Founder Assange Just Revealed About Trump Is a Head-Spinning Shocker – Saturday Nov 12 2016 12:50
  2. Pizzagate: The Scandal of the Century—Guaranteed to Take Down the Cabal, US Govt, Democratic Party…. – Saturday Nov 12 2016 05:31
  3. US Under Siege! See Plan for Nationwide Riots, Staged Events (Video) – Monday Nov 14 2016 11:57
  4. Everyone Noticed One Thing About Hillary’s Clothes During Her Concession Speech – Sunday Nov 13 2016 13:51
  5. This Is Really Why Hillary Clinton Was Made to Lose the Election – Monday Nov 14 2016 07:40
  6. Beware: A Purple Revolution Comes to America! Soros, Clinton, Kaine, and Obama Betray the USA! – Sunday Nov 13 2016 08:23
  7. Hillary Files for Divorce: Rogue Couple to Split Stolen Assets – Saturday Nov 12 2016 08:51
  8. Shocking Prophecy : Nostradamus Predicted Trump Win, Now World Could End Nostradamus Predicts the Nuclear War Is Triggered by a Genetic Attack. Only 1 in Three Will Drop Dead From the Bomb That Attacks the Heart – Monday Nov 14 2016 04:19
  9. Wow! Trump Presidency Found in I, Pet Goat II, and That’s Not All! – Saturday Nov 12 2016 18:43
  10. Billionaire Warns Americans to Prepare for Financial Ruin! Be Ready! Stock up Food and Water ! – Sunday Nov 13 2016 05:34
  11. A Message From the Hopi Elders – Saturday Nov 12 2016 18:56
  12. Russian Bombers on Full Alert, Begin Loading Cruise Missles – Sunday Nov 13 2016 13:58
  13. NASA Astronaut Tells Trump We Are Inside a Sphere (LSC Earth) – Monday Nov 14 2016 11:51
  14. America’s Streets Will Run Red with Blood-Mike Adams and Dave Hodges – Saturday Nov 12 2016 06:24
  15. Massive 7.8 Magnitude Quake! Tsunami Triggered “Alert” for Entire East Coast of NZ! (Videos) – Sunday Nov 13 2016 08:43
  16. Whoa! Something’s Going Down on Inauguration Day… Trust Me You Won’t Like It! – Monday Nov 14 2016 11:07
  17. What it Means if Your Body Jerks While Falling Asleep – Sunday Nov 13 2016 16:54
  18. Update #2: George Soros — The Money Behind Social Destruction — Intl. Arrest Warrant Now Issued – Sunday Nov 13 2016 11:10
  19. Prophecy Warning: You Won’t Believe What’s Happening in America (Jason A Video) – Sunday Nov 13 2016 19:48
  20. Federal Reserve and Clintons Doomed – Clif High and Greg Hunter – Video – Sunday Nov 13 2016 08:08
  21. Why’s Obama Trying to Kill All the Al-Qaeda Leaders Before He Leaves Office? – Saturday Nov 12 2016 09:48
  22. Famous Black Comedian Praises Trump on SNL to Cheers From the Crowd – Sunday Nov 13 2016 10:51
  23. 80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3 – Sunday Nov 13 2016 16:55
  24. Meet the New Clinton, Inc.: What Hillary’s Concession Speech Really Means – Sunday Nov 13 2016 17:57
  25. Gerald Celente: Economic Meltdown (Video) – Sunday Nov 13 2016 15:22
  26. Anonymous False Flag Alert: US Revolution 2017 – Monday Nov 14 2016 09:58
  27. You Will Flip When You See The Job Trump Just Gave Mr Brexit – Sunday Nov 13 2016 17:38
  28. Warning Message to All – America Is Preparing for 666 Feet Killer Tsunami and Mega Earthquake and WW3, Martial Law – Monday Nov 14 2016 09:32
  29. Boom: Trump Rioters Forget Where They Are, Get Epic Justice Texas-Style – Monday Nov 14 2016 16:06
  30. Fastest Flyer in Animal Kingdom Has Record Breaking Speed – Sunday Nov 13 2016 20:33
  31. Anonymous Warns Donald Trump in New Message (Video) – Monday Nov 14 2016 02:47
  32. “Beware of the Shadow Government”: Ron Paul Warns President-Elect Trump – Saturday Nov 12 2016 13:15
  33. CDC Warning! Fatal Fungus Linked to 4 New Deaths—What You Need to Know (Video) – Sunday Nov 13 2016 16:03
  34. Another Supreme Court Vacancy? – Saturday Nov 12 2016 17:47
  35. Trump Trojan Horse – Darryl Robert Schoon – Monday Nov 14 2016 08:55
  36. Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up? An Analysis of Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview – Monday Nov 14 2016 06:03
  37. Clinton Only Needs $38 Million to Steal the Election – Saturday Nov 12 2016 09:59
  38. The Far Left Is Planning The Biggest Political Protest In United States History For Inauguration Day – Sunday Nov 13 2016 20:29
  39. America is about to realize just how poisoned conventional food really is … Lab testing for glyphosate about to go ‘viral’ – Sunday Nov 13 2016 03:34
  40. Dahboo77 Video: We Are Under Attack! Exposing the Plan for Nationwide Riots, Staged Events – Monday Nov 14 2016 14:48
  41. Soros-Led Coup Against Trump Has Begun- Following “Rules for Radicals” Script – Saturday Nov 12 2016 09:21
  42. Mitch McConnell Officially Refusing to “Drain the Swamp” – Sunday Nov 13 2016 07:47
  43. Hold On! Rough Ride Ahead: Trump to Usher in the End of Days With Plans for an ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’ for Israel (Video) – Sunday Nov 13 2016 09:53
  44. Supermoon Quakes Hit Japan, New Zealand, and Argentina as Closest Supermoon in recent history Arrives! – Sunday Nov 13 2016 12:52
  45. Planet X / Nibiru Deniers and My Near-Death Experience – Monday Nov 14 2016 14:51
  46. Alert! Siberian Cold Front Headed for Midwest as Our Poles Shift – Monday Nov 14 2016 20:16
  47. George Soros Prepares for Trump War – Monday Nov 14 2016 11:01
  48. Best. One. Yet. – Sunday Nov 13 2016 06:01
  49. The Video Soros Would Prefer You Didn’t See – Sunday Nov 13 2016 03:42
  50. America Is Winning Again! – Saturday Nov 12 2016 16:13
  51. Professor Who Predicted Trump Win Makes Trump Impeachment Prediction (Video) – Monday Nov 14 2016 06:08
  52. Impeach Obama Before He Can Start World War III – Saturday Nov 12 2016 06:02
  53. Did You Sell Your Soul to the Devil and Now Want it Back? – Saturday Nov 12 2016 20:40
  54. November Supermoon a Spectacular Sight – Sunday Nov 13 2016 17:57
  55. “Quit Being Cry Babies” Video Rant Goes Viral – Monday Nov 14 2016 05:41
  56. Washington Post Now Quoting the Health Ranger Who Predicted Everything About the Election Results and Post-Election Leftist Violence – Saturday Nov 12 2016 17:01
  57. Prophecy Alert: November 14 Supermoon Will Be the Largest Since 1948 – Saturday Nov 12 2016 13:05
  58. President Trump Will Not Hold Hillary Clinton Accountable for her Crimes – As Is Our Custom – Monday Nov 14 2016 05:25
  59. SUPER MOON MORE PREDICTIONS! – Saturday Nov 12 2016 11:00
  60. Bring Your Palms Together and See if Your Heart Lines Match Up. This Is What it Means – Saturday Nov 12 2016 13:11
  61. Goldbugs Alert: Dei Pasche Board in Crisis Meeting, Bank of England Implicated in Libor Scandal – Monday Nov 14 2016 07:02
  62. President Trump: This Is My Country and I Want Immigration Fixed Before We Become the Next Europe – Saturday Nov 12 2016 09:06
  63. Black Trump Supporter Has Hilarious Message for the Hillaryious Supporters – Saturday Nov 12 2016 06:44
  64. Independent News Outlets Trump Mainstream Media – Sunday Nov 13 2016 20:21
  65. Clear and Present Danger – Monday Nov 14 2016 08:17
  66. Preparing for a Long Term Economic Depression – Sunday Nov 13 2016 05:03
  67. Is George Soros Leading Trump Straight into a Very Costly Ambush? (Video) – Monday Nov 14 2016 20:08
  68. Fukushima Update Nov. 12, 2016: 13,370 Hiroshima Bombs – Saturday Nov 12 2016 14:30
  69. Stay Alert, America: The Worst Is Yet to Come – Monday Nov 14 2016 21:11
  70. Guy Uses a Drone to Catch His Wife Cheating on Him – Monday Nov 14 2016 16:35
  71. Maryland High School Students Walk Out Hoax and Protest Donald Trump’s Election! Is Martial Law Close? – Monday Nov 14 2016 12:19
  72. Shocking Development-Trump to Retain Parts of Obamcare – Monday Nov 14 2016 10:12
  73. Updated: Who Murdered Patrick Cullinane – Common Law Lawyer? Watch + LAST EMAIL FROM PATRICK 10 NOV. 16 + ARCHIVE – Saturday Nov 12 2016 10:17
  74. Horrified Campers Watch as Deer Gets Torn Apart by Bigfoot (Video) – Monday Nov 14 2016 08:01
  75. What Is This Cancer That Is Devouring Our Nation ? – Sunday Nov 13 2016 05:28
  76. Primates Regain Control of Paralyzed Limb with Wireless Bridge Between Brain and Spine – Sunday Nov 13 2016 14:43
  77. Alert: Crack in Earth’s Magnetic Shield Just Detected, ‘a Flip Is Overdue’ Experts Say (+Video) – Monday Nov 14 2016 10:21
  78. Dead for 45 Minutes, 14 Year Old Boy Comes Back to Life After Prayer – Sunday Nov 13 2016 16:56
  79. Watch Comedian Bill Burr’s Hilarious Reaction to Trump Being Elected President (Video) – Saturday Nov 12 2016 15:46
  80. Breaking: Trump’s Chief of Staff Pick Is Reince Priebus (Video) – Sunday Nov 13 2016 14:45
  81. Did 100 Year Old Prophesy Point to Future Collapse? – Sunday Nov 13 2016 05:24
  82. How to Sharpen a Knife While Minimizing Mistakes and Maximizing Cutting Edge Performance – Saturday Nov 12 2016 07:53
  83. If You Spot Someone With a Red String Pinky Tattoo, They Are Likely Hiding This Secret! – Saturday Nov 12 2016 13:11
  84. Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Sunday (11-13-16) – Sunday Nov 13 2016 18:34
  85. Most Americans Don’t Know About BO’s UniParty Slush Fund… – Sunday Nov 13 2016 09:04
  86. Planet X Invades Solar System-Objects Appear in the Sky-Mass Media in “Lockdown” – Saturday Nov 12 2016 12:53
  87. Trump Will Take a $1 Salary – Sunday Nov 13 2016 20:11
  88. Charging Spell Candles by the Light of the Supermoon – Sunday Nov 13 2016 07:58
  89. Strange Sounds in CA Mountains – Monday Nov 14 2016 17:44
  90. Trump Breaks 306 Electoral Votes-Ceiling. Hillary Defeat Finally Kicks In (Video) Poll Expert Eats Bug After Defeat – Saturday Nov 12 2016 10:56
  91. The Israel of God, and the Greatest Identity theft of all times! – Saturday Nov 12 2016 21:22
  92. Alex Jones : Commercial Free – Monday (11-14-16) Matt Bracken, Stefan Molyneux, Roger Stone – Monday Nov 14 2016 18:34
  93. Selfie Taken by Russian Woman Clearly Has “Bizarre Creature” in the Background – Saturday Nov 12 2016 13:10
  94. Obama’s Missing: “The President’s Plane Is Missing”, A 1973 Movie With Future Details About Obama Going Missing – Monday Nov 14 2016 18:45
  95. Disney’s Beauty Disguises The Beast – Monday Nov 14 2016 12:52
  96. Police Officer Claims This Is a Photo of Bigfoot – Sunday Nov 13 2016 15:42
  97. ‘We’re Somalis, We Don’t Pay’: Muslim Migrants Smash Bistro with Iron Bars – Saturday Nov 12 2016 06:02
  98. Because Trump Won the Presidency Ford Shifts Truck Production From Mexico to Ohio! – Monday Nov 14 2016 14:10
  99. Don’t Miss Out! See the Biggest Supermoon Since 1948 – Once-in-a-lifetime Sky Event (Videos) – Saturday Nov 12 2016 08:58
  100. Powerful Deep State Figures Run America -Trump v. Hillary was Likely Rigged. Tumultuous US Electoral Season and Aftermath – Sunday Nov 13 2016 08:32

Why Does The Left Always Win? Easiest answer in the world! They fight. They shoot to kill. They hang traitors. They do not retreat unless faced with overwhelming forces. They say ‘The hell with the rules’ ABSOLUTE MUST READ

*Blessed Mother – Do not surrender your freedoms or your national identity under any circumstances. God has given you freedoms that ambitious leaders are now trying to take away. Pray to recognize the Truth. Blessed Mother At Holy Love September 2, 2016 – Read More!

*God’s Mercy Now Cries Out For Justice! Blessed Mother @ Holy Love August 29, 2016   Click Here!


*Clinton Could Win Because She Controls the Voting Machine Industry and These Six Groups of Voters!  –  Click Here!

*God the Father @ Holy Love August 7, 2016When you take life in the womb or support those who do so, the blood is on your hands.  Click Here!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s support for abortion has been called “extreme and unlimited.” She asserts that unborn babies have no constitutional rights. She has promised to appoint only pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court. She supports abortion during all nine months of pregnancy and has promised, if elected, to enact the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand in history. – Not Sure How to Vote in the U.S. Election? Here’s Cardinal Burke’s Advice…

Deuteronomy 30:19 New International Version (NIV) 19. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live!  click here!

New Black Panther Leader Drops Bombshell On Hillary ‘Trump Is Right’, About Democrats Exploiting Black Votes:America’s in trouble. And I want to say to black and white people, only a fool fights in a burning house. This house is on fire.

Psalm 11:5 The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion. Psalm 94:8 Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?….

NavyJack WARNING: Christian Churches Must Prepare for Battle with ISIS or Close Their Doors (Updated 08/12/2016)

Former US General Has Alarming Warning: ‘ISIS Infiltrating The Bloodstream Of Mainstream America’‘They Are Here In Startling Numbers’ ‘Clinton’s Terrorists Are Here – It’s Already Too Late’

Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 27, 2016 Radical IslamIsis is at war with Christianity and all those opposed to their extremist beliefs. Therefore, we must be at war with them. Not to recognize this, leaves us defenseless and most vulnerable.”

Living and Contending in The Danger Zone!

Watch Armed Woman Fend Off Three, Killing One, in Home Invasion (Video) –  Click Here!

Target stock plummets as ‘transgender’ bathroom boycott swells to over one million:Women should not be forced to use the bathroom, change in a locker room or take a shower in front of a strange man. Is that really so difficult to understand!!!

*ABORTION FOR ONLY $49.00 At Kroger, walmart, target, walgreens, rite aid, cvs, GoodRx, jewel/osco! Morning After Pill” – Sold over-the-counter! – EXPOSE AND HINDER EVIL!


22 Bible verses about exposing evil. (+) The Catechism – THE PROLIFERATION OF SIN) Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them: Thus sin makes men accomplices of one another and causes violence, and injustice to reign among them!

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*ALL Recent Posts  –   Click Here!

Recent Earthquakes United States

Recent Posts –

Pay attention to the signs around you. I, your Mother, am calling you to the reality of these times.” Blessed Mother @ Holy Love May 20, 2016 – Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5+ Synopsis: These are the tribulations of the last days!

We thought that his life was madness and that his end was without honor. Why has he been numbered among the sons of God? And why is his lot among the saints?

Betrayed by an America-hating press! Other than our corrupt Congress, the media rates as consistently the most hated institution in this country.

*Blessed Mother – They are using the old wound of racism in this country to inspire violence. I have come to tell you race is of no account before God. It is not a reason to act out against one another. Peace matters.” Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 12, 2016…  READ MORE!

*Blessed Mother – Good people are being ambushed and martyred as victims of hatred in hearts. Killing policemen who work to physically protect everyone opens the door to greater anarchy and violence. Blessed Mother @ Holy Love July 19, 2016  –   READ MORE!

Blessed Mother @ Holy Love October 15, 2016 For those willing to sacrifice, I will bless those who gather in the field at midnight dawning on December 12th, 2016.” I will bring with Me a full complement of grace and comforting words. EXCUSE ME FOR WONDERING WHAT THE BLESSED MOTHER MEANS BY??? THOSE WILLING TO SACRAFICE! AND!!! I (Blessed Mother) WILL BRING WITH ME A FULL COMPLEMENT OF GRACE AND CONFORTING WORDS! LOOK AT THE NEWS HEADLINES FROM SATURDAY October 15th, 2016! WAR! WAR! NUCLEAR WAR! RUSSIA AND USA!

United States Of America Post 2016 Presidential Election Results! Praise God, as we welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America! The Blessed Mother is smiling – I have come to congratulate you and your country on your choice for the next President. READ MORE!




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